Newest Mouseketeers revealed for 'Club Mickey Mouse'

ABC News Amna Nawaz talks to the stars of 'Club Mickey Mouse' about the exciting new format for 'Club Mickey Mouse.'
14:13 | 09/08/17

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Transcript for Newest Mouseketeers revealed for 'Club Mickey Mouse'
Serials and why because he likely. K everyone I'm in the here live in New York well if you liked what you Jeff Baugh. You are really which are about even making out cloud is back in the all brand new show. Digital reboot re and you cast and some of them are right there with that in new earth via high fat. It's here. All the mask it here is staying on it and it's a great start but it's just it's so. Hate him think about it but I just and higher I had. About was really know me let introduced the world to you when you factor in if you together yes right we got Sean it. Rake it Ky and Rihanna. Four a EU cast members of the brand new club making up relations expert declining. That it. Incredible so who'll be whose exit the in the ship before. You've seen it. Something you always wanted to be a part. I was ninety's in pressure like I wasn't even born in the ease that I was all about his music. And so for me. The making mouse club in the ninety's was my thing growing up like Allen's last you know like the clip to go find and you too yeah everything else. In his. A meeting for me to be a part of something like it went out here. I I can fall and it creates some things that continent something like it's being. Being insolent with the creative and not just. There is not heed the crew when everything was just it was a dream come true and the fact that it's Disney nasty kids it's just such an accident thinks about that is exciting for you and he did. So. I you warm all. So I. You me and my. How they run. Art and Mickey Mouse club back today and I think and you'd like research called the watch. I'd really like where part of his legacy or now play. Just. Can't. Beat. Houston bill and Britney will recognize there Ryan Hall. Yeah it basis that. I can't donate it and I. The club definitely. Has made you. And I think he came and I. Radio. Who is operating. On him than an alarm clock now to news. Here are the you. Like I said. So tell me what you guys have been acting out and how this new show it different to get that it's not like that they had a TV Sherry sit down half an hour you watch the shows department says. What's new about Asia. Oh I think. What's new about is that it's tailor made for ordinary. You know this is definitely something that. You know you can pull on your phone and you're gonna see it everywhere you know so it's very you go take it out on FaceBook on Amsterdam act of making house you know you don't. And you'll be hanging out with us you can. Find a summer like on our feet and everything or social and you know you'll be really able to. Connect with us because it's very much a very very much like full of content every day it's over aren't willing accomplice all the time he had the you know that's because in the. A myopic or yeah. Classic results soon that. In the 1990. It's just it's agree. Up and they shall I am apparently. And Harry did you pro acts and her custody since. Very much different from the deal news eking. Out. In an outline and with that the popped one right in the ninety. And Eric in your regional and class. You tell me expert. Who do you ski all the way back there. And yes. Bombs. Here education thing. Page how quote. You are right at it and keep. It. Here is. C weep you right back in nineteen. Do you do you feel like a responsibility. To the afternoon. And I. Don't like card race she is the most. But we're very open mind so I feel like they're like and it's making it like let's see what it is sought like. With the support gotten behind it kind of lowered the almighty god I should be nervous about and was like just go up and do. So yeah that came up like a part of it might have only just super confident and happy about half island like the responsibility I can feel like that does not like yet I'm coming with friends creating something and this is really want to. Things they sent to us. Was you guys screening checked when not why not just telling you what things that you send it we we met sounds like you mean as yet we eats. It's an all right out together. With the choreography yeah exactly what I'm saying well it's very different and it's by it's we just had so much fun that we won Larry. I use my public. Way since that is and omelets and I call him anchor and senior regional teams. In the remember that from that they think that the issue something. It's gonna really impact people's I think we're excited about it. Followed Allison. I mean. There will finish that he didn't think we're on his. Sleep very confident that. You know that I think were rampant product I hope everybody can enjoy because. I mean I don't know you know we're very much hoping. You can see that through the you know through your screen and everything but we had. Is best time and it is he making this program I mean you look like you are a bond. