Former NFL star Rashad Jennings on new book 'The IF In Life'

Former NFL star Rashad Jennings discusses his new book, his career, and success on "Dancing with the Stars."
28:01 | 05/10/18

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Transcript for Former NFL star Rashad Jennings on new book 'The IF In Life'
Thanks for watching on air Malo ABC news I have a guest here today former NFL running back. Rashad Jennings he's also winner and ABC's Dancing With The Stars season 24. Gergen Virginia starred at Liberty University as a running back nameplate. Eight years of professional football. Now your out with a new book in you can add published author tier list of accomplishments. ABC NT if humans talk with radio men absolutely producers have room so yeah absolutely glad to have you. I was able to read a lot of the book in you paint this picture of yourself and I want I want to start where you talk about your youth because that really set up a lot of the rest of the book. They're very determined boy. And then you also playing this you paint this leaked picture of your NFL prospects early on can you talk about what drove you to be in the NFL in. When it seemed the odds for so much against him. Yes definitely. Wolf first come home from a small town as U you can tow with the book from forced Virginia. Of respondents are oh so paper that forced as well from and central Virginia. Dominantly and I grew up overweight have decayed glasses as mum point six GPA. I won't point into fifth string running backs and I want to plan and a photo. So take dedicated and in somehow mysteriously. Plays and in. Obviously there's from pointed appoint BO happen. You know didn't this happen overnight. And I'm thankful men because of that lives of people prayed over meat cover me. Restore mean. And guide me and believed in me for a new well was. And I'm very I'm home will buy week as if it wasn't for the people around me and I don't trust remnant take too many. Praises. Or I don't take actually any credit for this success. Because it's because that the people around. Now. At least one of your Brothers played in the NFL cracked yet to. Usually will play very quickly brought engines. He's the middle notes he played for Virginia Tech and he went on to play with the patriots and charges recruit years. An imam owner's brother bullet she graduated from Liberty University as I did. And he went on to play for the giants for one year so there its end at thirteen years older than me now with the World Series go to an act and had a lot of at a had a lot of issues Phil Flynn but they never they never won a meter playable they never nobody ever incursion into play for Obama family. Omar didn't want me to play because she saw. The stuff mother Brothers went through with it NC you know go oh go do something no school. Oh Google via lawyers. And moment actually if the wasn't for them. You know they played a major role in my life because there was a game in a complaint against my highs will rubble. And it's funny planning is my house who Rao who come on fifth string running back the last game of the season. In what we're done. Now how school traveled to brook Luby's it would it would Jeffs forced travelers planning is above rubies. If the bees BS they goats of the play. If we beat them we knack in my house it was like a Super Bowl and we want to play last night them out. Cool so breakaway tape going to sideline Nash now to go off woo hoo and now we rated play. So our first string running back goes out and now we gotta Tennessee scout there want to start running back. First Lady game he gets hurt. Now I have a buddy's name is speedy. Eight inn earn that name. He's buried varies so he's terribly ironic he's hit so Mim always on the silent Japanese. You know we've put Japan as in an inside of the pants I never played well all I'm familiar. Some days is wrong for you without pads and knee pads you hit passes light little pockets of those. Saudi and playing like Martell Peabody and play a really mean this and employs some sort of point I would like stake in the an imminent and since rights. Inside of mob has with a supposed to beat them like among load up and front row tickets as he shows so. Ms. Beatty on asylum for street on the bank is heartening news Monday's. BC's he is hers who like him shows. Eagle put bank Sydney mopping up. They play. Registering goes and he gets hurt. Speedy and Matt. Dan it'll play. Now make it added anal play me. Lima Pino is what's in the game. Nurturing goes he is her. They'd be put back in the first. Answering because they tape of his ankle he confirms again and pulled back out put in a four stream running back I'm net. Speed is going off a man then it'll play and announced they don't drink much right now I'm kind of thank him. Four string gets hurt that is our have been in the first quarter Cammie descent was born or running maxed out her first corners in daylight in. Both so announced this species like shaken my shoulder he's going ballistic on a silent hey man who puts you went numb said here in the days like. Part of me can't wait to go in another half ms. like Mel I don't wanna go and I've never play I'm nervous. Those are scanned in this loves looking who is whom put in next obviously I'm next we don't know. You looked at me are content. Looks away. Puts in a wire receiver. I run a back a sudden. Online part of me is like Dag on another half his life. Bush has no choice but to put me and he scream and shout get any game get in the game. Looking on asylum John pharma helmet. Again I don't I just put it down camp found mine output or somebody else's down was way too big go out there. Sharpened up was by the put in a mouthpiece but like you know this is a mama thesis nasty. Again and how those ten players I make at the eleventh so you put in someone else's now he's no I didn't. Almost benevolent and I got to do that as discussed in N and so men huddled in the play AMOCO