Should There Be a Media Blackout on Trump?

Raven-Symone refuses to discuss Trump with "The View" co-hosts.
2:52 | 06/15/16

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Transcript for Should There Be a Media Blackout on Trump?
Would trumpets band boxing's composed journalists from his campaign stops and for printing an article he didn't lack. Commas thank you and says it is time in the media that it finally stopped. Meant so what he will that I. Get up with Arnold rested on and get start fact checking his false statements and and a lot of Manhattan won his daily cool is the TV shelves. Sure that's up about talking about we don't want talk about a man I do want yeah. Well look does the media see themselves as part of the problem I face it didn't they believe that they. You know have anything is somewhat critic you know he was on our show once he was on the on the fox remember. He came out or not remember and after that he was so despicable and what he was saying. That we we just spoke out against him so he never gonna wanna act but he never want to come on our show again a lot of the media outlets. Kept a mom kept him on kept him on did not go out after him the way we did and so he kept going back to think about and gotten a billion dollars worth of free appetizer I don't think that's on him I think that's more on the immediate because we want somebody that's accessible and we should point out that raven is tired of talking about this this is why she we. Ask her fussy and nothing. I can't track. The next president by your married outside the dog no matter where all tied atop the map and let him talk about it look how I. Wouldn't but that's where I'm saying I think the onus is is I'm obsessed not necessarily I'm him he's made himself so accessible whereas. You know how many debates that he did he participated about twelve. And you can say the same you can do the opposite for Hillary that may be the DNC protected or a little too much she didn't wanna debate she didn't want to be learned of the free publicity that he got us ferry ever debate are buried on the week I have had is that you know what I'm inside the media. We helped build this monster to meet we put it lots final 400 we aren't in yet. It has been not and we've been bitching about it ever sent he's here now with the and a bull art socked why I. Largest. And other outlets banned by trap political buzz feed the Huffington Post Daily Beast it to mourn registered the union leader Univision and his. Who have to slip but to get on that list. You know I hate to grant and he has never done and why he doesn't want anything to do and she are high. Matt hall Elliot he's already got us on the list because of that they are what got us on the list from last the last time he was alive when he was talking about. You know Obama was born it was not an America's until Paul why isn't America I don't know you want to contact. What are my opponent yes.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Raven-Symone refuses to discuss Trump with \"The View\" co-hosts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39879418","title":"Should There Be a Media Blackout on Trump?","url":"/Entertainment/video/media-blackout-trump-39879418"}