Mike Tyson And His 'Undisputed Truth'

Mike Tyson discusses his new book and other various projects.
3:00 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Mike Tyson And His 'Undisputed Truth'
With nicknames -- -- iron Mike. Kid dynamite and the baddest man on the planet Mike Tyson is one of the most recognized athletes. In American history sometimes overshadowed by personal controversy -- headlines run ins with the -- but Mike Tyson. Has put it all down in words how he's managed to rise out of life's darkest times and we're lucky to have with us today. Thanks -- outline. Is is it is an honor indeed. Hired Mike how does -- strike you still hear that. Annan on the Quaid Muhlbach. That's -- mean conflict and -- before before. You hear billionaires. This debate is it is is a brand it's a part of pop culture it's a part of American. Of the fabric of what is America you suddenly Scott reflect the amount. -- much on monetary income and that was -- then my asking them allow my path and told my -- always just live with today. Helpful brighter future and make things more upon them -- -- the -- personnel wanna be. Talk to me a little bit about I catch it take back memory available but in the -- play here here -- right. Tell me a little bit what was what was going through your mind. When you knocked out Hector Mercedes -- first professional life. -- he's happy to one happy the amount for a professional photo four -- to do the professional fighter yeah. Lugo must -- to become champion affluent dreamed about becoming. And I was just happy doing that if you started that dream -- young age and have been reading some of the excerpts from your book. And that was a dream that you really started to fostering -- that theory early point lives. And never had you know I never had dreams and kind of gave me the advantage of this will be going to do. In on them -- my life have fairly dream for myself. Although the situation -- -- -- reform school than people who -- -- -- tell you what to do. Bread and lamb -- a modicum -- that this is what we're gonna do you rated. To go to embark on this journey the in no way I would give myself -- -- -- you know. -- -- mutual it and really intimidating guy. The -- will do and they put -- mom. And what -- -- -- twelve years old. You talk about when you landed your first punch that was at the age of eleven I think it was that your reading your book undisputed truth and you can you talk about -- pretty. Pretty descriptive way. You are being bullied your pick done. The flow of film pigeons GoDaddy broke my -- in his -- And them up front to fight them how to go fly them have allowed birds anyway -- it was just one group. Really been told they did. And so we had a fight and -- -- Like I want to rather -- we were down one thing. Got more punches to the island me. And that and that was at the age of eleven -- and that that that at that point like did you realize that this is something that you -- gonna that you're gonna -- -- -- -- Foster nobody has not been fighting a lot of things. People who bring them together a fund to fight -- before they love the guy but who have you can be handling the him and then to a -- -- -- be reminding us. Yeah a lot of people were shocked when you did you one man show on Broadway in this of course is now being rolled into HBO special seems odd but I mean you know when you're in the -- your your toe to toe with your opponent. Or you're up on stage in what is a more intense situation. When. If it was two things couldn't let this thing sort of feeling -- people ultimately you left him because -- didn't perform well. All that is column. Hosting dynamics and -- to your mind just like -- by. What makes you want to do that show. I did floats have Palminteri belong to they and the business in the forms of stayed in bed than the whole wounded the -- -- -- -- so. And I'm how things go away favorite -- to do something similar to this Finland in Europe and Asia Nolan must days taking questions from people talking about my life but. And by doing that America won't take questions -- dueling with the commentary. -- artistic point of view. And then we study and commode that Annan's -- the men down no and then those -- two million ban. And I hate. And that that we went in and around it -- for two weeks and it was really smashed so for two weeks and then them I was -- -- most likely had called me. And prolific in the doorway and analysis often -- hopefully within a couple of years we heard the commentary and get to a we've. Kofi of affluent. -- who -- reflect on that. Got the HBO -- you've got the book out. In the book I was struck by when a lot -- that you -- you said I was -- declined to the top of the sky and tumbled down. Why I don't know this is -- than most my life in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like Bachmann are vital and I won't participate in anything. And -- have lump and the not a possibility that I condemned him to -- -- -- embarrassment to relay back and I don't know why feeling that. Let me I won't -- riding motorcycles. Mining caused. I won't participate in anything if you feed into filled balloon. It is -- possible -- killing myself emotionally spiritually physically I won't participated. -- is it is it is 30. Failure thriller fear. And through -- -- overcoming them. I have to -- my don't know you know -- to the -- -- -- this I have no. That's what my life has been you know I wanna participate in could be humiliated embarrassed by and I have done this then that. But I always seem to for some reason. Get the win this year in the -- gift from. And the humiliation as well almost prepare for because those to succeed -- you have to be prepared to fear greatly. You know we though that they left the rule. That's the rule. You know I mean obviously I think you -- you probably agree fat that you know you definitely. You've definitely -- now with public relations but you've also dealt with personal situations as well have played out in a very very public -- advertise kind of way. And you that you've managed to maintain -- family. Married to Kiki. Do you two young daughters. Do you -- from doing it is it has -- it is so decent. Do you do you talk to them about sort of your own childhood in your own upbringing and how it might reflect the -- and the -- -- there. When -- -- -- only give them of the marriage and I explained to them this is what this -- hopefully different world. In the school the print news have declared -- the very bright intelligent. -- home and they go really pretty much Ivy League schools they don't know much about my latest -- -- -- here click on. It's almost like a fairy -- to we think is the biggest misconception about you -- I don't know any misconceptions people have about there good look at the -- me my business. How -- this. And told myself sometime no control -- that. We -- your legacy to be -- Kaczynski its varied mean it is it is you say Mike Tyson and there are so many events there are so many -- as they can come to some of the people's minds. I don't know anything about that -- -- -- -- and -- -- and they -- they were talking things over and live in the -- -- to them away -- problem. Other than that nothing really matters to go live to doing things two do they want and I'm listening what I wanna send them to do what I -- do. And then the day I hope this lives -- -- -- -- on the best interests of my family. And -- my whole you know barometer. Is a very revealing it's a very compelling book undisputed truth thank you so much like Tyson appreciate your -- thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Mike Tyson discusses his new book and other various projects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20880845","title":"Mike Tyson And His 'Undisputed Truth'","url":"/Entertainment/video/mike-tyson-undisputed-truth-20880845"}