Nashville alt-rock band Future Thieves perform live from the couch

Future Thieves perform two new songs in an acoustic set at ABC News.
25:57 | 08/07/17

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Transcript for Nashville alt-rock band Future Thieves perform live from the couch
And guys I'm on -- of live in New York we are back with another episode of live from that out this time. With NASA build own future thieves but being here in the studio hi I think you and Elliott Austin's Yoni thank you for being here surviving the New York rain I appreciate nets. But he didn't use single sucker is out now I have a live album out now to Tony that bout with them. Omar first. In line leader who lives in Texas and sixty. Plus pictures that are not on. It. Studio record news is that there okay and is harmful and suckers it's just Armas reasons and and on its own yeah. Like it flies on. Yet and stuck with the first new music at released. Didn't when he fifteen that ranks since the studio out yes there's news news yet how did that feel after that like link the time to come out with something new put something else out into the or else it's nice to him. And do something refreshing to everybody that you know as we love arm our music that you wanna. Get to the next thing and then right when it next song yeah. For its first had a nice studio version. Are working on more. So tell me about that now I know since the last album and that's kind of secluded your selves bray at UN a little bit of like. A man and vacations sort of thing where did you how to you had viewed as a side. You're telling us this. Inland delivered to your parents' house hello Kyra the first record as parents Alsthom. In that sticks in Kentucky. And that's an area towns that. Asked how popular just the XYX. And then again this oldest is that clear. Cannon that's kind of an hour east of Nashville McMillan in Lancaster. Why might have hit like about edged Canada had the look out there there are managers. It's actually are really really fun place gets put on a lake it's just nice to get out of Nashville as you. Stay understand we're writing you wake up thinking about it go to bed thinking about it. Get lost and yet again and so you know and do the norm back home you know stinger PGA's and we get in for breakfast and play music for like. The degree day yet and it gets great enemy cocktails. And eased him and that it didn't and then yeah. And then Ayers and anything cuts alien Jarvis or trees that right now we have been in the market specialty. Trees in Japanese and Koreans often these guys from offs can just owning up. Thoughts bright but it's on. Landing on and it noodles notes that he's passed off. You're positive encouraging him look like if you think. It enables credible cook. Your Arctic between. Antioch though. That are are these appearances. C Easton colon. We are eating. So it's always treatment in which last perhaps Washington the name. Comes out. It's delicious if not this is great and somewhere in profit music it may. Plants and for patent the rest of the day but some Ian out there alone. Yes they. Well how it or when you're here what he expressed booklets and it. Taking away future it. The last. Yeah. As soon. Simon. About it. Yeah. Instead. OK yeah. Yeah. And that's. Packages. So. Some. You know some. Batted. I. I'm. Garnett. Good I know. Yeah. It saves read up there that's related news music right here live from the catch up here in New York from Nashville look at. What's it like. Being based there everyone thinks. That bill country music obviously but has plea music these that you all. Everything important. Idea. About what's in. Music in Nashville is a great place to live trying to them played music professionally it just makes you better musician being around so many. And different talented people it makes you think about it constantly it it really helps its inspiring. Everyone's kind of on each other side musically so everybody. Supports each other and there's just. Tightness in there that you know you go somewhere bigger point here here's how it is as a great music scene didn't mean actually literally walk across the street. You know somebody in is sitting down at a. Our went program. That he has found Catholics support me your music really clearances and other other people there music communities that immensely thick and wet. So tight end as he was saying it is always. I don't positive occurs when not only were playing a show we have like all of our friends and fans there. We weird you know saying the next night legally see them play for usually exact same amount of support just because why are we ought to. Be going against each other in the same thing because it's you know. 2017 and one of the best cities in the world you know from music so it's like well just think it positively good. You really is currently they just played under NAFTA at the about the video because if something will break. I think you can actually that role ordering greatness at a bunch of different stories a love story in the middle of it laboratories around. And that you guys Congo KN Lehigh and Kate. I think it you've got an idea what that. Was to act as filmed this whole thing cities like relief he was really into that entity well quality and so New Orleans be like this continue is looking at videos like really. I don't know. Nonstop and I thought yeah. It loads let's move in and seeing that they yet and is he showed up the first day we talked about in the video and he actually had. As speaker it essentially live every shot he wanted to get it. And one of them was the. Seem like and vote you know yes. I would certainly has the air what you all found on the east easily lost in the criminal minds and start practice. Step back this thing. Added that it it and eases. Roller blade allies accuse there is and that terrorists. That's our friend Bobby product torment us for one's well compared. But we'll get the jitters in power admit it. Those funds fifteen years at