Matt Damon on Why It Took So Long for a New 'Jason Bourne' Movie

Damon appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his newest Jason Bourne film.
16:48 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for Matt Damon on Why It Took So Long for a New 'Jason Bourne' Movie
We should work together. You think back. We don't want to thank yeah. Patients control society. From its signing. If I deserve it. Yes hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happened in at the movies and there's a popcorn movie now. On its call Jason Bourne. My guess Matt Damon who's here I think he hasn't done a Jason Bourne movie. In nine years and I know that during those nine years I nagged him incessantly thing. When we do this but what is wrong with Steve bastard. Give us another one and he and director Paul Greengrass have and I mean have been so so great. To see things yet but it's it's we it was it was in. In aggregate so many people coming up to us and saying that very thing that actually missed a good looks Illinois. You know no I guess you would think Boeing is look we didn't have a story it was like we we love the franchise to and we. Want and we love to work together and you know it just but it was it was people coming up that eventually. Kind of pushed this over and we were on the phone I'll never forget and we both realize kind of how humbling that was that people continuing thing please do that to have a loyal audience isn't. I mean we were talking about promised land before we start atrocity and you know there's a movie that I wrote that I you know with John Kaczynski in these problems loving care and in. Nobody saw that make a team like. That happens all the time his party and to get Kaczynski to sit in ethnicities and am in my family that then. So bit bits that I have a loyal audience and you know. That that we kind of went let's get offer high horse and you give people the movie's plot was that impetus besides people nagging you to do what was it about the script. That made you say this is time for us to go back well that was the that was that kind of got the train moving that then when we sat down and we lifted. The world and how much did it changed because as we can we didn't want to do retread we've with these. Always feel like they're kind of ripped from the headlines and when we looked. You know Bourne ultimatum came around to thousands. And so we sat down in my. When he fourteen and start it talk about how the world. And just made a list and it was alarming. Hum you know in seven years when it happened. You know everything from you know. Things we forgot it was like George Bush was president when the last one came out in and you know it was before the financial collapse it was before. In these social media companies were these fledgling companies if they existed at all and now they're these. Massive transnational corporations that we have all this power and influence and and you know these revelations of Edwards Snowden about it in our digital lives in what you know we're kind of waking up to the nation's of these. Digital lives we go live what they say it should be treated that information that we went OK we'll wait a minute this is actually. A completely different world we're living in in a completely different world that we can run the character issue and all right there's enough to make them via about here. There's a whole sense in this movie to me. People being watched. Is that part of the thing that you're mentioning this whole idea of surveillance. Which is everywhere. Yeah I mean it's it's you know you we also want it. Kind of give a nod to the fact that Jason Bourne kind of a dinosaur he's. You know the generation and I'm from generation acts and and there's this whole generation coming behind him. And this whole on the type of arena of warfare the cyber warfare and so we got elusive candidate kind of represented that this new generations of Bourne is kind of squeezed between these kind of the analog world of Tommy Lee Jones in this new world that he doesn't quite understand. Well there's been a lot of talk about the fact that you've had it easy on this view because basically you have what 25 or thirty lines of Diana. But the torture came with you getting in shape to play it definitely cool they make you do. It was just it's just really hard to do it at 45 vs 29 when I started its lake. You know it's it's it's it's boring to even talk about it's just hours and hours in the jam and a very strict diet and you know it's no fun or does it take suffering. It's fixed rate and that's what also the city when the movie starts at we want to I want you to look like you've suffered because if it starts and you look like you've been living well. We're completely derailed we have no movie you know by look like the way I normally look like neglect you know. Happy guy Italy this guy you know that's we don't want any happier now now now he can't be that he's got to feel like he's been surviving on the margins than. And and on the run and and you know and the only way Paul said you. He's got to look like he suffered in the only way to do that is to offer. I'm last November Bernie Sanders team. To hide in my office that came beneath it. And I said it's the new James Bond. And you. He said. Is it that Hollywood they said the war he threw. When the real deal. This yet he went my he was seeing the dual why that's been passed and you know it made me think about those two things that James Bond world and the born wow what they mean to you what is this James Bond as compared to one. You well do. I mean look James Bond always been updated now subsequent to the the Bourne movies and and Daniel detected on a whole other direction but. Until Daniel got there I mean he was somebody's to. Very much reflected the values of the 1960s. And you know he was in misogynist which everybody acknowledges he's he swilling Martinis and killing people and making jokes about it in. You know and Doug lime in the very first time that I sat down to talk to him about this he said relate to James Bond all he doesn't feel like there's this vacuum. We could fill with an American spy who was our guy with some believe it. Had our values and is really the opposite on kind of thing in every way so he's got one woman he's desperately in love with then once she's taken from him he never love again and he's haunted by the things that he's done and that and the pain he's caused people. I mean the second movie ends with the hero going to apologize. To the person whose parents he killed and I'd never even heard of anybody trying something like that and accidentally but it was really. Grade and it's a different it's a very different type of action hero I hope. It is an it is stark Contra so the burn had it correct that I'll say that's really cool I mean that's. Believe me when I am calling Paul Green an epic thing but it. Well speaking of him though we're in the middle did you notice with all the moves are doing though in the middle of general elections yeah where where are you with all this. We'll look as an American and and one who goes goes abroad mean in the last few weeks have been on for comments. Every customs agent in around the world when they see you your passport and start news checked you and they start they asked about from. They know what what is. Though is that real. Note they don't their kind of bewildered by the entire thing in. And I have to admit I am too I don't. He never struck me as a particularly serious guy and I mean he's been very entertaining in. But but. I I don't I think I'm kind of amazed that we he arrived at this point and you know and I'm and I'm and I'm concerned breaks it concerned me when that happened I went a man like trump actually win. And the implications of that I think are really I don't I