Luke James discusses his new album 'To Feel Love/d'

The artist talks music, new album and his acting projects.
17:39 | 11/19/19

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Transcript for Luke James discusses his new album 'To Feel Love/d'
It can't millions ABC radio well of course I'm always happy and blessed to have a marinated man fitting red across from me. I have someone very special talented artistic and had the beautiful boys while he won the only in lieu James Howard you I feel loved and cute. As you should he and his album. He said. In it's it's true it's ahead. In those same this globe when I and then they'll do you think you. And to feel loved is yeah upcoming album coming on early next year yes we do you have an actual month. January 31. January parity yesterday in the trial also early early need double the early its timing do you think about it like wind chairing everybody shivering so they once beloved boom boom and now he has the perfect move. You know Indian they have worry ending you got like fourteen days of you know film love come in lien notes Valentine's Day he had a plane you know had to planned when he came up with this all I know I strategizing. You know. It is had to be right I want and make it right I wanted to be ready for people has been so alone I understand that and I just wanted to make a giants. Lash. And we appreciate it and that's blast actually at splash. Over the weekend you. Add the one and only soul train award or idea whereas I was saying before we got on air and that you were gyrating in this and in giving women their lives in the audience in on television as well as you know wrote watching you know. About that he performed. Go go go there are on live with you boy. Yes he has he has BJ Skokie and rose names yet its own. I mean I have an a full form before. And so train in Rome other awards shows and using its been. I mean all of them have been tributes so this is like really my first my. First real time since I want you since coming on the scene a performing my own material. And would be a better way of doing it then own soul train in with mom my Brothers in music. I mean I just had a had to have a good time and I've been asked. You know who since since that did the movie little I've been asked about all the gyrating how the gyrations so. I just felt the need to gyrate forbid. Generators out there. I love that yes I mean clearly you really caught a lot of people's guy with your classic moves in the town you know the fact that your bringing them when that full circle and let's appreciate is there isn't new it definitely your average now. And you know mentioning that you were with your boy. Recording this track. In this studio with them could like imagine a family affair. Absolutely well it did this song. The this song is it really. Three years owed I did this own home three years ago and this is. In the time where just was taking some time to really just find myself with the music and creating music that I really love that I could connect to. That I could truly bought two Farouk. And I got this I receive this composition. Of home produced by the name of danger. And it just felt like a ninety's spot it is dismay me. Fill all buttery on the inside so. I wanted to home. Pay homage to the ninety's to salute ninety's love phenom huge fan of the mean single Martan. I just love how they just retreat. Us. And the love that we have so he had doing that increase in continuing on the ninety's feel like to had a decent and will my bros have felt. Like the nannies Fallujah in so train was lit and I had to do fruits of turning. It was a perfect I guess you could say performance because obviously we saw the holes of the show them where from Australia ordered. RO NN into easy Campbell I had to Al. The let me say something I was still haven't light right now we have and his Moreno 'cause I have a really factor in what happened how we introduced in and by them in such an honor. Like life is so beautiful. You never know Maine's got a key swimming. And that and you have been swimming I mean I would say in this entertainment worlds were made it now. We've seen you not only making music and making us love and feel news but you've been on the screen you all mean and indignities you talk a little bit about that of course and you're out mom mom because dikes beside you in Littleton you really showed up and showed our way you and so I think people are now warning more of that you and I asked before we get some of the prize that you've been a part of obvious the empire what none. Well what brings you joy within his entertain world are you you'll really see that guy that's like did bring me in a studio. I wanna cut a track and lovemaking music or have you found something else and let your teeth on. Com. Film and acting acting loses the lesbian where road as drew the open me up a home. It it it really just gave me another out live alone dead aren't as it didn't think ahead a home. And so yet it in in doing and getting into film and television has really opened my mind now with music and storytelling and and how I want people too. See the music you know alone. While it fees mean