Modern Views on Engaging in Sex Before Marriage

"The View" co-hosts discuss becoming intimate before fully committing to wedlock.
4:26 | 12/14/15

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Transcript for Modern Views on Engaging in Sex Before Marriage
That conversation to be head about men and women who waited until. Other wedding night sued to have sex and it. Read it says that some folks said it wasn't wanted some folks and it was more than it made them realize. They won't really sexually compatible and so it begs the question do you think the couple's way. I look that everybody. I'm quick minute you all don't think it gobbles. What should wait wait a minute now and who worked then I'm Nina might I need to ask these thoughts and plans. Yeah. Not an Albany upcoming already. And abdominal hernia. Did you set you don't think the couple's bodies being used and I don't use I have my plan. Come on out I'm. Annan Annan so do you think I'm couples are now know. You think that should start afresh and find out if they should be together and met her here considered spending the rest of your life with somebody. You need to know that you have that compatibility. With them in the bathroom because you marry him things. Say you stuck. I'm stuck with them not what you and that it's not I'm not stacked I know that looking at me like an African nations. I want to know about ministry timed me well we inhabit a lot of minister time before and before we got married we waited. Ahmanson we were married to your tabulation urgent Paula tell me. Still around a lot but we waited and tell our. What is our mansion to actually know what you don't you American is that what you're saying I sprawling department it is for your husband. And critics and out but the thing I did what any car I test drove him out and yeah I. Little and then you know if you want the car pitted but we worry don't want Downey I have another we didn't have a lot of baggage. Emotional or physical sang here and love and I know he's watching so maybe you won't answer this how I I don't know he would I don't if you watch and heads out from under the bus too much do you feel like you missed out on all there. People's sexual encounter yes now. You might now. I don't say my next another live now and I just want to meet eyewitness about what she did let I don't know and is on my husband's back at him like we were very compatible like I said. Right it's not like reading kids are getting weak we clearly she did I think I'd just I have got a lot of friends that today. Are still virgins that are not married I have a very close friend that recently got married her husband what we're ball virgins and I think regardless of your decision for the people that do remain virgins. He should Reese back then. And not finance man and not think it's weird that they. America I wasn't listed when I got it used to be you had to reimburse people who got into her and yeah it would I want one now gambling when you got married to a new contract. Well what you should know this well always say and I mean to me to visit yeah. Jackson eleven and I was married to rearrange your digital rebel. Because. And messing around with someone who could get you tossed out of that neighborhood. And you got pregnant for any reason and you were disappeared don't know you know hey al-Qaeda would not let me thank maximum size you. Wouldn't you had to be a virgin orange you know there was a whole lot of housing Ryan once the sexual revolution came our round and that was freedom for women. Because all everything was always find the win meant to figure out what to do so. Regardless of how you got pregnant it didn't matter if you're pregnant you were out so I think a lot of people just like. Enough went past because and it's and it's never been equal so you know. So whatever you decide is like or whatever you decide have a good time funny. Have a good time and god bless you into Atlanta have a good for you and it doesn't you'll figure out you know what to do.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss becoming intimate before fully committing to wedlock. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"35760130","title":"Modern Views on Engaging in Sex Before Marriage","url":"/Entertainment/video/modern-views-engaging-sex-marriage-35760130"}