Melissa Rycroft Takes on Biggest Role Ever... Motherhood

Star of "The Bachelor" and "Dancing With The Stars" says having a child has changed her life.
4:06 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Melissa Rycroft Takes on Biggest Role Ever... Motherhood
She's no stranger to the spotlight our next guest is a former Dallas cowboy cheerleader who became even. More well known through reality TV shows like the bachelor and a bachelor pad and a chorus. ABC's Dancing With The Stars made her a household name first on season eight and ultimately get this becoming -- out. In season fifteen please give a warm want him to Melissa right -- thank you so much -- and. -- thank you so much for coming. Well you have come a long way miss since your days of the Dallas cheerleader all of that's an awesome job as well mr. How and from bachelor Dancing With The Stars now I understand you've got the biggest role in your life I believe which is being a new mine Stephanie the most important yes I mean -- -- life changing in ways that some people just can't prepare you for books can't prepare you for you know I mean. And it's definitely the most important job I've ever had in. You know I'm having the most fun. The most mundane answer it's an awesome responsibility and an awesome job absolutely -- mom to my mind and you know we'll tell me Alan Howard you. Balance seeing -- being a mom with your career because that is something I think that everyone struggles with. -- I don't think there -- a perfect balance you know I think you go family to family and you figure out what works for. You aren't hanging you know what works for me -- necessarily work for everyone else you know with -- we have established day. Today and when I'm gone if it's more than we all kind of travel in the -- -- most recently did Dancing With The Stars all stars in all of us moved out. To LA for a few months and we have the luxury now that she's -- -- To do you know -- -- -- our -- and sewer work kind of enjoying. And doing it the travel in the family time well I hear that you may want to expand your family may be baby number two hey you know it then why not to my husband we -- -- number four -- -- -- life kinda gets in the way sometimes but. That we are -- the beginning stages of planning on -- ending -- -- -- and they seem perfect time for me to partner up with clear blue they have and you -- -- -- ovulation test that. I am not an -- that I used and it it's not necessarily just for those women. Trying to get pregnant hasn't been able to you know it's also for women might -- at -- at honey you know it's empowering -- for women to know. What their bodies do -- when they do it you know deep that they only cleaning process started and be able to really plan. So that's that's and that's what we're doing anything actively -- -- -- -- know. -- we didn't get to that point what my body's doing here and I think that's really really important. Well let me ask you this I've got to ask you you keeping up with dancing with the stars and mean this season and how do you think everyone's doing they're doing great honestly yes of course and watching it on the engine and Tony always have my heart just kids we mean did -- that -- together unfortunately he's gone hiking Kellie Pickler. Is -- them -- man Jacoby and -- you know former bachelor. So I mean this is integrate cast and -- they're all doing really well we'll -- had to pick someone. Anything we have in me don't. -- -- and -- -- -- Kelly aren't keen author and in an alien and that same haircut yes I think being looked really. She is tracking it can be let's be honest so I don't have an impact interesting choice well. So anything next for you. I'm next is more -- time you know like I sent -- kind of planning moving forward it. You know that the -- -- and hopefully continues right now and then and then failing that in mommy -- wonderful wonderful well thank you for joining us so much Melissa. Good luck to you and your family Kenya ports is seeing more review. On television.

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{"id":18908587,"title":"Melissa Rycroft Takes on Biggest Role Ever... Motherhood","duration":"4:06","description":"Star of \"The Bachelor\" and \"Dancing With The Stars\" says having a child has changed her life.","url":"/Entertainment/video/melissa-rycroft-takes-biggest-role-motherhood-18908587","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}