Omari Hardwick discusses his new hip hop show 'Poetics'

Omari Hardwick talks about his new show and the return of "Power."
31:05 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for Omari Hardwick discusses his new hip hop show 'Poetics'
I am ABC radio and I am super excited because I had eight talented. On May being. Wonderful channel and sitting right across from me he's accomplished actor you hold a critically. We're. By the leg out and who is is just amazing when it comes to being created. You want the only of Martin pirates how are you. Knowingly camps that in Canada. I'm not just didn't know from you recorded music and SO or school. And Athens coup yeah didn't you do one and then some thank you. Well of course speak that you definitely bring light to every time you pocket mis speaking you just showed your talents and we have much to get into of course it's one being bent this new show that you call poetic than. I want to jump into that we'll do I have to say. Dumb things. All along that American and wonderful how I'm the meg at the now. All right thank you so much yeah average. You know we. You add this for about a year when I say this I mean relationship between Ian. Some we hung out by default really I was one of visual of the music summit music coming down I was into individual. And on the street. Where his ideas we will walk and won't radio individual. And some might say you know gavel to meet you. So you know when I was growing up in an. Probably the same thing for you can is in many people of our. Generation. He was going keep him well as we've it's he was MCM I didn't know the curators in terms. Presidents are the powers that be corporately. Were behind those brands on and it was desperate band was those brands respectively. That's Iguchi. Knowing you some rappers decked out in what it would act out when I was grownup. It was all because that is some inner. I ran into. And a hot summer day in New York City. He has some of so there when he invited me to than the infamous meg. My movement katic in this man. I hit me so you don't so many people were happy. Obviously. You know mode in a black. I'm a blacks who make. It also Jews historical icon a monument and museum of sorts that he is far people. In enacting column now rent or uncle because me nephew. It is made the Mac got experience a hold of my first one month debut my cherry pop. May come with. Well adapted. And the incredible bevy some but. Who you know is is in your world. As a great journalist and then I think part of that I come. You know it was pretty special Stuart you know holding young when he went savagely happens to be from Decatur where I'm from. Actually Graham you know who's really great and and who those who the American efforts Montana that we had agreed table this whole table was all set up my dad so. He really nice that I got to Wear a suit their people country and to to. They did it so luster the postal model no no. So deet tails between now you've only into fashion you won the ring meticulous about would you yeah during her hearing room. And. You know somewhere in sweat from each Renato luckily among got it. Has a level of debt they guy game you know pay attention as much to appearance but I definitely wants you brushed teeth. And yeah I know style grow among Graham pops off for. A very big on on fashion and then. Triple down a mom and pops in and you know my I think it's definitely a stylish them and so even if our Moroccan you know from media after a dress up like that what happens I just wanna really dressed down like days after. So I might come you know suited him booed it to you live to Whitney unit I was suited and booted days prior but. Museum sneaker and out today and his jeans. Yes and he looks out listen I gotta give you aren't of course he never disappoint a sort of hoga. I don't Herremans not only knew. Yeah in any yes now you know. Of course. We we we love you just being able to EU but right now you're you're giving homage your your paying respects your honoring. People that the love as well other artists other creatives and and I wanna get into that because you have the show. Called poetic yet and I wanted to talk a little bit about how this came about because. Don't you add the curry and go for you kind of turn the tables and that way I am very and three as coo who via com. Well there was. You don't have a thing about me Canas is I'm always so big team and analyze. Comment and for woman it helped him or just also ornament a black family you know you can never get too big for your britches in the black community. Mars in his specifically in our respective families as you can't really. You know you kind of get a roof everybody. And so there's a kid who is a grown man executed but he's a young man. It was a PA on power. He came via power. Any was always is really really. Different in terms of the PA's that you run across that at every PA have been listening dreaming of becoming more. Other respectively direct or produce a one day on a movie says. There will be a coffee runner who worked for musical label when puffy and it show years ago was seen these people he's given homework too is that these young people that want to become an exact. Like always the goddess saw the big team perspective of what they could be in that they were no lesser than what my dream once was and his Q was a a PA and he was so swollen different he's different. I always thought I would you know figure out how to reach back and help them one day along the holy hell me he reached up and held me and he said. I just feel like puts it we would ghost having dominated our scope for so long. You owe it to yourself in the world deserves to know the guy behind goals more you know this car for you because you know the guy behind. And