Luke Combs on CMA nods and red carpet fashion

Luke Combs on CMA nominations, his chances and red carpet fashion.
2:04 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for Luke Combs on CMA nods and red carpet fashion
Congratulations. On the nominations. Thank you I think it probably would mean a lot to you to win for beautiful crazy. It definitely would yeah I wrote that song about my fiance. And yet thou be really special man that's one that I would definitely love to win. But you know. These things are out of out of my hands so. Either way I'm a you know part to be nominated just a that was always a dream of mine. Was to get nominated for song of the year. So I'm very excited. Talk to you about your red carpet attire we were just talking about how it never looks like me it looks like you to need to KC don't Wear your hat he's right you and it's like. I looked like I love Werner you know but I love learn a suit and I just feel like hats and suits baseball hat specifically. Holiday don't go suits as much as I want to Wear one because I don't have the best here. And I'm very bald. On like getting them get in the ring going you know so they got the spray the you know they do the spraying are so I don't look ball which school. But yeah I'm you know I'm gone some gone sued again. I was gonna said never noticed that but most of the power and I see it got the hat off got to have on you never know interrupt silica yellen have. Usually I got right here where you'd see GI this morning. Youth you've just put out this fantastic. News second record thank you how do you decide what to sing on major wars. It's it's tough you know I think there's a lot of factors obviously. You know single cell I mean people you know people here that kind of stuff and so. I had that fact is the decision a lot but really you're you're the producers and see what. You know are you looking for some slower you looking for an up tempo thing. Are we gonna do a feature kind of thing so I really kind of leave it in their hands most of the time you know and and to telephone their league. As we wrap what would a male vocalist trophy means. And realize how mean there's a big big line of my heroes one not a word and you know so heavily bomb even nominated for that so. You know I don't expect to win but I'm excited I'm excited to be of the dance from around for sure.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Luke Combs on CMA nominations, his chances and red carpet fashion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66946888","title":" Luke Combs on CMA nods and red carpet fashion","url":"/Entertainment/video/luke-combs-cma-nods-red-carpet-fashion-66946888"}