Marlo Thomas on Getting a Fresh Start

Actress talks about making changes to reinvent your life.
10:30 | 04/21/14

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Transcript for Marlo Thomas on Getting a Fresh Start
So imagine another shot at life of a chance to do. What you really love to live the life. You've always dreamt about well. It is not too late and you can read about some women have done just that in a new book from New York Times best selling author. -- Thomas is titled it ain't over till it's over reinventing your life. In realizing dreams any time. At any age we're very happy that you felt like today thanks so lines so you launched a website that collects these kinds of stolen -- outlets that countless so so so why why did it take a book form than what was -- what was into the transformation that was going to be different world. -- so these are all new women that I -- around the country sixty of them. Well on the web -- in -- weighed every week to see it but this way you can put it in your bathroom you can put up by your bids that you'll put -- -- life cycle. Because I really think when you read a lot of them together he -- to say okay I can do this. -- this is more than just an anthology is it's a great anthology of wonderful stories of women who started over but it's also a map for how you can do it. Because that's most -- say to me as I travel around. How do you start. And well yes I have the stream that would highlight start with -- -- And that's and and what this book shows -- is the many different ways that you can -- sometimes it means thinking small it's one of the things I've learned. Listen to these women sometimes I think too big and I can't. Get it to happen soon enough if you think smaller. It's right now let's say you want to open a restaurant. We will -- -- would open a restaurant tomorrow read what would you do first would you have to take a management plans. In -- at a restaurant. Start interviewing other managers. You know what would you have to do we do decent look culinary skills will what you need in order to open a restaurant manager mentioned would you need to -- -- near retirement. Would you need to mortgage your house would you need to sell your clothes on eBay these all the things that these women did. That may have made it possible for them to get unstuck -- stuck seems to be what would the not. After about 42 years old through little stuck their -- -- -- but ran out on you know the -- -- raising a family. Well the kids have driver's licenses and -- they're not really interested in mom taken anywhere right you know or maybe you had a dream that just never came true. A navy had to get a job and make some money and supplement the family -- so the dream part went over here. And the reality in the practicality of what went -- -- up front and center. But now -- time it's your turn now. You could actually go after that mean that you wanted. I want to talk about its analysis of these stories specifically because they are so -- are funny some of our very intense very emotionally driven. But what I wanted to ask -- that you know you have access and you're able to relate very easily choose very high profile women. Gloria Steinem Chelsea Clinton Kelly rip -- All women that that are that are in the public spotlight and you are able to kind of get -- the personal stories in their own secret tips. How they succeeded in marriages in business lunch on the amendment -- of Milo seriously do them -- -- and like project. But taking that kind of star power away then how these sort of -- for lack of a better term civilians stories -- relate differently to audiences will. Questionable there and the women that we see elected -- -- -- her show is really -- how was she working on Mount -- she life balancing how she raising kids with a this busy career. These women -- women who were completely stuck. How did they get out of being stuck maybe it -- an abusive marriage may be a lot -- got laid off from their job. Maybe they lost their husband maybe they -- you know finally felt it was their turn whatever the reason it they're completely different phone. A high powered successful women have been working at a career all along you know some of these women have been out of the marketplace for fifteen years. How to they get back in who cares that you had an English lit major -- twenty years ago what are you gonna do with that now. And so that's what's exciting about this -- -- one woman. But it was interesting. Issued a graphic artist -- name was -- -- I was asking about the figures there exist the structure that the prison Eminem's really inspiring to think about this here's a woman who was doing well as a graphic artist. She kinda wanted to go to med -- would a father talking out of it. He did get -- get a job out of school that -- -- don't make a living take care of yourself you can always marry a doctor right it was it was sort of I think you're dressed as old school and -- guy and yeah exactly -- -- -- anyway. So -- was bill did was doing that -- graphic artistry. And bush is working -- a medical brochure and as she worked outages and her colleague. You know this kind of hurts when I work on this -- is that I really wanted to do I really wanted to going to -- -- 38 years old. In a colleague said will you could still limits -- 38 right by the time I'd become a doctor I'd be fifty in -- friends -- we going to be fifty anyway I think. It's great to see whether B fifty and I got and -- doctors so she's a doctor to became a doctor at 49 she's been practicing for sixteen years. He's doing what she wanted to do that to me is -- really basic interesting story. Of of that and it it's inspiring -- it's not too late don't listen to what society tells you. Society is really saying to people over forty especially women you know you had future and now we want somebody who's 28. 