don't believe he has the temperament. You know and I have a lot of Republican friends and and a a lot of the a lot of Meyer probably inference I which were the Republican nominees. They feel about from themselves that I think it varies I think let there is this anger and this. Very Rio feeling. That that. That the system's rigged against. The everyday person and and and trump is almost like a protest vote like I'm on a vote against all of view in Washington voting against all of you and and I understand that in Austin and and that raged. But but to think about the actual. The practicality of that. You know governance and like what that would require and and I mean just the thing you did yesterday about thing rush released the emails and it's just. Now. And Mike Pence instantly was collect we do not we don't like you know I mean so. I think it's just. It just it makes me nervous I mean the story that the story that got me was that won the young winner one where yon in interviewed in thirty years ago and editorializing that he had small hands and somewhere in this 101000 words long form piece here and he's got small hand. And for thirty years. Non winners received in the man oh an envelope. And the when he opened that there's pictures and it's of companies' hands and publicity shots at the hands are circled and scrawled on the pictures it is these hands don't look so often. And it's that you think about that temperament married to the presidency that's there it's really that there really scary yet. Well I've seen some of those pictures it's on being involved. At rocks down I think you out yeah I know that that's happening. But. We're that you put you support that wears you well done Hillary you come absolutes. An inlet Paul Ryan said it goes it's a binary choice I mean he comes out on the other end of that is that's why am supporting them but I would say everybody else that's true if that miners. In and and you know there's no way we can skip I'd. He that I mean that that the UV have a nuclear football game hitting me I mean that's dangerous that's the he's he's an impulsive and rash and and doesn't seem to think deeply about many things so that would definitely mariners. I never got to see you during the last movie which was the martian which was just terrific thanks and you know another. Oscar nomination. Yeah well I mean look it's been a really busy couple years of work and I mean between my family and my work and then I have. The foundation water now toward those kind of three things. Are what really divide my time in and and there's not much room right now for for much else I mean also because the kids are young and you know. You know there'll be you know in a few years they're gonna stop. Wanting me around. Now that's. Well they may have gotten to see if you're moving yet yet yet though to the martian know the martian was the first one because a bunch of my ten year old's friends. Saw the martian and we're talking to her about it in school and I was on the fence about whether and I ten was too young and I started talk to all these other parents and they're kids were completely fine within and so I sat down with my ten Euro. And and you know I talked her through the stitching up mice my stomach acidity and Kenyon. You know the swear words she's heard that if they flip that at that map once its way home so she was okay with that. So but life is good in terms of what you're doing and how you working working with thousands of pain than you did the great wall. Yeah with Jack Nemo yet the real thrill to be able to work with him I've been chasing him for years. And that was to watch I mean you know he's so visual and to watch him you know stage these shots and we were in China. Mobile venture for you know the kids you move to China for fear. Quickly was yeah. I ask you about the three movies not that there your favorite but the three you learn them from. Man that's a tough question that is a really tough question because. Because. For me like being able to partner with all these master directors over all these I feel like it's just in one non stop them making class and I've stood next to these people while they made all of these decisions in. It's so hard to direct Steven Soderbergh I think at the best. Description of directing ever he said it's like making a giant city block long mosaic. From an inch and a half away. And it's a perfect because it's like you shoot the thing over a hundred days and you you know you've got. And you've got the directors got to keep this giant image and there had while they're doing this incredibly detailed. Work in a vacuum kind of one little pieces of ice at a time and well that's why I think the martian is like that it seems big but it's very small. But I very intimate it's the it's well and that was a thing were working with Ridley it was like. You know he and we sat down in pre production with this with the script and page one and we did and we were just walked through the thing. Beat by beat it took us a couple days and every single thing we decided on in everything that he said he wanted to do he laid out his entire vision of it. Doodling on my script here I think the mistake I'll start on that shot and a moment ago. He did everything he said that he was a it was like I've never I mean it was like. We would show up for work we be rated issue by saying 9 in the morning. We were done at six that night was like the whistle blew and we would that we would go on and we made our day every day we we came in two or three million dollars under. You know and it was just seamless and and that's what and so when you asked me earlier about you know before we started rolling about you know choosing films based on the director mean that's why. That's what I agree director. We'll do for you it's it's just it's incalculable amount of time and energy and effort that you can save and you can kind of maximize everything when you think Jason Bourne in your head I'm not even to start again when will the next one. On just this lets you jewel and either lazy and I hate now it's OK well when you close your eyes and think of him. If it where a test what do you see him daily who what is Jason Bourne being in your head hasn't lived in your. I I feel like I feel gratitude when I think it scared me because it completely changed my life and the trajectory in my career and you know because these were these movies did well oh. Suddenly put me on the short list. Of actors that a studio would green line a movie around. Which then meant that I had access to these directors that I really wanted to work with which meant that I was in high better movies because I was working with better directors it really. It's I can't. Ike I couldn't even say in what ways it's changed my career me if you really. Empowered me to have the career I want so I'd I feel grateful when I think about this guy. Well that's good to feel great what you know that the show always and since wrong. I don't know what prepared for me this time and I we could just to show a clip from Euro trip which is one of your great that is except it's not yet. What do you oh it and I'm Ralitsa well you know what I did sing in did saying in the town mystery I think my argument. It's can you give me when I think I blew my voice that I'll I don't yours I'm not on the street. Time finding and we meant. You make means went. At that it is beautiful that's enough it's not what Jason Bourne would be saying that I don't know if he was lit it he's an ally now on its ear buds. What would music would he be listening to the clash I don't know what he'd be this. Yeah I think it's those if those John Powell drums. You know I think that's thundering ads had at all times. That thank you thank you always great event.

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