such different way I can't see myself not doing. I mean I got to do both of them itself says if the feeling. Being them doing now it. That's really I think poignant because again you know we new you kinda came on the scene as this. Will you are still visible Arden able to create this you know the kind of magical world with your music now so it kinda see UN develop that series is such a great thing himself. Let's go a little bit about the album because I want people to understand yes it's been a long time common but it's here its community rate thirty Arafat. So talk a little bit about well you know you kind of touched on to feel loved what that kind of UN bodies. But talk alone about how you went through with the choices that you made for this particular project. Are these based off your experiences. How are they based on like last year lightning what what. Will be fine from this. Particular project why haven't put out a bio worked in five years alone and have been singles in the in the midst of all of that and the five past five years I've really just truly mean trying to find my own independence my own would it what is it that I really love. And also finding that place of feeling low of feeling loved. And in that IA. Does. Say it I'm just gonna start creating the music. In doing the things that actually to beat that actually truly fulfill me. And that's what this album is this album is a breach. To that idea too that notion to that feeling of feeling loved and appreciated. Alone so that's what this alum as I mean. It's is geared towards the opposite it's love affair whatnot but really these songs are really selfish. Have a song cocoa is where it speaks was asking that you know once the old because so you high clos. Owned lies and truth or see it all. And that's really me talking to me. And arc against Allen missed two titles because it's just a matter of person's perspective. For me and has two perspectives you know not feeling love and not feeling loved. And so that's that's with the sounds of brits to that those both feel bills both feelings. And and again man. So that's let's also talk about. Kind of what we can expect from it because you talked a little bit about you know how. You came about this collection but. You know will there be anything obviously wrote Jane suddenly have you boys on any other features yes. I have bomb and I have full I don't like to called features is FR I think that soon. I think those I think collaboration. Collaborators and features a a two different things we feel different to me. Own because a filler actually collaborated with a row in BJ on Coca I truly feel like I collaborated with beat create. Own a record ohm Samara. But this ours mean somebody's amazing amazing vocalist. Collaborated with him on all of the records. And there's another artist's and I know I only do we right now won't people who did it. To figured out he's ease of he's a person our generation. And generations after it no no his voice you know when you hear room. And he just speaks to us and it was just honored to have for him to blessed album he narrates alpha so. Ohm who will get today later Owens wants Allen is at least. But. I don't think any guesses I don't know why I do want it that way because it would be kinda inches being. I T have somebody come at his studio looking at do you own familiar with this guy you back to portray this yes. Why. My crazy yeah he'll be here around three parity it would I'd hate to standard time it is. Yeah he's going to be here he has a new Al uncommon eloquence he did and he's now we're kind of funny because clearly we saw you you know yes. Drain Jay-Z thorough. It's a story that was. That bad project that opportunity right there it was the turning point for me. Personally it was a turning point because it was it was an opportunity to really. You know jump out of album old out of Luke James ware road and dive into someone else be selfless in the sense. Really trying to understand. The mechanics of a Maine and mechanics of a group. And in doing that. I had to listen to so much so many classic Sosa added date dive deep. It's a black pool of genius and find what inspired these people that have inspired all of us. Will we do and hey we're babyface and Jimmy. And listen tell the stories and it just. I mean that opportunity was his mind blowing right now as is it throws me that it even happened if as a yesterday. Yet damages in the nine. Bitterly that means the classic songs he's created for art for all generate all and SNC honest on generations. Still is has a special place in all of our hearts at least I don't. Eyes on though it beat didn't listen I've been and I've been doing some shows lately and at though little mamma MIA in there and it never fails. People love JG. Like. Is demeaned the people who love real people of honesty people love soul in this wooded that's what he embodies after armory. So I saw you leave had. Conversations with and you know about the whole process is arbitrary out you know. We had will within them to be fair out of everybody album he and I had the the lease interaction. He and I hope no one night and we just talked about everything I could