Nickelodeon's Breanna Yde on achieving success at a young age

Actress and singer Breanna Yde talks about her career and upcoming projects.
16:49 | 10/03/17

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Transcript for Nickelodeon's Breanna Yde on achieving success at a young age
Hey everyone I'm honest about life here in New York after being with us on this -- that here in misty out at a finding and story for you. The star of the new Nickelodeon original TV movie. It's skeet. From misstatement. Library. Freon he joins us here Heidi today I'm in Canada area I'm Chris congratulations on the new movie paintings and we should mention it premieres October 9 at 7 PM eastern so that's kind of a new role for you tell him about the character and so basically in the movie. Follows these 1212 year old kids who get accepted to escape from Wasilla magellan's library. And it's crazy because Jones adventure is and then and stuff goes downhill. And it and it's it's cattle like a life threatening. Situation in so they have to find a way to escape. With my. Difference for you right in the hot to the full range of emotions and yet venture years that your. Running for your life but at times you're like flying through the air and giant book look like to meet them. It was so fun it was needed 86 weeks and in and it was it was amazing and beautiful thing in this case. Like beets and east hands and knees and casts. It's on location off location and it was just like crazy but it was like some amazing news so what does your recruiting like. Yeah I mean. In LA where to go over sixteen on a harness without like Patton me that's. In the game at night and the years without that. Sent I. He adds up pets but like. It was although it down ray. I it was only scary not you know I think it was really fun. Ike is almost like green. I like both of them really tight and it's free only. At the yeah. But is so in the absence. And stands. In. And Haines. Humans the lots of news there and the film for debate on that book right. By the scene names and techniques. On the best sellers list that you read it affords you feel any pressure to live up to this. Months I do. Feel a little bit of press he. Especially. When I got the par it was like. A it. Eating and at the triple BI. CI. How. Should be. Oh. I was a little S and I want calling mass. Have to watch. Now. Actually. Means he means is going. Yet. New and different world talk about them working in New York Mary Mary. But. In acting in the first with. The youngest of six came. Appease Al failing. Like. Ireland and the please. Two passes. Tired whales need. Both need and what about these islands at me and lived with. About it this is read here Ari college. Murray began working in your. Name. And so. He does creek is tiger let me just south. And fight for myself if that. And a hike at. Under the couch is is again on OK it's an interesting you know here hang. Such as. Well at sixth and I are going to be under these two yeah. Ticket. Had so many people looking for. Yeah. Austin. Is. I mean. We went in Q acting and performing. And in eighteen. Days. What jobs. Are often. You like that and but how about how reforming thinking music really it was your first. Day. This. But happily. Scenes like. This time it closed and when you leave nightly business. Leave and so. It is nice but. I. I would. Like. So I think. He. Was likely to express myself and Italy from the ceiling and it is. Our recently let's. Get to protect it is unfair means I think it was. Me. And acting music and as a candidate thinks. Gains in Exxon's and radiant. And so act are getting acting. And as she. Was singing. And silent. This start opening. Day. Equity conference on it weighs. Which is sensory the ones ages. Waking Nickelodeon teen he. He grew up watching. It. Is a difference. It's crazy and where it was convenient and each one is Smart said beyond equity in The Who was behind him. I didn't like it all right it's old day. An. Epic and or. This movie escape commitment library you are working with another when. You there but its effort toward what. Off. I mean I ever worked with Casey toilet and his semen events in super cool in. So getting work with them was really awesome because I got ten you know getting close actually when them. And them like he is typical and accurate in amazing cast mates. Let that all of her. Like the US and Canada which is I ask was that's neat and make much in fact and we should mention. His failure in earlier feared the scope of your work how he can sleep. But you're also on this Nickelodeon series school of rock speak to lessen the movie starring Jack Black. That's where you really get to showcase singing talent in addition to your acting talent that this accident where both of those gloves come together for you on that show. Cat when. I first heard about that starts. On outages. Just finishing our second season in the lecture we're gonna get picked up yet again and I carried their auditioning for a school of rock. And I was like