Matt Damon on Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment and confidentiality agreements

In an interview on ABC News' "Popcorn With Peter Travers," Damon opened up about Weinstein and others who have been publicly accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.
16:21 | 12/14/17

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Transcript for Matt Damon on Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment and confidentiality agreements
We live now in a different change we have in political age. This a lot of it dissidents that goes on in the world that can defect to as an actor we also in the age of people charged with sexual misconduct that this is everywhere how do you react to that especially you as the father of war girls. I mean it's I think it's were in this watershed moment I think it's great and I think it's wonderful that. Women who who. Are feeling empowered to tell their stories and and it's totally necessary I mean. You know I think there's a do you believe that that. There's a spectrum. Of behavior and and we're gonna have to figure out like what you know. There's a there's a difference between you know. Patting someone on the buy and rate for childless and both of those behaviors need to be confronted. And eradicated. Without question but that shouldn't be inflated. Right and so the you know we see something like Al Franken right I personally would have preferred if they had an ethics committee investigation and uniting and if it. If they get what point. At what you know. Our we're so energized. To kind of get retribution I think where we live in this culture of outrage and injury and you know that. We're gonna have to correct enough the gonna go wait a minute. None of us came here perfect you know I mean what's the point of skiing hear other than to improve and if if we have people within us he within the society. Let you know. Of the Louie CK thing I'd I don't I don't know all the details I don't doctor deep dives on this but I did see his statement. Which kind of it was a resting for me which who went when he came out and he said. I did this he's that I did these things these women are all telling the truth and I just remember thinking well. That's the sign of somebody who will we can work with that you know what I mean like that's. You know what the house is supposed to do your act like it when I'm raising my kids that I. This concept of personal responsibilities. Is as important as anything else that they learn before they go off in the world and the fear for me is that like right now we're in this we're in this moment where. At the moment and I hope it doesn't stay this way the clear signal that a man NC and to young people is deny it. Because if you if you take responsibility for what you did your lights in the room and bright but if you deny it you can you can be in the White House and the president. You know I mean in that and that's a real pernicious. Message that you know that word that and that message is. 100%. Being sent right I mean it and it it is there's no other way to look at it so. Look you mean is as good as I said all of that behavior needs to be confronted but there but there is a continuum and on this and continue where you have rape and child molestation whatever you know that's prison. Right in that and that's. That's what needs to happen OK and then we can talk about rehabilitation and everything else that's. That that's criminal behavior and it needs to be dealt with you know that way. The other stuff is just kind of shameful and gross and and and and I just think you know the so I don't imagine I don't know never met them I'm a fan of his but like I don't imagine he's ever gonna do those things you know and I mean I imagine the price that is paid at this point. It's so beyond anything that he. It had to I think. I just think today we we have to kind of start delineated in between what these day pass because once the behaviors established in what. What you're talking about it is there's crude disgusting behavior and then there's criminal behave threat. And right now people are just it's one big but they odd that it's one there although in this popcorn bucket together to do it. It's harder isn't it though when you actually know somebody who gets accuse. Yeah both know Harvey one thing yes I'd. You know I worked with them but I didn't see any of this well that's the thing I guess them to the point I was making you know when you see Al Franken. Taking a picture where he's putting his hands on of them black jacket and and mugging for the cameras going like that you know. That is a blanket just a terrible joke and it's not funny and it's wrong and should have done that and nominee Gail Collins that in the New York time caption that pictures should have just read. I'm a comedian has never gonna run percent for the but but when you talk about Harvey in what way what is it he's accused of there are no pictures of that. Right he knew he was Upton there's no there's no witnesses there's no pick there's no you know there's no dragon coach you know there's an that that stuff happened. Secretly because it was criminal any new right and so there there is they don't belong in the same category. I think it becomes for all of us to that are any way around the even though we're not saying it is what our responsibility. To make sure doesn't. Yet but but with the criminal activity I'm you know his people say that. You know a lot of people said well Harvey everybody new. As you are