Vicki Lawrence's 'Mama' Would Give Miley Cyrus a Spanking

"Mama's Family" actress is worried the singer would enjoy her punishment too much.
7:50 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Vicki Lawrence's 'Mama' Would Give Miley Cyrus a Spanking
It's like you know our hot stove while they did so she broke up and the baker did very drink your -- home mama put a man worked -- -- -- got to unwind. Mike didn't then can't you online having a pleasant meal with your family she is SA and a plant and. An order from mama herself is -- of us. Memorable TV characters making her debut and Carol Burnett show in the seventies and then spinning off into her own show -- -- -- of course. We aren't lucky enough to have the matriarch Vicky Lawrence here with us today. -- just think. I am amazed. It's been thirty years I know you're that is young and know the that's very sweet and a lot a lot of Botox. It hits and increase thumping him. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you have any idea that win this segment first started on -- Carol Burnett show that it would take off the ways it. Media week yet I think -- and Harvey an idea and I think the -- -- writers were appalled. My way well first of all they wrote momma for Carol and she -- one that part she won the party in us. They. Figured that. -- I would play Eunice says she's economy and a silently -- -- -- very they were very upset about that. She decided Hewitt southern and they suitable than the entire south the first time they heard it rehearsal they got one -- The first time we didn't rehearsal of course was -- -- pretty should and we knew we had something special way he didn't feel that chemistry when your rehearsing. And -- the first run through is always a little nerve racking his first time the whole crew comes down into the rehearsal hall to see what you're doing right. So Carol and I sort of -- in the -- turn sort of which was always are hiding place to sort of get in tears you know. Get into the -- -- -- -- gonna do your -- Dona Ana on my eight I'm sitting well this -- talk about too much information. I'm -- Carol aggressive that in and the doors are -- us and I even -- she was in there right and I hear this voice in the stall next to me say mama. So until -- organ to limp on sites had what that the Hillis and UNICEF says I'm just wondered if you got me. A relevant but. I ride you know she's a Disney companies is up bracket -- -- to -- until Dillon. You -- want to pay Bartlett you're -- -- has big huge argument all the joy oh the high heels -- and they leave so quickly and week out meaning don't. Great vehicle is in the -- -- her well I don't know I think you're just about this guy great I'm speculating yeah. Going in their ticket Meister hers and born a lot of confidence right there if you the ladies room and I think. Think wing Mike got what -- obviously be given a fight that is thirty years and now the entire series is -- NT EG I mean why do you think that there has been. It's spans generations it stands behind the type of humor that huge Pat Carroll pat Harvey. Rue McClanahan and the cast is just. It's a who's who really mind no hard to hard to -- with that kind of supporting cast but at the same time about the same and you guys had amazing chemistry but the same time the -- had to strike a certain kind of humor that was going to be able to carry through this amount of time. Well we were talking that before we started talking about I think it was kind of rooted in reality. I think -- was very true to her generation and she was all of that -- those boundaries and having a little -- supply and very frankly -- have a little talk with Miley Cyrus right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I think she would want to send her to her -- movements banker but I'm just afraid she might enjoy a little bit too much I don't know what failed my bag. I think they're better model would learn that work but I'm over there and let something I -- -- -- there. Are unknown and no foam hands involved on the outlines what is the most memorable moment that you have had because -- didn't again from starting from the Carol Burnett show. In in now moving and spinning it off. Is there is -- what particular episode that sticks out here. My -- now. There's there's some we have so much I paid for plan dress up. Yeah -- Mama's Family on a four day work week by the time we finished and I guess if I had to -- My favorite episodes they would may be be. I would say maybe Russia mama which is on the first -- which -- me. Dorothy -- Carol Burnett anyway please dear lord how do you not to have a ball on stage with those ladies. And it was a take off on the old Japanese film -- momma momma gets hit in the head with a cattle and everybody has their own version of what happened right that we re did the scene and several times did it completely differently. Or the wedding I did love the bill anyway I was asked one of my fair you justify their younger but the matter as I watched it with my -- As -- it will actually I have to say I have a lot of young thing to really. -- college -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and -- it as an actress has a comedian. -- -- incredibly gratifying to note that that you have that kind of but I hate using the -- legacy because often has people look at that as a negative connotation. Which I do not mean -- as such now. It's -- event but it's kind of be satisfied to know that when you guys from that you really stumbled on something that was -- Deanna. Now well I think -- really loves Carol so much and we're sort of like these benefactors of a lot of that. Access love it. Falls around Carroll right breast lot of good memories surrounding her hands I mean as as it's time I actually -- you -- -- sisters. For the longest and then when -- and and well. Now there's something that was kind of the plan well well. -- it with it is it was very heartbreaking to me -- for whatever reason I felt like viewers is very much part of the family and I was -- -- thought I -- You know well she made she -- be pardoned him. Scooped me up under her wing. Wet wet -- say about that you look at the community landscape -- is there anything that comes remotely close to you don't have to drop names a particular -- those are things that but. Do you have anyone that -- particular fan of. I think there are a lot of really funny women out there working now I mean I think -- offended some may -- and Amy Poehler and Kristen way and -- and I have a lot of very funny ladies have their work and now. Have you heard a lot of comparison for you for your cast with Carol Burnett that's why we're McClanahan. Is into the comparison with the Amy Poehler Tina -- Group -- giver -- that comparison well I know a lot of those women sort of looked up soon you know -- Carroll was very much. Pioneer -- that she was the first woman ever have a variety show on. So Susan if you know pioneer and a force to a lot of us you know -- I'm gushing right now I think I'm actually sweating right now certain -- The biggest honestly I think that you really are Jane Lynch wrote me a fan letter -- -- she was she was twelve and I was probably eighteen right. And she really thought that she should have my spot on the Carol Burnett show and she figured -- it's going to be -- -- -- mine she wrote in that is amazing well I mean it's I can't thank -- for stopping by Mama's Family on a dvd side. I love it I absolutely love it -- -- -- it every wine is many times as you want and try to nail down the as I think -- best you can. Obama's family dvds dot com thank you so much Vicki Lawrence thank you for -- me. --

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"\"Mama's Family\" actress is worried the singer would enjoy her punishment too much. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20223747","title":"Vicki Lawrence's 'Mama' Would Give Miley Cyrus a Spanking","url":"/Entertainment/video/mama-give-miley-cyrus-spanking-20223747"}