this sounds like an easing Lebanese government acting. Islet that slinky executive one of the executives in the community knows I. I very you're doing this in shallow and really wanna be an elegantly have a Calista bond characters and had small island kitchen is the same and I really. Let want to say in a cappella singing in. Over hunting happen isn't really don't like seeing skeleton. Like behind the scenes. You live he has walked up to when the network executive. Like hey I hear your agreement. Wanna be enough. For. Me set label friends thing. I had that paper edit it and she was at all weekend each summer like. Oh yes but Alan Alan meet me like that's more luckiest. Which singing and I ice. Like I felt comfortable. Doing that he. This is. An act that character was the one that spoke to you. So tell me a little bit about the instrument you play you're talking about this year he learned to play yen Li talking off. A bunch of other instruments what you. So sleepy you know let me vocal coach and a time in the basics and it. Managed progress now. And then laying the guitar after peace now. NEC emblem. And doesn't need tartans. On Christmas Day 2012. It's time. I. Act that on the show I had when base which is really fun is. It's it's been tough questions of the entire octave lower than. So an inning to and then. During different seasons for really learning the jobs and just being in that area in. I really balanced and yes I did take your guns and Tyler and yet. I never really have like a proper teacher for yes. Sad edged. And you hit. Learn anything new to. And I actually it's instrument was legally. There was paper act like aspirin from last night and I mostly clear and things like that and it didn't sound. And chatter recently and just in the bottom line. It's like ice and opening up you. Is that your injury and you can keep an act you can please your first musical. Italy I think enough for means. Especially now. You know his ninth the freshman and re lean years so it's certainly it origins of knees right. So all this moving towards the musical career oriented in now dropping hopes yeah. I mean blunted. Or can mountain. This. Story knees and play nice in the case can't did. We have noticed Ian Butler where time. Well speaking of your crease another project we should talk about coming out in November with it and keep it out today. But you're you lend your voice to an animated role right feature film. Called riots Carrey's all I want fork it CEO. You play little. Just April. Back about. I don't and a shift. It is yeah of people I basically I got it. Why Mary day. Hey. Raised in this news in the mean. Here's the script and a is it. Or it it it and I didn't think I was gonna get it. Just feel like a it was more likely have hand. Its agonies and I am but I am working. On it and sent in the east at. Asian RA high a that's part. I. High. Those crazy Kirk I didn't. That I would actually get to work but I Carrey like every he had and it was they would mean needs yet. Davis. Except as it did this thing we can. Actually kidneys that's like pre apps. Can get to singing that song that occur then I'd. Not many actually think hit. You can't believe it. Oh. I think let everything. That happened. Due intending. It was really need this. And loans in this you know recruiting well. Mean. They say. Iraq today. After we in the Iraq as early. What do it's on. Outnumber guys in the arena and weeks late. Eighties thing that. OK. It's hair and the year it I don't weary air vying. And so silent. It have a coaching. I was here. Because like I like is very low register now and and specially it was after years each second season school in Iraq. Means after England and channel. There's a lot of screaming involved in mind many voices and links and tying gas after all that so I was like there's no Lansing. So I brought it down at. Which second. And then. And rather they are it. Hey. Six cents. A couple passes in each. Thanks effort I. There. Are at it like. It's. Like here acts and de. And went. Crazy. Hatch act. It carries on with. Eyes at night. Care the it would. Better. It's hurts. There. Are currently. With. It. And then. Here. I sit here chorus on what. I I just had its raison. Check lacks it. I've eaten a funny. It is. An. Here in the eighties yet. The if the mid November. 17. On dvd. And obviously a lot line. It's asking. And in. Thanks in. He day. Closet hiding girl. It is like. Oh. It. You. Chain. Hiding under. Three tiny segment in. The escape from mr. Levin talent library premiere October. You are watching at. Eight. It or them. Back and.

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{"id":50256097,"title":"Nickelodeon's Breanna Yde on achieving success at a young age","duration":"16:49","description":"Actress and singer Breanna Yde talks about her career and upcoming projects.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nickelodeons-breanna-yde-achieving-success-young-age-50256097","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}