think of own. But I just had to trust my gut and do my research and int. And just move. With as much honesty is I can in his story and telling his truth and I mean by the grace of god man it's just. Turned out to be here and such was really awesome and he loved it. He loved it his fans loved it and that's. All any artists wants you know. And also interestingly enough yesterday. Had somebody else that you are probably familiar way. I had boss lady mean away almighty guy sitting where you are. Talk about this I yen soak so that's my per exactly we'll talk about this upcoming season wound. Up. You at a guy you'll be eight feet. Yes theories for next on these and yet there is there isn't. That I clinics have admired your name Victor tree Taylor is yes you will that I can not itching and I'll concede the. You have to give me fill me in put victors treat T he is the older brother low of ray H played by Bart. And also. Of course the go to brother a loaf. Take whose plea by Michael Epps. Com. Yet he's a he's a long lost brother. Who is coming in to. Save his little brother. And he has a unique way of going about it. And ye aegis he has it he's he's a good guy he's the type he's the type of guy who. Fits the suit but doesn't wanna Wear it but he's 0200. Real quick. So you know he's insisting he's really insisting he's he's a caring guy he's. He's he's it. Complicating guy. But I think people who really be interested to see this this story this type of guy. Deeper trade I'm I'm I'm grateful. To Lena for this opportunity because. I mean easily it like this this work is really good the writing is so superb the cas is amazing. It's freezing in Chicago but I'm so grateful to be a part of something that. Is for us bias. You know. He had an and people are excited to see you obviously once again on the screen yes you know talking a little bit about that. You know it is a hard transition you know going from these differing roles at me at all if you had opportunity to really just take a breath when I feel like you've been doing one thing after annexing after the next name. Do you like that kind of fast paced jumping into a role because again and you came on the scene as a artist Newman faking did you have time really really. Urich crack down or did you just say out of out aren't that move along will a little bit of both. 'cause it's. I did my due might do diligence in and win and take class in and as is really want it to some that tempers that I had opportunities early on when I first started in music to do projects but I just felt like I was in right. You know wasn't ready for it and I don't want it steal an opportunity from someone who is prepared and ready in serious. Home now I'm really focus in fact I mean I guess the universe sees that I am in his has been pouring all of this. Love all on me and I'm just receiving in moving forward. But it's better to learn on the job that's where you possess the real work. Learning on the job and these opportunities are coming to me I'm just blessed if I'm blessed to be able to wake up in doing and have the mining deal one do it I'm seizing the moment for some. And knowing have to go but I do want to ask since tomorrow is Grammy nomination over I am sure somebody else ran Gil good night yes and I are going to be nominee exist any thoughts on that and who you would like the take home an award coming next year while. Leases they everybody black hats with. PGA PG Morton. He's an amazing artists he deserves it he makes amazing music Communists many artists I gotta be honest I mean ladies. The ladies I say the ladies of soul mate late summer walker took the it is her to the snow Allegra is two I mean is so many. Whom I think right now. Ari you know anybody who has put put all of of the work that they've done right now to to keep music. Solid feeling music alive and well I mean I just hope everybody take some home. At least the experience. To be nominated is it's it does agility and that I mean because you know we all. We all of sent by the mere mimicking. Our favorite artists and waiting for this moment and he idiocy here is so I hope everyone just seizes the moment into this and joins and so. When they win and. Well we're gonna seasonal with the EU and really cop this album coming now among getting gas to feel loved him away thirty Farris. Now before we go one last thing what are your plans for the holidays I mean you don't think give me OK it's meant. Fun and I'm home home home and boom I am going to spin it all with my mom. Alone that's that's that's like them makes my holidays complete. His mom in fan me and friends. A home but yeah my mom why because she cooks so well and she does knows how to reach mass soul but because and so. I need. That you are reaching arsenal thank you thank you so much that James and more at the album to feel and coming on January 30 earth. I ago when she you keep up today with this man because he has more things coming up the sack his album all kinds of things to light when he's going to be a good year for both the boom boom boom behavior we Bowman yeah. Mrs. candidly and signing ABC radio Phoenix.

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