those that know you can't it's included new though Mari prior to golds but. Now that the world is has known this guy basically the consuming generation have been a millennial they're younger they're the ones they consume. He should consume all that here is Omar's you know nudges and a fiscal waived their ears and there I should know that full thing that makes. Tell him go so magnificent and so met magnifying. Or excuse me of magnitude as is the got it. You know because you're such a poet because you're doing musicals can zones when music at a time. I'm going to be into an a for awhile and he thought why don't we do. The show. Wasn't a pocket as if it's arrogance it was a show. We'll go and we'll get down with all of the Greek poets who happened to BMC's. Who happened to be wrappers. And a Darien may origin of who they are. In nature that of of a poet you know and they're about dependent so. Why not you go to. The board of of where they get down the lab of sorts where they make music and talk about how to founded pin and talk about freedom in him what happened at the dad and success and fame and on oddity of that. Ers the purity of just fine and opinion my guess talk and after every campus so perhaps we can create something and Michael song between you and them. That has been put to decide just for a moment because all of a sudden and he told me with his team of his name is Alex an eagle and he has a team of at a you know dating and as Stewart. And so the three of them came. They presented to me I think emblems in the studio and other Dave east or big daddy king yes. And so I think does what east and they said. Oh you know before you get down what he's why are we talking about this thing that we want to pitch away. And then it was what I just told you would in the attic a double back in his suit I think we wanna go podcast first we're having a lot of opportunities view being present at. Carnegie deli podcasts for sent into it that way how was in his hips and a pocket. I like TO talks and grew up listening to NPR. But I wasn't you know an owner Rogen podcasts and not under these different park as individual but in Iowa where I was in his hip to the park as Guinea. Of the incident and and so few words let's do it in a way that's you this signify New York bureau poet. Make him seize command talk poetry actually do hope home. In that we can talk about an iPad there and so from a podcast respective. We almost had more freedom. And the original template that we are created where it would have been shall form. And MTV forum once we won almost once we thought about doing it as a partner as we what I think this could go. And even a bigger direction program. Zone they learn me up on it only you only two of them are young and Emmy as Stewart has around my agent Alex Alex and Elliott are younger so. The young boys kind of learned up older guys on what the podcast thing could be. And we jumped on board sort of study more podcasts and listen more podcast but not over studying you know Mika and it's always going to be me. I don't went over study a wanted to steal sound like me and I my own thing and I want to pay homage to as you sit on these greats they came prior to me or that are coming after me. And I think that's what makes is so great is is the fact that it's now on filtered it's it's so authentic something quite different than what we've seen and heard before because there are visuals as well yeah. And what elements that I like that you kinda introduced it kind of using what we think is the real essence of that creek yet. Chances. Are you capture S. That's me get a chasm over readable I mean they're mad and he's agreement. But not totally mad. The little butt hurt I don't know whether I am a really good homeowner do listen nobody must different known and that's incredible. And it brings it he kind of made me economic when you're in rule. And you know the teacher kind of puts you on that as I think you come out and bought all of the use. Yeah. Yeah net. Yeah in the united I don't know that the and we don't know what we haven't silence. Any time and I love that talent I think that's very authentic and obviously very authentic view yes and you mentioned something out you were just talking in earlier on about. You know music in and kind of that at. Initials are two who maariv in the India and I wanna troubled about that now. Could I ask you know. As a goal and an actor when the new yeah. It was always. It was always a guy he being Coles. People listening to right now OK and as you gotta until about himself and their personal Katamari. He has Ingles was always. Gasoline does that the right word engineered. Of sorts by music. It was never a mom because Omar was always musical. It's funny man and a lifetime O'Sullivan as someone yesterday and she was a journalist and in. She said in I think you know or as well but. She said to me nom we were a digital one knows it was a moment where. She brought up to me. That someone asked her about purpose and that people are struggling with for united purpose. She's sort of in a cynical way but not too cynical it was still of of humility she said. I get at a loss for words in terms of not understanding why people can't figure out purpose. And us it will for a lot of people is the main running. People run a room means so much. It is hard to get to Europe purpose of the driveway call home. If you're driving in the wrong side industry. You can't really figure that out will review driving on the rise out industry. It is easier to get to that Korda Sacco and a driveway in supposed to be yours or god ordained for use so for a Mari. Connell was always a full highway if the full highway is analogous to being musical and being that of yet to cool supposition or theatrical. Expression that