31 will tech savvy person -- and all kinds of different reasons somebody -- younger because they're going to be more in tune with the younger you know set. What you have to do with Gordon. It was a great actress she says something many years ago -- that I've carried with me is my month. She's had never -- the taxi will get out of bed in the morning I look you've got that in your program that's of that that's -- and is also the woman who went to the mailbox. Happily married with two little boys. And got to -- it -- -- -- puzzle is having an affair. You know and -- -- she starter libel over. In it was heartbreaking but she didn't trust him anymore and that was the end of the marriage and -- to begin completely again never having work and so what. And then women who thought of things and I really love this because I feel. When my housekeeper read it she's why didn't I think of that is that that will men who kept losing -- keys losing her phone. As we all -- away never to find anything she's -- and creates some and I can carry around so out of cardboard and tape. She made a little thing a little. Pocket thing that you could put have flown in from money in her medical card in her keys so that she -- just leave the house and a cash. End and that her friends all loved it -- instead of making more of them -- nudges his major company calls skillfully ill right pretty and as Jamie James I have one I gave it to all my friends. It's fabulous already -- as a risk -- it'll lose it. You know -- a lot of these women. Made money from things that they needed in their own life and as you look at Ryan Rowland I'm -- is hideous of only wish I had a box that I can put this in -- that it. But the truth is if if you want it probably nobody else needs it to right have you make it it might be a prototype for you to make a -- -- with. I've also have to say as a man having having read this and I -- again these these rose stories of women but at the same time I was I was thinking of my -- I was thinking of my mother if my sisters my sister in law in about. Into the different challenges that they have faced over the years how they have sort of -- kind of you know bootstrap themselves into a better position than what they have so I think that well they are -- about women. This collection I think appeals to both said. I think he's as though it will make a great Mother's Day present. But I I think it does and I think what's interesting to you know we talk about our dreams and we talk about -- -- goals. But also life as a way of pushing you into things you know if you -- laid off. -- your spouse dies or even taking care of elderly parents for a lot of years and it finally to have you to go do what you wanna do. You know life is also great force behind your back saying okay you have to do this now. This isn't even a matter of of having a little sparkly green this is something you have to invent yourself again. You continue to do amazing tireless work for saint -- you obviously Marla Thomas dot com and -- Huffington Post -- -- -- at night. We're like what two hours like seven dollars are ultimately what this does next because actually there's a temperate I think a lot of people oftentimes think. Successful people -- is seeking five maybe six. Hours and not I couldn't do it -- delegates and now that I have to -- and I have to work out for five days a week and really do a lot of work out of this no good. But and you have to -- to -- to eat a big -- at lunch and that's what I do but also I'm doing a new play this summer home that over the lives. So I'm excited about that that's my favorite thing to do other than changes being on stage and -- Do you -- little bit about the national day of reinvention and this is April 29. -- -- I'm excited about this its -- national book club online a live stream I'll be there are Skyping with other women all Skyping in. And every woman will host like maybe 810 people at her house. And to get a free book for doing -- and -- law Skype in until there in reinvention stories. And talk about the book and other books so I'm excited I've never done it it's only the second time -- initiatives have redundant. And -- I think is going to be fun and a lot of women have signed up and I think it'll be great. That's securities that you've never done it -- I think is why you can say which is what you can particular collection like -- yet with such authenticity because I think to still hear you say something like I haven't done yet and you're trying it. I think it's -- I think it'll and I think it'll be fun and there's so many ways in which you can use the web. You know I didn't it -- a wasn't for the web I never would have thought of this book as well it would doing these stories on the web not these stories that these -- brand is Jolie's. Without such reaction to women millions and millions of women are reading these pieces in sales thank you so much I really needed this. My mom needed this my sister needed this so I think while this is a book this wolf for -- this -- -- so. Books to be mean everything right and that -- you have it forever in you can share it pass it around. -- -- -- -- -- Mother's Day around the corner -- and it could not be a better. A better suggestion. It ain't over Marla Thomas has been a pleasure certainly appreciate --

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