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Like I'm. We. I like. And yeah. From the moment you meant that. I. In that it was bogey. Eating assists. Adding that's something we all share because we're so creative that's kind of how we on the accident in southern really well this week we got thrown into darkness and yes I am writing songs and like. We just we just now turning to and weakness weakness and what could not have enough and if there's a unique. I mean but you know just. The group of them lived exactly you know everybody has their own thing. And everybody's into something slightly different. You know so welcomes. You know together is just like this big melting pot creation and that it's like Q regarding other elite you guys and you're out to capture what it everywhere everywhere and what you bring to the table. I rappers. Artists and since and everything here and he likes brightened my act written everything I you know. Should punish I don't like to highlight. Rapping on key patents each that I rap about all things positive Britain in the community again their only things and poking up. Listen next generation or older generations and yes. Bringing people closer to an incentive like trying to separate us and focus on differences there's a positive message yes and adds that it. Ended and she's really good yeah really get a I. Yeah I think all thing and yet I acts this is that they need I mean this doesn't like he learned for the audition you grow not doing great turnovers had not an orderly. I was actually. I resolved and I cited singing because actually their athletic went back up on picking. And I and I can learn some singing lessons at biodiesel isn't army in the opening minutes. We face and I just got in new and I from performing. Minutes and dancing in areas just how all over the place and I just never thought. Would IPO he figure Cree. A year it would get emails I had I was actually very I was a soccer game and I wanted to be a concealed Bentley. Foley's. It's a plan to saying you know traveling well Oaxaca. Yes yeah. And I. I stopped tap dancing announced ten. I would seven and it announced ten hours on the charities that talent and semifinals on that performing is on message states which. Two million people watching something like that. And nineties really dictates that up to that seen lessons. I went to the and excited by asking a streak of bombing. And an Australian visa can that he acted and yeah. Yeah yeah. You've been writing for real I have. And that's all I. Musical family surrounded by instruments only when it doesn't play and you don't like. Well. And promise. And performing in learning had a passion for performing like a great ice competitions. All around Los Angeles and people like. Well let's start actually wrapping up a few that I did poetry. Like. This go hungry and I'm looking at other rap igniting I was exposed to that much rat out all. Moats council in a different things like in the irony that just. Exhumed Arn out. What is that I. I looked into. New wrapping nice I'm gonna stadium at a time. She says this is the ball. It's insane the monitor. Him like is great it's like. We think that new thing require. Yeah. Isn't really guys this is going to be sought to bop and everybody was like com. It's can you. Don't really about you. So I'm a singer musician. Though put a few different instruments and low performing. You know let's like that are much like I've had countless sports backgrounds who have play ice hockey and tennis. Weather sports and but. Basically under. House. But no. Now. So I started playing and singing in Spanish. Can I'm you know Max in dissent and and Spanish descent. So I started singing in them and FT program and I started seeing through that and you know than it was I was on level of kids which is the voice but in Spanish vote for kids. I was on that and then it was like wow this is really something that I can you know late I it was then I was like wow this can be a career you know. Liking to that realization was like you know I'm really want. So you know start learning every instrument that I could possibly line. Played guitar drums bass. And it looks to you got the coming. I. Eight the Al jams. He's a place like balloons and and hand guns and those engines and the. Transition that I found him was one of the most there has been one of the best experiences of my life going from strictly singing in Spanish still life. But that door open and it's like wow look at all this music you know for now is a blessing and a rock ability you know blues. And stuff like that so. I can't eat at this thing for your at this right yeah yeah author of the if you like one big audition song interview now we end this kind of whatever it was our strong. I had no deeper pockets than. I region would only through its. Yeah well it's cooling and it's coming and a could happen EP coming next couple weeks. Parents Cunningham a senior commanders. On and it's with a friend. I worked together on a tiny class male yet sausage here together I've heard reduces. You do that went yeah. This. That you came up when government live. And last day and you know kind of like wrapping everything up in my right guys we need something like forty years when we Omnia and reunion. It. I would. The at me. When he I don't know. USC and Julie Andrews. And I mean I certainly. Yeah. It's like to go out a loan yeah. After that we can't wait to see you they you. He shot at Reagan high entry and that the new math it's here at Mickey Mouse can be here he thought perhaps than having it and I you can check out the all new clot you know debuting today across all that need digital platforms. The apparently that for now I'm on the and you back here.

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{"id":49708608,"title":"Newest Mouseketeers revealed for 'Club Mickey Mouse'","duration":"14:13","description":"ABC News Amna Nawaz talks to the stars of 'Club Mickey Mouse' about the exciting new format for 'Club Mickey Mouse.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/newest-mouseketeers-revealed-club-mickey-mouse-49708608","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}