'Nathan for You': Unconventional Business Advice

Nathan Fielder consults small businesses in docu-reality show on Comedy Central.
1:20 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for 'Nathan for You': Unconventional Business Advice
Plan dollar 75 -- after rebate -- A retailer legally allowed Daniel to advertise the cheapest gas in the country and because it would be such a great deal. Could only be fair to make claiming this three days a bit more inconvenient than normal just asking customers to drop -- -- in person. Says -- top of the mountain. Don't -- colorful balloon. This will treat you -- to make -- -- -- About an hour and a half drive from -- buying gas in the middle of the Angeles National Forest the peak of mount taleo is only accessible by foot. I explain to Daniel bit as long as he was upfront with his customers. Putting the rebate drop box atop taleo was completely 100%. Legal is some of them is gonna claimant is the alone cost him on the right. Do you think people are gonna hike up a mountain to get this -- -- -- After a week to get everything prepared we implemented the offer. Within minutes of the sign going up it proved to be an instant hit but the line of cars on the plus. Yeah unscented anti cult that motivates me let's head lately is not mailing rebate you have to take it personally -- today. Among potential. -- on potential left.

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{"id":19103999,"title":"'Nathan for You': Unconventional Business Advice","duration":"1:20","description":"Nathan Fielder consults small businesses in docu-reality show on Comedy Central.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nathan-for-you-unconventional-business-advice-19103999","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}