and quarterback cause of play me in wanted to dazzling show on here. Like he seem you know how to I was way. This nearby there may we gotta go gotta go act. You call the plays says tie gives me the ball first let me one person is Borneo attest one out first play. Now staff total ball in the stands somewhere crazy flags go common out of breeze. All angry a run on the silence has bombs speedy he forces around the pick his Soviet. I was celebrating yet fast forward. I play they put him back another another run about who knew about. You know he'd he was no way to come back in scored again going to have to come out some of the situation on defense people was in her left and right defense and her. I'm back Garrity communal defense how big were these bees at their injuring at player. I don't know me if I'm telling you today did go big players and it was just a fluke 90 my gosh and they put me on defense the first play on defense that came off there is at the quarterback he fumbles. A scoop and a score now they're testing it to in the game is 248. When he won their. That duo was 1 o'clock. Wonderful ball time a woman in the run the football Toma. They run the ball again. They go wrong one more play for whatever reason. They got really frisky and decided to run a screen play. I'm plan deepens in. Result is a sniff it out CB quarterbacks Aetna. Instead of going to hit him chased a running back as an order please go on he tosses it out as soon as he leg focus on though he didn't seem you know monologue. Soon as he Lego passing can't believe he's through this ball Sloan and there. Run towards a snatch it out there and and I go score forty are testament again in the game we win. Game over crowd goes crazy. Instantly become a legend because of and a half. And that Tennessee scout became a wash to start a run about camera to me is say Russia. Com McCain a west starter. Point two premium but. I couldn't help but to notice. Now sour you grade. And NASA have got to now point six and point six you gotta try to do that. And I dissent there and listen he's on the users you actually have potential. Get to graze right. You can play because level Wanda and that was a first anybody's ever. Looked at me. Of worthy enough to witness level. Encouraged me in that way. Osama family which ignited Japan. And dale was Portland Yang and my two older Brothers a playful boy are they actually came today game they knew I didn't play they just wanted to be in the stances what little brother was last game of the season they watched it. They go ballistic. You know are brought. Both my Brothers actually Trent went to a private school to coast for free. To pay half the tuition apparent sycamores against the pay another half the two is now transfered to a private school. Repeat in my junior year that's a non home school classes some school assistant the Oracle academics. And then never term about. While the U really UN from fifth string running back to all star. Football player in a matter of just. One series of events is that these were injured in the audit and the bees have been some of these new area at and the emblem well they say they kinda leads into the next question has one of the things when entering the book one of the things that really. I think with pride most striking moment. Early on was you talking about your asthma and how you dealt with and I don't wanna die too DP is I want people seed in the book by. Talked about having asthma attack and how much that scared. How does that or how did that influence the way. You approach football on the way you. And fronted doubters he thought he can't play not only now the grades eased not starting but he also has asthma and this is summing that he can't deal with the idea. SE a question as well I literally out ran as well. Com. Doctor so we. Dennis take it easier student worker out as much. Noonan. I'm glad I was or an. I just ought to run. And I assume you know while lack can they say you loans that we. So I assume learn a mogul Sharpton. So I would run. To look and run anymore. Thank my rest. Oh run some more. To look and run anymore. Or group of mine who. Oh and run again until you can run anymore. You know we'll run some more. And take apart from Iowa com and literally out ran asthma a start sends away I was eating. Changed the way I was training. Became more attentive. Who would open in my body but I do know always talk about doubters so. In a we are way I don't necessarily consider some money doubting me. Because. They're trying to give me sound advice. With asthma. Panel consider the doctors doubters. Are considered and doing their job. But would the Dow comes in the playing. News is disk is its ability. In this key as work ethic. In. That's what always wanted to prove wrong I'm sure. End Ray Allen on basketball player he just stopped by. Well over a month ago he wrote a book kind of a similar. One and that means they took from both your book in his book ways that. You're just. As an athlete you're gonna have doubters and it just seems like their Euro he's working. It's like it's a yearly it was it question what what's that thing called it off until lime and push all the time this letter yet AA at that you're always push in the sled. Italy reached the top late did you find that route high school and even when you start to star in college at liberty I think. You started different house before it is not enough that it management spurt my dad had diabetes hideously him it is only come back home released him from wrong yet. So was there for him emblem on around the house and graduated from liberty but yet. It doubt as ago I mean. My goodness. I mean I I've seen have seen people criticize. Michael Jordan missing people Chris the bronze and. I've seen people criticize. Steve Jobs Walt Disney. Com. Every person. Life. If you trying. To please everybody. Which is not wrong I'm I would say is a bat then please people. But if he trying to please