Megyn Kelly Discusses Election Night Surprise, History With Donald Trump

After a contentious year dealing with the president-elect, Kelly said she feels the country should support him and hope for the best.
7:50 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Megyn Kelly Discusses Election Night Surprise, History With Donald Trump
You call women you don't like fat pigs dogs slobs. And disgusting animals. Your Twitter account only Rosie O'Donnell. And what I say is what I say. And honestly make and if you don't like it I'm sorry I've been very nice you although I could probably maybe not be based on the way you have treated me but I wouldn't do that. So that was making its current or about what F. When I see it it just I just think outlet like Republican primary debates taking on the mandolin because on its present. Of the Ottoman government outspent and when trump another example Brennan live in a new book. Settled for what please welcome the amazing and Travis reading out. So I love then so much I just can watch it over an open your cat yeah. I think everything at memorized right now I'll Wallace just about it was kind of fabulous you have to admit and it's been more in the weeks since. Prince ink that president elect to exit and you know rerouted it'll it'll come easier time but I'm. But you know what is called just comes and it was his club bomb crazy sick you never called me about busing got bad. And a lot so what went in your hand on let's at night and you saw pop election. Now when used when it was like a hose snapped well. I like everyone else in the media had been looking at the polls which had suggested you know it was gonna come out differently yeah so I was just the surprises anybody my. There was a moment around 9 o'clock that evening I'm sitting at a set and Brett bears to my right Chris Wallace is to my left and Chris Wallace was the one to say. I think we might actually be coming to their realization that Donald Trump may be the next president decades and it really was one of those like she is right. So it wasn't. You know I know. People who see that moment think I must have been like oh no now but I wasn't honestly as a reporter. I was like this is going to be so much more interesting. As I did it may have far more interesting to cover yet. Nine at the top of the segment we sought back to date some of the tension between you and Donald Trump but many of us know that tensions started long before that actual movement sent home in about how this began how you've been feeling through it what we just come from on dissent so this is one of the things that reveal in settle for more. Which is the prequel to that to be questioned and it involves. How about just getting angry with me for seven I had done on the Kelly filed a week before the debate is very ticked off about a story we have done about his divorce from Nevada Trout which was. Amid using his I was actually kind of defending him in this segment but he is didn't want it getting any air time. So he insisted that I call him that Monday before the Thursday's presidential debate or otherwise he wasn't gonna come on my show that Monday night I called him. And we're not having me yeah. And it ended in hymns today. I almost at least my beautiful Twitter count against you and I still may. Let them you know now as the world knows he did ask and you know it was a it was a tumultuous year by any standard but. I feel like we came out of it RA he narrative better place. Now I I do feel like we should even if there's difficulty coming to grips with the fact that he's one right nice aren't I have none I just had difficulty saying I'm. I knew that it would owe it to him into our country to stand behind him and hope for the best and root for him and and hope that the presidency that you know the can. Incredible majesty if you will of that office will appeal. And it relates to they loyal opposition also would. Yeah. I mean that's how. Love all the craziness and you know you interviewed Donald Trump but at trump tower I saw it I Soledad entity out. And I Sobel he had threatened to his supporters had threatened GO good daughter was scared that some harm would come to you. And yet I was a little disappointed and you that you didn't say to him Donald I'm getting threats from your support is what you gonna do about why didn't you say that. You know if you read a book you'll sort of see it. Fold out that a lot of people I was in particular people who work. We're left leaning didn't like that in your view because it really want to see me give it to him in night sort of calm out of some of the sexist comments and so on. And what I was trying to do with the sit down a trump tower in the interview that followed it was an off ramp from a year of severe threats. And I mean real danger suited want to confront him I do I just I was looking. To get him to stand down joy and what he can't clear to me after a year of that behavior was nine months. No one was gonna stand down button you know my boss at the time had tried to get a knock it off unsuccessfully. No my friend Sean Hannity had tried to and he's obviously truck tight with trump and was then. He worked behind the scenes trying to lower the temperature it was just incredible to me how much anger there was over a debate question. A debate question that if you looked at trumps history anybody could is seeing is gonna come at him in the general if he was against Hillary. And so no one could get him to stand down and so I just for me it was at an empowering moment because I just resolve that. I was going to be the one to do it I was gonna walk in the trump tower we were gonna sit down together and he was gonna stop the nonsense and we had a very good meeting and he did stop announcing. He did get it and he did have got it you are tough lady and I know this because we worked together Fox News that went head to head this all the time so a strike a substantive and so it's it's striking to me that he bully you. He basically believe you and that's been an experience in your lifetime that you that you talk about. Your book tough tell us about that why not mean the book has got a lot of press for the stories about. Donald Trump and stories about Roger Ailes my bosque. But those are basically two or three chapters in the book and the the twenty chapters that are the heart of the book or about I think. Empowerment. The value of hard work the value of radical honesty and I think it it's in particular going to be a great book for women because it's about. Pulling yourself up to difficult situations and embracing some of the natural diversity of life as opportunities to grow in my experience is Ben. That one year bullying I had in the seventh grade which was Rudolph. I had no friends I had you know it's just. It culminated in a moment where I was alone in my home in on a Saturday night when my parents and they were having a party in the the head bully was having a party. Nick called up and she said. You know we're all the people for my party are. And I said no. In the I'll scream in the phone we're here though he gowns we're here. And I just went out in my backyard in upstate New York that there was snow on the ground it'd been iced over and I skated on top of the snow just crying you know just feeling. So alone and so. Unlikable. Which I think everyone has felt at some point in their life you know it's terrible what you showed them neck and dished. Adversity like that I believe is an opportunity growing if you don't. If you don't do those crunches you never gonna have a strong core and if so when you get got touched cut Leno later in life. By anybody including a presidential. But I mean a president I I take it isn't take everybody.

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"After a contentious year dealing with the president-elect, Kelly said she feels the country should support him and hope for the best.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43611992","title":"Megyn Kelly Discusses Election Night Surprise, History With Donald Trump","url":"/Entertainment/video/megyn-kelly-discusses-election-night-surprise-history-donald-43611992"}