Luke Bryan on having his story told through the years: Part 4

Bryan shares his latest projects including opening a bar and restaurant in Nashville, and talks about how ABC News' Robin Roberts country music special last year affected him.
6:17 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Luke Bryan on having his story told through the years: Part 4
That was the spot I was at. I had to show America how I can outfish y'all. Reporter: I'll never forget the honest way Luke Bryan opened up his home and heart to our cameras for last year's cma awards special. We took a no-limits look at life with the Bryan family, extended farm animal family included. Woah, boss! Boss, no, no, no, no, no, no! Hey, Bo. Bo-bo! Oh, goodness! Live Oh, no. Boss! Is he ok? He's okay. He does this about once a week. This poor chicken! God. This poor chicken. Only for you, robin, I'll ride on my pretty green grass. I tell you what, I mean, when robin tells your story, about your life, she does it so perfectly with so much compassion. When you meet robin, you feel like you're meeting, you know, your best friend. And she told that story like a dear friend telling it. It seems like what we see is what we get. The Luke Bryan we see on tour is the Luke Bryan at home. It is. There is no act. I can truly say that there is no act but I love that about him, because I know it's not -- he doesn't have to be in his artist mood or go into some persona. No, it's the same. Sometimes it's a little much but -- Reporter: As we are celebrating ten years of our cma special, Luke has a 1e8 brace of his own, ten years of his annual farm tour, bringing big time music to small town America. "We're going to go cruising, check out backstage. Let y'all in on some of the secrets." Reporter: Last year on our cma special, he invited us along for the ride. So right here is my tour bus, my home away from home. Right here is catering. You wouldn't think that it would be such an undertaking, but when you're feeding 200 plus people three meals a day. Another very important aspect, the porta-potty. You can't have farm tours without porta-potties. We don't want to fertilize the land in that type of fashion. See all the fans. Those are the die-hards right there. Whoo! Crazy. ??? Sunrise sunburn sunset repeat ??? Reporter: The current fan favorite song is his latest anthem, "Sunrise, sunburn, sunset." It became his 21st number one hit. All: Three, two, one. Reporter: This past September, he also took on a whole new adventure with the opening of Luke's 32 bridge, his new bar and performance space in Nashville. 30,000 people showed up for the opening night celebration. This piano was in our first house, and I had been working on a particular song, and it was "Do I." ??? Baby what are we becoming it feels like we were always running ??? that was it! You know, the most important thing for me when we did the special last year was inspiring people that have had tough things in their life. I was set to move to Nashville when I was 19. And I had it all in line and had an apartment. Just before I moved to Nashville, my brother was killed in a car accident. Reporter: Ten years later, tragedy visited the Bryan family again. In April 2007, Luke was on the verge of career changing success, playing the grand ole opry for the first time. He took this last photo with his sister, Kelley, that night. She passed a month later. That's been one thing about my family and our loss. Just when we started picking up the pieces with my brother, then my sister. We lose my sister, and I just watched my mother and our whole family just go back to square one. And I know a lot of people out there that have dealt with loss, you have to honor their memory by living, and you have to -- you have to be a positive light for people. But you've had your tough days, and though they haven't always been -- Oh, you do. I mean, there's so many aspects of -- Yeah. I mean, when I'm out, you know, when I'm playing with my boys, and I'm like, god, why isn't my sister here to be -- and why isn't my brother. Do you notice, we're talking about your brother and sister, and for the first time since we came out -- The dadgum sun came out. You know what? When we have somebody that comes up to me and our family and says, "Because of that special, we feel like that we can keep fighting." If we just helped one person, feel like they still have purpose and can keep going, then I truly feel that that special did that. And just how beautiful the whole thing was, um, was very inspiring for me and my family, and I still to this day, I mean, somebody can walk up to me and go, "You know, we saw your story, and, um, it really meant a lot to us." And that's what it was about so I'm really proud of that.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"Bryan shares his latest projects including opening a bar and restaurant in Nashville, and talks about how ABC News' Robin Roberts country music special last year affected him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59128288","title":"Luke Bryan on having his story told through the years: Part 4","url":"/Entertainment/video/luke-bryan-story-told-years-part-59128288"}