was that was my world and so a fellow. At a AT alien and charters Gambino slashed Arnold lovers no stranger to it. The reality is he presented both had the same time and I didn't so the mentality that we have particularly as brown people as we don't necessarily. Come with a Superman has super women Kate's when we're born. Are often times we often don't even get each other. Superman or super when McCain now that we've. It seemed as different expensive element of the numbers we go you can't do Arlen. I and so for a long time that the guy in sexually Renton and I'll I'll admit it from showing the all of that. So that I didn't have to hear you can do all that and I was first and foremost musical. Which is so interesting that people like Mattie Nelson my musical manage he. Managers she is so astute he stated. I will simply be reminding people that this is Omar's returned amused. What he you know as we. Is his return because he dominantly became this actor. Does not necessarily. You know dominated in award. Acquisition. When he has been very very good at acquiring jobs and and he's very good at. Those jobs is a good actor and I know is that you treat animals. I think it does thank you present that very around sews she. You like that that's tough it's tough when you're that good of an actor in him people. Have to contend with you being talented as something else to Baghdad stuff and Mike interesting when you already talented both ray vision but if you don't like childish Gambino ward Donald Glover. If you don't like them is harder to not like. Them when they are the same thing and they were presented at the same time Arnold lovers a talented actor. Chatted Gambino a talented musician he deliver both at the same time I'm not delivering both perhaps. At the same time but. It is the same time to a Candace who goes by Lamar is still living. A dash has MB create yet there's no eulogy happening that is mural. You know it's not rest in peace his net he hustled. Us not. But in reality when you think about it if acting as analogous to football we'll bowl as a masking of sort. You know C don't really know the actor in totality because they're playing characters. It's amass the music is streets and a cup. I mean a street near you know a music. It's so funny I talk to you I always feel like you're you're you're giving us this word is that this is Thurman is this is really important message. And you do it intensity. Wrong and heavy way. That you have appealed that all that he saying get you. Caught that caught that will spirit there at the death of what is an important though. I feel like people are here because Aaron a social media world went unmasking anyway in I'm learning as much as you think I'm summoning. And equally learn about. Yeah but I'm still learning the word even if it is not my own word denim on in I'm learning would be young people are saying witches would basically stating in Candice might say in this not a great statement enemy you know they're making the statement. The statement is. We're OK with people masking himself. I'm put not to edit perhaps there OK we'll meet Claussen in front of this then the third. Materialistic me because they would expect that because they get to do that on this social media platforms begin to be some ten. That lo and behold they might not necessarily be so I'm still learning their word of like you know what no teeth intact it is a coyote chasing type of moment. So it's interesting that I'm putting music out now in that moment because. Had it been I don't know 1996. And I was putting out music after having fifteen years of being good my craft as an actor. People might go yeah bring the music on Pringle and how cool would it would now people is that heaving moment. As nods his college days and is that Haiti moment. It is true and all the on the note of music and you let us know exactly what we. Will be able to you'll hear music I mean could again. I know you as a poll yeah I know you as art yes I do feel that Amare EL I feel like the world needs to also know you more so as Adam aren't. As well as voice came out because you're right like those guys were like you gotta know and a guy that got more interesting angles Ines no slight to depend of corny count Ohman got. I love her by the way oh my god look what she wrote in ghosts yeah. So that's no slight to deadpan look at Jesus are very soon. The music. Okay how society. So yeah are you get. You get joints that are all poetic Uga joins that are you know maybe a lo MC in here and there may be listening in here and there you get movement of everything I mean. As a single event that was released maybe three months ago with Anthony Hamilton yet caught home and so that was more than poetic flow but you know the reality is this Gil Scott-Heron is is is definitely. About to applaud me when I say. The birth of pop is 03. In I know. You and are like oh lol but. How to people don't necessarily. Realizes sometimes if you listen hard enough to Jay-Z. On way to comment. Over to to wreak act to Lupe over to Kendrick RJ Kohler meet Miller while they. I mean over to transmit he. And then keep it ought to weigh 100 we just lost a great poet in nifty hustled the flow even was that of poetry it wasn't really the way that rap is often been you know against disseminated to the world it was poetic in their flow. All of those people a name cell. Musical deadly come out and in you know I'm just I'm hoped would have people. Don't ought to wait turn it down no what do they listen to it enough to get note Lisa little sum from more about what Mario. Yes and I can't wait for that I mean everybody's just excited because again you know. You you embrace this creativity know if anything. Just knowing you are as a creative. I am excited about poetic yet it's