Mob Wives Get Real

Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano talk family, fights & keeping it real.
9:20 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for Mob Wives Get Real
When it comes to reality shows it probably doesn't get any more real. Then mob wives in fact some of the most raw and real moments of the show came last season. When urinate Graz -- -- found out her ex husband betrayed her family. And turned her father into the -- -- the -- is reaction and the subsequent breakdown all captured on camera captured our attention. The VH one here is back now with season three and you can expect even bigger -- fights and you know. That occasional F bomb. I'm killed you when he did -- -- red dawn -- you've got to move on. If I have this really as CEO did -- kill me this -- get the academy I don't know where it is I hear from mines. -- dean has summed up his lead Purina kind of -- I don't house intervention. Your house hotel motel six look kind of grown woman leaves -- house and doesn't take until now I want trying to plain English Arizona. Anything that comes -- this guy's -- he's a life and -- know why because she's at peace. What awards mean -- -- with news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it's public I -- not recovering addict and Carla decided to attack me and call me a junkie. Which. It is very disturbing to me because at the time I was sitting next to big -- whose son is in rehab as well. And I -- -- Obama junkie he's a junkie and she's like he's not a junkie just you war. First of -- I had a problem with -- I do not like the words. I'm -- recovering addict I -- it. And your struggle totally documented in the season -- -- you've got cameras rolling as you're going to you're trying to find your own personal strength. Trying to find myself the long -- -- so for me my addiction became very very. I just act at one point I couldn't deal of life. Because it was still hurtful. The surgery the hot ex husband I had a miscarriage. Like this all happened -- me. And losing my dad and my dad has cancer so it's -- 73 -- -- is too much and pack from me that's with -- addiction that series but the word junkie is I think that a person liner against Carla is out of line. And I think that there's nothing -- -- I'll be honest there's nothing she -- do I she can never ever take that back. -- my -- -- my doorbell and asked me and I have to say no this time. And -- -- -- -- down and that's the thing if you if two people are standing up and they want -- fight and argue that's final when a -- been doing everything that -- has been. Through you know it's just kicked her while she's down Kansas as is done. -- with a low life. Well -- in -- in dealing with your own situations obviously your boyfriend and and your daughter live in Arizona yes. And there are some -- -- as we've seen in some of the trailers coming up in season three and what happens. That you can share with us without. Really my true -- You know I've been buy clothes I go back and forth I chose to keep Corina in Arizona because I felt like her foundations that. When I came back for the -- -- -- know what's gonna happen and you -- her -- had just got out of prison I thought it was a good time for them to rebuild their relationship. And then my book came out -- -- a lot of negative backlash and I just felt from my daughter Arizona was the best place. And -- -- me -- -- -- working on our relationship and you know. Distance. You know allows at this point is is disheartening you know and I think of the year not even -- -- he was in prison. Really took a big tall -- Allen has a lot of hurt feelings as a lot of you know mixed emotions and you know things that are going on in a lot of it plays out -- season -- can't get too much of it away and play the -- we. Round three is different then went into season three is extremely real because it goes it issue. -- some personal like I had to treat. They -- they keen to treatment son told me how he felt right nobody child say that. Yes he has some very raw words for you about parents not we've -- about his father has appointed him. -- and and -- right there. Carlin then use that she twittered. Which dream house she even whose son is -- one -- I don't -- Bryant for you care. Everything I've been through there's nothing you do you do. Snow and not -- as expert I -- like -- heard my child he doesn't need any more he added it was August. Bob Wright and his uncle and protect them protective mama bear come out with an -- like why you keep. It's wrong I'll handle my business -- global HIO. What one of the things and also in season three is that we looked at hurricane sandy coming through north out here. And it. -- -- -- I think what's fascinating to think for a lot of viewers is that they see the situation is either that you have grown up in or that you are still in now and a lot of people can't relate to that but -- a natural disaster strikes. That's very relatable to anyone in that country. How were you both affected by. I actually was in treatment when it happened so I started operation -- -- saving lives together with the girls and I raise money. And I did Twitter and I just I raised. Being any -- and we and we were all affected by and I just to see this happen. It was unbelievable I was in midtown Manhattan because I was and that as -- -- -- -- -- -- accurately. Came here and I was watching on the news like is this really happening because the wind really what I'm willing -- I was. And to see people standing on their moves and just. You know who's watching and seeing Staten Island and you know even queens and Brooklyn -- these areas is being ripped apart is extremely devastating did that. -- I'm sorry go ahead and I just wanna like expressed the way everybody after it comes to -- -- -- winning evening like going back this man and seeing my you know. Home not my personal home but -- on is my home ripped apart and I like people walking in the streets but these blank faces giving. They're jackets off their back and you know I just feel like any time. Especially New York goes to his situation mussina and nine elevenths as an insanity adding you know way we can -- Patagonia is -- we come together and show support for each other. What is the biggest misconception about mob wives. I think the biggest in its conception as. We get blamed a lot for what the -- -- done I think that they don't realize. We're very loyal women and I believe that you're supposed to stand by -- man stand by your family. And they judge -- upon what the men have done -- Fathers are in jail. They're paying the price where mothers this -- we're real women citing the misconception as they they think this is such a glamorous life. This is so far conglomerates. And I want attention -- -- Hollywood really glamorizes the life Jimenez and show what the family's -- now. And the end of the day our loyalty is to family because again like I said my father stamina ball he's known to the world -- this. Monastery -- there it's -- was a spot that you know everything in me he gave he gave me that you know this seems to be a well Paris from where strong women you know work -- -- I don't think people see that you know you just looking at a show called mob wives and I think we're a bunch of out of. Thereby we heard what we do fight and cars but only mean I didn't I don't think I'm sorry I'd love -- And I goal -- and -- and I and I have been destroyed and Karen is the most loyal to me and my son. So I think people just need to move this season they're gonna see an inside. That they going to be -- Whether we the past two seasons are really just if you kind of reflect back and elect how many get deep here promote but I wanted to ask you have you ever had any regrets for -- sat down with -- and said. I wish I hadn't said that our wish I hadn't done that. Maybe you might not want to acknowledge that. Me I actually have to say thank -- I was stoned to death that hardly -- god forgive me because of what I went through I think that if I was in the normal state of mind I probably would have had a nervous breakdown I have no regrets. I don't even have a regret taking my ex husband back I'm so thankful. And he did what he did because I'm I'm rid of the dental. I feel like regrets when you -- -- you can't. Injured in the future parents and you know -- living in the past infamy everything that happened is a learning experience to light watch some of the things they stands -- -- and I'm like -- I am pregnant every now and then I know has the one put our -- -- the emea script I'm straight and it outlook is it it's. Has not icy and I'm like I can't it's it's passion and I she said. In that moment that's how I felt I was angry I you know sometimes I expressed myself a little bit too much but that's when it -- and you know I learn and help them get that met again and in those. Horrible things the -- I think line. There which is why that which is why the audiences -- people and -- bras DI don't Karen bravado ladies thank you so much for starting not matter and that -- you are battling high rise thank you.

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