least roller skated in on Mathieu over their racism it's accidental act. Actually. Very risky you. Played hockey my entire life it's puzzling. Austin. I flaws. Essentially like horizontally. Here election motorists. Cold Atlantic and her youth her. The week regular yeah. A longer than he. It's really a function it was all for the public might. Exchange like. Butler. And even now we know is power program. It was out I think everybody. There will. Seek to this story now the story behind. Adversaries don't expect that. The corner but secondly to more music than it is in other studio album at some point yes. Yeah is that his economic transitions in although it put out as were working. Currently electric talking about 08 we recorded a record and Texas. Two weeks. And we're finishing out then and now at home on a farm in Tennessee. The New Orleans. The farm yeah yeah. A different place and a place relive and them we're we're putting the finishing touches on right now and in some locals and mixing. Suckers kind of a good transition into the news to new record is near record as a I say right. Vibrancy. And a lot more color it's very like that where it sat suckers out area but aren't they yeah tons and tons of I don't know it's a positive it's happy it's got. Couple cents ons the most part it's uplifting musically. Massachusetts except there's a good transition for a first record to. To what we're not quote any timeline on the. Where her that is at home or an art Everett the canceling alive to a clots that can put it. Yeah hold on the work room that can hear them when it's and then he's done is Panetta whether song object what do you think went anyway Adam. A song from the near the district perfect this code drives. Some nominees. Okay. Mattingly. She snapped. You know some. Okay. Actions. Yeah. Yeah him. The man oh. Mom it. Now Mitt. She. John. Mom it. Yeah mom. So. And on the well we. Countdown. Yeah. Don't worry that gave it its live online from the cats here in New York. You guys are Torre. Right on that he's constantly that they Torre felt I think you're. The past three years between forget mom's really not there yet. Yeah on an office mostly on it seems now like over five. Violence on the year and it's funny yeah. Yeah would you without performing live. Action until he asked them Pete. For me when they're Tories when asked him gasp and that's. If you're in the back of so. In the and ever so get out the back. Cigarette I don't know where we are. I don't tell us. It's emerged from the Exxon's Exxon. I can't. Some. Stuff. In the back. We think that's. Nice take this out of the bag. Back and she and. It is very sick that it's a norm and I. Like I've got out. How do you ice and it was that when. The earth like when I entered the weekly today if we take term we keep passengers away. But most. Usually they. Lot. And do you really. War. At the time that you get it back east. At eight prisoners are due to keep and he's I don't I don't. We know it will it's yet we know each other's that is yes as if someone's in there notes in demand for example of problem pops in films like. But there's universal network and Iowa. And then we have a. We have pretty general consensus we have a blast on matter the we make the best everything and sometimes mean I think it's a little little crowded. We never complain as we can be. Not audited and yes. Naturally think folks that's it's great we get to do that you got have been together for about two years now Larry over 30 yeah yeah for. Oh hell yeah I think. You didn't I mean. Assuming as most people would your music is kind of reflection of where you are writing your live isn't it as a and all of that. Where's your music now like sucker was a little bit of the transition song for you to what what can people expect from the news. I think. We're trying to put some messages and are songs about. Not worrying so much difference Utley Jack stand off your own little bit. The senate let them throw stuff like that there's it's it where and a I think it's speaker trying to speak to ourselves really right in this stuff and play for ourselves and lyrically accurately. Teach myself a lesson and Everett and Renton right music and yes we are your son of stories on his own record that are. Completely fictional has given us a good mixes. Fictional with a positive messages Goodman mixes them. Some brighter more happy here. Happy years in. An indictment ought to be blunt like this and current affairs like nationally and internationally. People turned of the arts to lake you know kind of escape so why not provide a positive. And you know beneficial things for everybody and experience not only seeing a slight but for us enjoying putting up this shack music to contract. You enjoy as much as you hope other people to. An earlier court and we coming out of lanes to do it you know on the feeling that we felt when we recording was from the film that we want people to film licences to. To escape didn't happen. Clad head handed down enemy is middle and Allman farm and yet in Texas there are other the openness I was an incumbent he concert yet 3500 acres. What are it's huge it's pretty. Eating good fit playing kidneys at oh yeah way to live. Skies so I can't thank you for being a hate Atlanta there you have it looking gut and catch you on tour don't believe and I am NEC Alice some points coming in this. We're song for a personal overstep his online you can follow that some homeless there isn't. All the tour dates and everything you see this music don't DGA's music come was sighted in a platform. This is. Another noon column on the run he thinks. Yeah. New burdens. Although they. Last June is. Seen through the sky. This man is from. New lows and his. It's. We'll. Com. I. Love handed. Stand. So I had his. It is now. CN this. Yeah. A stay need. Then I see. Well. Well. Do you have. He it's. And home. Some. You it's mom. Sit he. You know blacks. Food and on the. Our.

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