saying that's not true everybody knew. What kind of guy he was in the sense that you know if you took a meeting with him you knew he was tough and the polian that was his reputation and and and he enjoyed that reputation because he was making the best movies out there and it was EP people work for nothing you know in in that whole Miramax. That whole company you work for less he lived and you know. You shared an apartment shared a fifth floor walk up with two other people you know and because you can because you were getting to work at Miramax right. And and he was he was a bully right and and you could you knew he was a dog in terms of that you know but but. Nobody knew he was I mean. Nobody who made movies form knew he was raped in human like that that's not. Anybody with any any human being with us about that no matter who was said absolutely you know I mean it yeah. You know so. Did you know he was like. I knew I knew I wouldn't want Mary does anyone close enemy but but that was the extent of what we knew you know and and and that and that wasn't surprising to anybody so when you hear Harvey this Saturday I mean look at look at the you know course he's of course is a womanizer of court season you know. You know I'm I don't hang out with but you can't live his life for him war be reached below the lower peninsula right so the question is that what. At what point. Does somebody's behaviors that you have a professional relationship to some his behavior away from the profession. Bother you enough that you don't want to work with them in India for me I've always kind of you know. As long as nobody's committing a crime might well that's your life and you goes Ugoh livid you know I I don't need to spend time with new ways him. You know my profession but we see what's happening I mean in terms of well Ridley Scott who directed you in the martian. Having to race Kevin Spacey from. All the money in the world and replace them live. Chris but that was Smart I mean that was Smart that was the total business decision pirates the mean I mean I I haven't talked to him but I'm and I saw that couldn't say if that was perfectly happy with captains were Kevin the wonderful work in the move in it wasn't about it was in the creative choice for real. Bradley has a big movie coming out I don't know what they spent on it you know 50000007. And a hundred million whatever it is it's a lot of money. And nobody right now is in the mood the tenants facing and he and I think he's right about that and then he's one of the few directors he could just turn on a dime and she for a week you know month before it becomes it and and and you know expunge an actor I mean he's into that he can do. And and and and I don't disagree with his decisions I mean. That movie I think will do much better without Kevin and you know. When it's in that gray area and its friends and viewers are people that you do know do you try to talk to them afterwards and say. What's going on can I help. It depends on what the accusation depends on what's going on if it's a friend of mine I'm always talking to them I know the real story and but but if it's someone. If it's a colleague and did you know. I don't you know. I don't know and it's not the kind of thing I would. I guess it depends on the situation in the and and and the allegations and in and I believe it is what we're gonna see it in the making of movies change with people now being so aware. But I also think that that that. That the I think it's just completely of the when that says I can't say anything that has if you. Ten years ago if you made a claim against me and I had a big movie coming OK I have a hundred million dollar movie right have movie that is personally important coming out. And close to the release of that film you say Matt Damon grabbed my butt and stuck on them. We would then go to mediation and organize a settlement I go I don't want this out there you know. Peters gonna go out and talk to the press and right map and it's gonna totally overstep the opening this movie how much money want. The lawyers would get together and they do this cost benefit analysis is this is what it's worth and and look at the number and don't OK I'll pay and that you can never it never talk about this your. Line by the way but never talk again right and you go your separate ways and now with the Internet and you know with not with the and at the end it was an a ten years ago but with social media. These stories yet it's like they get gasoline importance of the moment a claim is made if you make that same claim today me. I would I would. Add I would peace accord be scorched earth ago I don't care for cost me ten million dollars to fight this in court with you for ten years you're not taking my name from me you are not taking my name and my reputation and that part. It worked too hard for it and and I earned it and you can't just blow me up like that you know and so I think once the claim is made. Indeed the entered there will there will no longer be settlement that's just that's just my prediction I mean just based nominates him well isn't that a good thing. You know because that's an aids women have been doing they've been told they can't express what happened to a 100% and and and somebody I read somewhere can rulers were somebody said the confidentiality agreements like the the invention of the man and of the power structure right it was how men. Could could continue to abuse their power and continued to. Was this confidentiality agreement