One-on-One with "Nashville" star Jonathan Jackson and His Brother Richard Lee Jackson.

The Jackson Brothers talk acting, music and the release of their all new single.
7:40 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for One-on-One with "Nashville" star Jonathan Jackson and His Brother Richard Lee Jackson.
-- -- -- Jonathan Jackson and a scene from ABC's hit show Nashville fans love the show and they love the music and now. -- -- Has just released the new single. Everything is possible we're lucky that he stopped by along with his family Richard -- equally talented drummer in the bad guys a lot of talent in this family. I think you folks -- some things done something right. Well yeah we had great parents and our dad. Is a family practice physician but his passion is music and he was -- songwriter. So we grew up around a lot of music. It's -- so is -- the position -- used position by -- -- people what was wrong with that and how they can improve their lives that night he was at home -- -- -- amusing -- position yes and even took a trip to Nashville at a record when we were young and and never stands out now at Hayes are or what he -- the musical career to second Jonathan congratulations five daytime Emmys. Which is on top of the hit bit now in the second season of national that we cabinet. This fall any idea that you guys are BT you know this thing and Ashley you have the First Lady and one of the episodes -- -- had a huge I'm going to tell you that the show is. Now is amazing I mean you know we we were all -- as the cast very excited about being a part of this show but I think the response. From the audiences. Just surpassed you know what we thought it could be -- have. The First Lady and you know -- -- particular was great you know just. Giving back to the troops was really amazing. So I I mentioned the -- sweeps that you that you have for general hospital. It's a big shift and obviously going from from daytime television to prime time -- and it's didn't mean -- more tied it sort of build the character in Nashville. Yeah. How well -- -- -- -- on a soap opera here here on -- filming new material every day in these I would have you know twenty to thirty pages of dialogue to memorize almost every night. And now Nash -- you're doing. Just a couple pages really a day so it's a totally different world. And I think there is a little bit more time to develop. The character on -- times and. Music and acting runs in the -- among -- -- view because Richard you've been saved by the bell the new class. BO lifetime drama any day now. -- -- competition between you guys -- years sort of auditioning for parts you're looking at scripts and saying you know I don't think that -- really for you maybe I'll take over. Now we got all of our competing -- when we were little kids and sports are there that's for all that. It was pretty rough and we were young really and actually playing music really help us. Because we we got to actually do something together. As opposed to competing in sports and Anna Richards three years older than -- I was. I was pretty ruthless younger little brother -- was constantly trying to. Keep up with him right and it wasn't until he finally sat down and and played drums. And I was on its heart that we kind of -- -- -- -- along more. Correct I had I am not you know dispel the rumors I'm not sexiest man in the -- why -- think it is but it's less costly -- my -- -- this despite the fact that you have three three years superiority over the past -- -- your brother. So when you go to eastern working on this album and congratulations to this the single then how -- -- take to actually sit down right composed and in actually get to reported. We are our first single everything's possible has an interesting story to it. Richard -- that song about. Probably in 2006%. And -- it's been with us for a long time and when we were. I'm compiling songs for this new album we felt like it was it was this was. As sort of a defining moment for us as a band and we knew that everything's possible was -- song that we really wanted to be with us for a long time. And so we you know we we felt like there was a new version -- us to kind of bring it up to date so to speak. So. You know it's it's a song -- -- that's about hope it's sort of you know no matter how dark. Life gets it's an -- pressed it to just them overcome adversity and and believe that everything is possible. Do you share family stories in the album's coming out this fall -- -- is it is a very personal what sort of self reflective. Album yet there are moments yeah -- -- Jonathan. We wrote that song together but Jonathan writes most -- -- material in hand. He's just an amazing song -- and and very relatable and I think on a lot of different levels. People are going to be able to relate to different songs and and they come from they come from his heart he really. -- is his he wears his emotion on his sleeve when -- -- so. -- I think it's it's definitely something that people can relate to fit her family family and influences at all and in the house. Yeah absolutely I mean everything that. You know that I write about as a songwriter and the songs we perform we we want to come from heart. So there's you -- Songs and. Romance there's. You know songs of pain from relationships. It's all it has to come from an honest place and and that's what rock music -- I think this is constantly searching for authenticity and being as honest as possible. Everett well everything's but anything is possible it is is great it in you have a that connection is clearly resonating with your fans this is what Beth wrote on FaceBook you guys have so much talent. I'm so proud -- -- -- I was look forward to get messages and your success you guys rock I -- that's something that is just a tiny sampling of the kind of accolades that you -- -- assessment would you -- have the idea that that you just -- pursue music and maybe give up acting for good. I mean. Thankfully at this point the two worlds are working really well together you know -- on a show that's about music -- -- so we don't really have to think about that but any music certainly is a huge huge -- -- you know. We've been playing music together for. Since we were no really small kids so. We're extremely excited about this new album and the title of that is that radio cinematic -- coming out in October and we're just we're just -- Answer we think you know possibility making an appearance in Nashville which we need to say it's part of the ABC family writes. I think that's definitely possible that is familiar names again -- -- that I've told them all I'll be -- -- -- just be back on the drowned him. That still left him and what about a return to port Charles. Well you know I get aspect quite a bit and then I'm always open to it to be honest because general hospitals like family to me -- and I started when I was eleven years old. And -- spent a lot of years on that -- I love everybody there it's it's really just that the schedule thing you know I'm -- national quite -- -- Of the -- so it's hard to actually get over there to film -- -- had left him. Will he -- tonight and both of that possibility and obviously the second season of national. The single is called everything is possible the album comes out this fall Jonathan Richard Geist thanks so much recorded pre season and.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"The Jackson Brothers talk acting, music and the release of their all new single.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"24078653","title":"One-on-One with \"Nashville\" star Jonathan Jackson and His Brother Richard Lee Jackson.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nashville-star-jonathan-jackson-brother-richard-lee-jackson-24078653"}