everyone. You won't heated to. Didn't you gotta Friday ohm balanced now. So. As an athlete you got on the scene I will make every single person happy. Quite frankly if you are making every person happy you mean when because. Is going to be somebody meant. Issue out there when a super wolves now by Tom Brady came here about epi who you know it may patriots fans have me yeah economy and so. And send back trying to please everybody is an athlete is I think it's very immature yeah. Well your NFL career started you were seventh round pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars I remember they got I I'm a big NFL fans I remember watching you. Jack sliding did you start your career backing up Fred Taylor Maurice juncture yet. Maurice Jones-Drew actually that was the first year Fred Taylor. Left the way to go and Jackson Julia and via a nicely. A shout out to Fred Taylor memories those those mug yes train with them mom my rookie year and before aiming undrafted I was down management with those learn a lot from and and. Aaron I like I remember shot Jennings and a plea Lothian spoke on an upper remember the running back and in Jacksonville because down they got to get back out there and that's their loans and a new it's Oakland. Anyone's of the giants for the years I'm a giants fans OK guys very excited for that and new retired a giant. I'm curious because you did you went from. Liberty University small school CU's seventh round pick you back up to eventual starter. Knew you made it eight years in the NFL so why is there one moment or one thing. You can point Jr. apple career that. Most proud of and is there one decision you made that you think set you on that path there may be a series of decisions. You made it's a on a path for you were able to overcome these things that were always sanity. Yeah MM present that to calm. Now how many times did you coast noon. And that hasn't noise I didn't have you here act on your of the giants in February. I honestly. Think the. There there are many major points and touch on that. And in my book if in life and this was titled the VF in life is a play on words were allowed to Wear life if as in the middle Hannah I'd go to room amazed if points. But and specifically about a full ball. Oh. And so I was say. There was there's so many. Re occurring. Events that that make up or let me know I I was hitting checkpoint some. And it's it's a very small things its sienna bullets before. It comes. As as some protect him a quarterback. On that was emitted turn import from me. And so a lot of people deck below while it is because I'm understand in the game. But. Some highlights truly is that did the day Monday it. He rode on in a wheelchair knows Watson as Watson Watson again. When I played against the New Orleans Saints as a Janet home. And see in that you know distraught to tears. Com. Just thinking about all the sacrifices everybody has made. This a big turning point for me had a a personal record. Russian 400 yards again it's. The Texans a home. When I was giant. A civic major term poor orator from me as a highlight spews me. But. It's is for me it's about how I do thing is not necessarily. A what I do in life that I care will myself. In. This kind of want to hang my hat on. Said this before there's in this and quote. Then like a lot of people have quotes they live by. In this particular quote. I don't live by it went up film Larry. I live my life in such a way and I try to live my life and situated. It inspires some might it to right. And is the master and art of living shows little distinction between his work. In his place. As labor. In his leisure. His lung in his religion. He simply pursues everything he does with excellent sleeve and others to this. He worked then or is he playing again but to him he's always storm both. And a I think there really is a stable of me as a person. I have fallen life. Whenever it's a muscle to serious. The life of a key death among mine. So he went on in the dramatic way. Just a matter. You we did it. Everybody in this incident there is that this you know an Armenian and so people I don't know if you. I don't understand. Why you can't encompasses about loan. And for me do I truly want to be a leader among family and loved ones from the great at any on the way to do that is be conscious of live from on this and. What are you most proud of in this book. All boy dead that is complete. And you know Latin. Truly when you read you a CC while I say that it's like how how did this happen on the where'd he come phone. That debt. Or write in the book at eagle from point six how to go from fell in every English class on the mankind. Pass an all Spanish classes can can speak a lick this Banesto and had to go to college and in win in front freshman right the year award write an article oboe the word nothing. In vigna how did he get drafted how did this happen. And I can't. Of always has got to do things in my life I personally can't take credit for it and throughout this book you can see that he's done. And is doing. You came to the NFL an interesting time I think for or running back. Where your kind of I tell you were in the period where the NFL is transitioning from. L cal running backs to this committee thing. That so many teams have adopted and you ran behind one in like Jones-Drew carried the ball more times than I've ever seen running back like a 34 year span and then you joined the giants and you were kind of in time share that's have a you were leading the way. And I'm curious what is it like playing those different roles in what do you think long term future of that position is now yes a good question I think the bill can. Is still there. Com. I thank the rules of the game. Predicated. To make passing game easier. Specially the how you you know kinda holes some defenders from in touch in the quarterback. From hitting received news. I'm leading a certain way like those an arms collisions. Which