and and so that the settlement then for the for those types of man is this just attacks on their bad behavior. Right verses. Vs people who are unfairly accused the who. It's it's it's just it's just that you know. Something they had to come at thirteenth and but but I think it's important that that that. Especially in you know that we believe. We believe every woman is coming forward with one of these stories need to be listened. I think one of the surprising things her. For me has been the extent which my friends my female friends. As I think of all of the ones that pop in the last year since all the stuff started happening I can't think of any of them don't have like like. At some point. And most of them have more. So so hopefully that that would it is but I mean you. I don't know how old your daughter's arm but how do you deal with them living in this world where even day whatever age is they are Kansas State this in the headline that you just have to braised. Children with like. Self esteem who because you're not going to be there to make all of their decisions for them and you have to just hope that they have enough self respect to make. The best decisions they can I mean that the Harvey situation is particularly. Horrible because. You know those women. When you say let K let's take a meeting in a hotel room. I mean we auditions. You know for Good Will Hunting in a hotel room like its common take meetings and tolerant and it's not if these women were not. And this is the most powerful man in the movie business at the time like in the ninety's we mean Harvey was that was the place to be and you know if you get it thing from your agent on the letterhead of your agency that says go me. You know Harvey Weinstein in of the rainmaker the guy who makes these great movies. Ed you know the Peninsula Hotel you're going to that meeting I mean it's not you don't go in that meeting thinking something bad can happen to you and so. And so you might now. Yeah I mean yeah I mean maybe it. I don't know who's taking meetings and hotel rooms now I mean and sometimes you're in a different city and you just don't have tinkered amended and. You know but but. But so so no matter how no matter how Smart and my daughters are no matter how. Prepared they are there are still those situations. That they're just. You know that that's the nightmare kind of scenario. Do you worry. About them less because of the change. Hopefully hopefully men will be so. Terrified. You know that they would be able I mean it's sad that it takes some men that to change their behavior but. But hopefully we're entering into. This new you know with with social media you know. And a Twitter account you have the same platform essentially is the New York Times and house though so there aren't secrets it's hard it's harder to do this this type of thing. I would like to point hope and though that even though it feels like there's this avalanche of man. I mean how many people guys in the movie business have kind of taken a tumble as it is it ten. Is it that all think it's way more than that that have lost their job at a cost hundreds of its when he nerdy. Think of how many men are in the movie business this is my optimistic. OK we need an optimistic we'll here's my optimistic spin. This is like 1% of the guys. Who are getting. We're losing their career wrecked it's not everybody just feels like it because we're there's so many great men and women in the movie business so many great people. It's it's it's such a wonderful collection of people over all and and these these bad apple he's report rotten horrible apples are getting weeded out right now and that's fine that's a good thing that's progress. But again we go back to tie about our own growth and development is as human beings like we have to get to a place where. We're looking at that people on one end of the spectrum and saying we'll let's. Let's deal with this with some reflection and dialogue and reconciliation. And and let's let's all grow together and move on and then then I think we're making real won't let I think. It means we have to move on we can't let go on with our lives careers everything that's happening with full recognition of the things that are happening. In this world we wreck we recognize it. But we have to say yes what do we do now with this knowledge and her and go someplace else with it right we're gonna laugh again. We meet people have finding it hard to do that sure. You. When you can see why I mean when you listen to the stories of these women. You know this is like serious trauma this is horrific stuff in and so. But yeah but I think we're in that kind of bar fight stage right now where it's all about punitive weakness in retribution it's like I wanna punch you in the face right now and that's what I'm an engine. And that's fine because that that raids is deserved. Then what do you know any mean an end and and I think eventually we're gonna get to that then what. Phase and then we'll and then we'll see where we go.

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{"duration":"16:21","description":"In an interview on ABC News' \"Popcorn With Peter Travers,\" Damon opened up about Weinstein and others who have been publicly accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51796050","title":"Matt Damon on Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment and confidentiality agreements","url":"/Entertainment/video/matt-damon-harvey-weinstein-sexual-harassment-confidentiality-agreements-51796050"}