which has been doing extremely well you've been featuring some a made it happening legendary morning can't attain. I guess reality Cain. We get we get a method fifty coming up. We've had Casanova we've had dizzy right. We saw and what Wyclef we've cats we again Novo. Now we are rhapsody common like we're will be joining you I think he went there with him as yet absolutely. Then in addition to that I do have the tax on high them entirely in my exams our beat him with the recent announcement. This only reason I mean whatever they haven't yet today. I didn't stop how long did you know before the announcement that this was going to be the last. I knew in the beginning of this. So you know if if they ever wonder where American owed a secret and my biological baby sister lost her mind yesterday. Are pretty obviously a biological. Whereas a sister who's this arrogance is two rounds which you might have you know being given net hit. Of Stewart would this is my actual assistant who like how did you from it was almost hit I would have I would have. I would have known. Three season. So that would have to be the summer of last year so we're almost and a full year that I knew. Cast in no arrested Kasten. They knew when they knew it you know corny will when he incurred as a let me know so endings. And others. Now when you initially got the word will leisure. It's so it's. Yeah argue you have no words you kind of just sit their formal. That that level of silence that you and as is allowed in in this moment of me ask you. You kind of don't know what to do with that. You know you know that agendas will go what Romario did starter by the U while working on power when people really do the math he did a boy girl injury was Megan and cost them. Wild and the movie in Harlem. What with all of these incredible opportunities that were common as way they were being down while he lose. Doing powers so. When you think about he was doing the music in the poetry and all of these things went to empower so when you think about I was never not busy during the offseason of power. But it consumed our world in such a beautiful way. Get eight to ten million viewers in the B number two game through homes for six. Seasons. And a mother Jones is really about power and you're both about the same concept of dramatic reality of the acquisition of power the loss of power. In the trying to regain power they use dragons we had McCain and play by fifties that. You know the reality is they were all about the same thing. There's a part of me that knows I got to move on and I was embracing the Leno as you Sarah Marshall big. Was already doing things while power was still going on but when you hear that a relationship is ending. It's like a romantic relationship. Most romantic relationships are over a year before they actually over you know Annette. So it took a minute pride took me a year it's a more in. That we were coming to that place so for us to put it out on the fans yesterday. Dynamite to continues to figure out you know is that not coming back. To. It was it was it it was it tears for it was a different because I've had you know when you had I got a brother that was murdered five that it was shot six times in life. You know lost a cousin at 33 to cancer who have Saucony Cam Newton about the other day because she taught him. And I didn't know him personally into the met gala in Camden nor was from Havana and that a meg out of he was taught at Westlake high school by that same cousin. And a loss of daughter what you mean a son which you and I talked about a day and our laws our first child so Omar's been through so much in tragedy and my so much pain. I'm not necessarily gonna cry when you lose the show when the show is having to be say go by two but I definitely had a really take a deep breath and go. This has been such a monumental moment for me corny and and and and in Curtis and Chris Albrecht armies are not make a mark Hanson. And as they they're all ceased like pandas they absolutely. He's my life. And the show changed my life and he's cast mates another seat and a crew another student who. This he's definitely changed the life of hope so it it's it took a minute and it probably will be on other sets respectively in the future and go. We get Iowa power. And that means are some earn an off you involved and I can't be on and is. You know the prequel Cain and there's some heart can be a body nab it had completed fifteen year old who. And it. You'll play 32%. Goes is 32 and you're right and I'm not 32. So I mean if fifty feel that I completed twenty Euro of corny feel like complete its when he Euro. I would absolutely consider how and Americans an appointment is filming of coughing and it was a long. Absolutely but. I don't know how you. I don't know how you keep goes around in and I keep this show program. Of you saying about it and show the kind of I don't know how you do that you know enemies that. Yeah yeah absolutely I'm every game I'm always game. BN and exports meant I'm always game. Now you know you mention. On its upcoming episode an obvious the you know we know picked McCain and love fifty. Crazy. Deal with that as a friend and the friend high. He when he let's be honest when he gets on nth degree he goes in he let the loot he let avenue you leave even happened in part of a nonbinding Cary yeah what do you say. I understand it is a business media and eases to these years is very extremely bright. How do you deal as a friend and someone sometimes too is on under that. I have. Every failure from letting them do is staying. Who hitting them up into a five why did you do that thing. I would imagine their fifteen respectable Mari is. We loves Jamie kids. And so he's he thinks I picked well right he's such a discerning human beings