I'm nice and I'm happy. It the minister and I don't want anybody to walk were from games suffer. Bo because it I think the game does make television past. I don't kids is so. I've never seen. Anybody win a super bowl of and about 02 or utilize in the bill positioned heavy. I'm whether it is is passing the ball out of about it film even. Go go call out the last teams have won the super low and Selma where. They had a bell Cowell dual threat and a back filled with actionable Lutterbeck filled running crazy screens and that running back is a kick returner as well liked. The running back position is wrong wanted to most special positions on two. And at the future of it I think is going continue to progress how it is now. I don't see one player can ball forty times again I don't see another Maurice Jones-Drew. Type of status come in through no time zone because there is no need. But com people say the position is devalued when say that I say the market has from Thomas. It is the importance of it now. I would be remiss. Suit not only ask you about the NFL and your child had been as an ABC employee also about Dancing With The Stars you are winner of that. And we were just sitting on a couple questions before we start recording here yeah. Then they go one what's your favorite move into. What's harder we're just saying as are to be in the NFL are hard to be an author ardoyne Dancing With The Stars are hardy in the NFL. Man. Out. This. You know what. No one my favor him my favorite like style of dance is. I loved it's it's a mother load the tenants there was a blast. Obama love the contemporary. You get to express yourself. To make art feel like. Palm. The Ramo down. Boy. That's at a among Amal hope among hopeful romantic guess. Period from services. Really loses immune lot of different ways but. So doing that dance at bank is one among affairs. Now. Which is harder. Mama does break it down two it is. Full ball. When in full blown. You can hate me right. Everybody in the stands in a and I still can go out their win. You know I'd go take what I want. Go train for Google prepare for I go out there beat the person the fun of me like a winning you can boo me on the way out you know. Fans who stars. I'll win if you don't like. There's no way around CA and I period and if you don't like me I don't win it is as a different mentality of how are you even win and. In the end to like the fans are different. In. You know used you've been offensive full bossy know the people you do and hated for. Four of five minutes or so along the way in Dancing With The Stars is like you could trip a fall on the floor. And used to class. As a great to have get a may you can very positive show and you love it would you don't play football. You know if you don't put up 300 points and sock the AF Immelman. Really. Natalie Dancing With The Stars like the best of Twitter and then NFL is kind of the darker parts of two live idea let's see people just wanna find that in this way to hate somebody EA am on Twitter newest resident spores as would. It's in some who yet. Like all that interesting to aid to hear that in in knowing because you were so successful on the show. But I am curious tale because. About the book on Mexico but first second. You played for the giants and I think we'll wrap here with with I'm going to. Getting pretty close to the deadline but. You play with the giants he never play of Michael Strahan. Now it's organ at ABC now. Com. And how and why did you Michael Strahan and write the forward to your book how to how did you forge that relationship and and it's why Michael Strahan the Michael Strahan. I think he is the an anomaly. And from the way played again. And what he's transitioned to do away from the game. I never I never came into the league with the ambition of Warren a gold jacket. Was it a goal. And you the. Wasn't me. True desire mind. A photo had to attempt a career excellent but it never was. A staple for me when award goes. Com but there's always been stable of me. If I'm only remembered as an NFL running back in my lifetime. In the mob mob books I'm a failure. And I noticed that mark was Strahan has successfully. Been able. Have put more. Notches in his bill award he's known for some people that don't even though he played football here and work again. I legitimate and half who football. A young man his own TVN. You know. Seen a young man who infamy. Run about if that's all known for on the failure. And and often. You know. An actor. A commentator. A philanthropist a dancer a dancer like a one a continues and so many other arsenal's to a two month though because of Phil. On a one on capable one who and I'm willing to work component and it's and a film like. He is somebody that I have been able to look at from a distance him when I got a chance to meet him obviously. You know we both played with the giants nets forest at opportunity to have sit down conversation with them. You know we became friends. In down. You know he's somebody who's inspired me. In he says announced by him so. I just thought it was fitting you know from a giant to a giant for somebody who does then is a look forward to dornin live. Outside of the game. The right to forfeit his book it was really cool Tuesday was one of the greats a great run defender tale again genius yes he was awesome and had. Government but they're a former NFL star a Dancing With The Stars winner and now an author were shot Jennings thanks seasonality ABC news for a few minutes of talk about your new book. If in life how to get off the sidelines and become your best self it's great read. I've been reading it the last few days and it's out in stores now Rashad Jennings thanks so much absolutely yes in and if you don't mind please give a great review on Amazon I would appreciate an Aetna and he divided on tale. Thank you very much for listing everyone have a great day making.

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