NFL Fans Brace for Brady-Manning Showdown

Analysts expect home-field advantage to provide NE's Tom Brady with only a slight advantage in AFC title game.
3:00 | 01/17/14

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Transcript for NFL Fans Brace for Brady-Manning Showdown
This is a special room. I'm -- company -- as ABC news digital special report they are the best of enemies the NFL's. -- all set to line up in Denver this Sunday with a trip to New York in Super Bowl 48 in the balance. It is Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in what will be their third AFC championship game match up. The first with Manning in broncos' colors so joining us with a look heads and a look back at their remarkable robbery. We're joined via Skype from Denver by whose French -- Frank -- Friday to -- a lot of excitement going on. So that -- big question is Sunday's meeting -- -- -- be Manning and Brady's fifteenth. It's their third with a super -- on the -- they've split the first two meeting. How do you see this one breaking. You know this is such. As required under -- early. Really -- Denver popular managed a little bit and know -- -- So all you don't -- slight edge. Wouldn't surprise me he's a great genes -- is. It ready -- You know there's a real. Breaks any if even a football resident paid no attention to the season this is the one -- you need to watch obviously except considerable. And we know what's necessarily argue that Manning has better supporting cast this time around at least. On the field off though on the sidelines patriots have Belichick. Let's listen -- the coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're talking about what we need to do when. Simple as. Danvers a unique opponent they have their own so hopefully that we have a match ups against under. There -- many other team we match up against. It's trying to do the best I can get our team ready to go out there compete against populism. -- tumble when you've been with. Arguing that -- and pointing out from organization how many people picking against. These days this week we Carolyn were -- what anybody else does or thinks or doesn't just control we do. That chatty style that Belichick he -- -- -- report. -- -- -- his record going back the time with the jets against Peyton Manning. Great and -- -- at -- -- number of people -- about her free. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Both similarly -- preparation love that -- asked they love trials are each hour. So would you get a -- like this. Or do you not just our quarterback. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lou yes -- -- -- little -- well Tom Brady also spoke this morning at this the same effect about Manning's game. I appreciate you know plan. -- -- great football teams and he's a great leader for that team in this game -- about the Broncos and patriots and I know that they got a great quarterback and a -- so. And you know we're gonna score some points and they score points over here I think they set a record for -- -- points. This season more points and any team -- history don't be so. Will be challenged. Because they've got a very good defense and they play well home and I think we just have to understand what's gonna take our offense got there and when a very tough game on the road against a very good team led by Warner not a great quarter actual time. He was. We're very happy. And I look I have football. More. Yeah I'm not -- on this not focused on at this point I. And -- -- I wake up every morning news. And try to come here and folks on my job and do I need to do. Frank get into Brady's head right there he's talking a lot about home field advantage is its -- -- went on his mind. Or -- -- -- remembered it. Many many here -- courts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Most of congress. And New England in its earlier this year even -- -- I just didn't know the play here is brought a little bit -- -- -- -- that interests you just sole focus Betty Jean and grand and they're. So yeah we'll do on the side by side you have one guy in Manning who has the pedigree mean -- first overall pick then you got Brady. An afterthought on draft day in 2000 here they are now. I mean particularly those experiences that made of the players that they have banned from more than a decade match those upcoming you've got to take history into account. Absolutely. Brady and Manning tried and and her or her staff -- the first Brady. Did -- he's got more Brady does. Your child's absence. Man doesn't. Present and horrible horrible worries the debris and -- and first there. He's always trying to you are. Operating so. These guys are just talk -- -- -- well -- that you. He's played well on social herbal -- -- over -- probable. Arab. -- IOO. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Frank -- get a chance to Yahoo! Search -- just yet but answer this question a lot of fuel and -- -- past couple of days Peyton Manning a Louisiana native. Likes to talk about Omaha AA of these doesn't -- he's under center explain what does that mean when he's yelling. About Omaha. You know it's one -- those dummy calls it might mean something we don't know we are out. There. Gyrate. Points. It ordered a -- -- how are showing how -- real. So -- -- on some are seeing. Signs reversal. Little or -- all. But I -- -- Israeli media Saturday Manning. Roberts and a media and former Saturday Night Live host Ole Joseph are we got artists or color or certain -- -- -- windows along those. I'm not sure exactly what it means pretty -- I didn't -- -- and you know. Room where we're like -- -- -- a sponsorship at least from the tourism ministry office to Iraq our preferred from the from the city. For all the talk about almost fourteen years worth of games -- teams have played once this year. A barn -- game patriots coming from behind to win 3431. What do we learn from that we twelve. Boy it just shows is that these teams are -- and people talk about all the back and wanted or. -- to lead the person they know it burst out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then at the end of looking at Hollywood the ball out of here on her -- Qaeda operatives -- Shows -- and these -- any given day. -- to be younger it was really really are the last -- I think it takes permit just hey. You know -- -- the big winner. Parcells. And now that countdown to Sunday -- Schwab from Yahoo! Sports thanks for taking a few minutes with us -- we appreciate that have a good weekend. And for more tale of the tape in this Sunday's AFC championship games they were here on For -- Dan -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Analysts expect home-field advantage to provide NE's Tom Brady with only a slight advantage in AFC title game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"21576346","title":"NFL Fans Brace for Brady-Manning Showdown","url":"/Entertainment/video/nfl-fans-brace-brady-manning-showdown-21576346"}