so he's very being laundered as a person's tribe or family reflect who they are. And it doesn't have to just don't know the Femi that they've made in a romantic sense but also the family of people that they have around them corporately. And platonic Lee like he's he's definitely shrewd enough to go. If you really want to know do check out who's around them. Decatur was a net differ from Southside Jamaica queens. We saw that. He losing his mom early in life was different from what I grew up. Seen in many saw you know that one Samari knows death the way that he knew dad in that he had been shot obviously nine times as about it. And Emma putts and shot six times and he's about it and I got a brother it was murder. And is a different different level of respect because the playing field gets leveled in a way you know pain and no pain OK so let's figure out how to term pain in the money but when it's about friendship. Because it always because he's my dear brother. He's a beloved brother. We love each other. I mean I kissed the negro on Good Morning America that are non. I can someone is cheap so. Was birthday. And from a Robin. Would no Borman out my door Ramallah soaked. That's that's the iconic picture that I'm extremely proud of but. Inane fake I don't know how to do to fix things if he's a friend. Because your friend and if you raise Michael Mario fifty then you're gonna challenge each other obviously challenges evil and as you know marring afraid annoyed at people on as a Grammy this so in times our reach out and I'll say five what you do that. And he gives me an explanation for why did that which means that he respects me enough to give me an explanation Kawika really ignore and he does so. You know is though you're you're gonna do you gonna get. A different level of respect for each other when when each other's sort of allows each on the to be that thing if these foreign men had candidate he's a fun. Super intelligent cat who again and I said it would fifteen minutes ago Candice he changed my life. You changed our line thanking you changed our lives as is used as an actor as a whole. Artists as a creative. Obviously people are a little bit lamenting right now because these regulated than ending are dependent and the. Time answer is that invests on Serran on when Strahan and seriously. Answer is I know you can call us that you guys need to commiserate. There is a 1800 whenever whenever called the cast of power. Here I don't you do that people could reach out to me. All day long I think one of the things fans love about a mile and is a Graham is our deathly comment that the right I don't necessarily pulls the weight fifty does. And I will comment that evoke. 11 thing about. Our addicting its final season do you feel that fans will leave satisfied with how to she'll. No question. Items such a degree question. And the reason us disagree questions because I will add to the question and I also thought was good when you sit Ahmard did you mourn or how long did you know. The big this morning from me and it's gonna speak to me being team again. I mean what if fans keep. I think what the final season to be one where we just phoned it in and did not give in corneas tell you as you say Omar was on me about that Marquette texting and go on. Cornelius make sure that we really give them a phenomenal season where it feels like to get AT or Alice OB a gun and Damon incredible fans. Plans a phenomenal. Number experience and I like it positive and negative. I mean her easy so. I definitely in pushing that envelope for us to have a fan base that was satisfied. That thirst was absolutely quits. As it pertains to single buys it detained excuse me this saying goodbye to this show. And I had to start with the I was like you know whatever we do in life Tia from here forward you know we are amenable and really no veto like whenever we do is always going to be where people are satisfied nearly everything on the field. I definitely put in my two cents on how to leave everything on the field. And I think definitely there will say not only with season six all of that. They would have we feel satisfied I mean that's mean your definition of satisfied you might further inning go alone nobody will be satisfied which is a great testament. When incredible show always one and Michael. Michael Jordan and wonder wizard Michael Jordan I went to Chicago bulls' Michael Jordan who have 45. Came back who stripped the ball from Karl Malone. Engage John Stockton and Karl Malone as much as he did Charles Barkley. Another nightmare. And Michael walked off into the sunset he has Gotti when near six ring. Yet he came back and play what do whizzes I'm like you were still the Chicago bulls and went on top. And is pretty cool for me men. You definitely Michael Jordan Ol situation. Actually GQ for the and of course you logged acre you know new. I'm good at it still isn't so good and easy that well before we go I definitely want people to check out all addicts when we're. Analytics at poetic podcasts is the IG had to and then at luminaries of the network luminaries. Seven nanny nine boat you get the first three months free if you did apple info that you can you all of these incredible people. Thank you say can't like legends crazy and so many more to come so many secrets we gotta parsley. It's a different type a conversation. It's probably one that you haven't heard as yet this man he knows when. He's not like her doing that thank you can. And of course this is Candice client I do have to go unfortunately but we are just saying thanks thanks make them. Much some are enormous downside he spent. Other ABC radio BC radio I love young every time you have me on the legends again excellent signing off.

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