Did Oprah Endorse Hillary Because She's a Woman?

The co-hosts debate reasoning behind voting for a candidate.
4:53 | 06/17/16

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Transcript for Did Oprah Endorse Hillary Because She's a Woman?
OPEC is with hot you know Harris. She's officially endorsing Hillary Clinton saying regardless of their politics to seminal moment for women. So is just flat out saying you know voting record she's a woman do. I've read this and let let let me to say I think that this does a disservice to every single woman in the United States every woman. In this country every woman across the globe you don't. Both for someone based F time. Their gender gender doesn't qualify you to be president and I think it does a disservice to Hillary and pretty did you what is just as the best thing you could say about Hillary. That that she's a feat that's the best thing. Paula you know I'm not you I love you know up which you are so wrong. I laugh ha. The reason you're wrong is because you vote for Hillary Clinton if you're a woman because of pure self interest because if you look at the global scholarship and there is global scholarship. Women and office resoundingly. Do better than men when it comes to women's issues. That is the bottom. Qualified. More qualified guy takes a look at Canada's figure she does not want to but the don't they year old woman that the fact that she is a woman. Is helpful to you was a woman to you was a woman to you was I don't know you so why do you really. Yeah. And some things have the gender based on their religion based on the color pictures right. Big guns a trip that would let me say this and why isn't a self interest I'm sorry let me say this in 2009. The senate. All male leadership they were voting on the Affordable Care Act that what should be included in what should be excluded. You know what they excluded they excluded health care for women including mammograms which we all need. And including contraception how well guess what. The senator from Maryland senator Mikulski went in and said no you can't do to and the only reason. We got mammograms is because there was a woman at the table of young EI helmet. God. You know what I love you know what's out what's next to getting that you are also jobs I hate when people reduce women. Two ovaries to our reproductive partly due witty and outgoing women aren't out more than that and and that's kind of you arresting both for Hillary Clinton because of her policies like you to sons and that's. I don't percent now Oprah said politics aside. Policy aside both for her because she's a female and that's insulting to me. That's insulting to women not saying go out and support this person because they're a penal no. Supported did you think she's qualified they that because of what's funny just let me yeah. That's not actually said which she's saying is your female blonde supportable. And I put on this is on the what if you each she gave you a car also what you both have an. Are. In an odd perhaps others as you know today against it if everything is equal if she's equal to the man that she's running against. Then I would vote for the in this case she's blame. It's a period to the man she's not. That's how. I he knows nothing she knows a lot of smoke somebody not you know not I'm that at. Several an opinion and no not they don't want us not the sort of got that is bankruptcies he heat to destroy it allows casinos to fits of money out of his business is well. Up at Clinton and reed and acting I foundation gave donations to countries. Like Saudi Arabia women and gay people have no brutal what intelligent money they helped people with that out on you suppress women so you wanna talk about women's issues let's talk about Adam produces all of his clothing to China and Mexico. Maybe it again as workers applying the law is workers' time over the loss. Manhunt for the XYZ what I'm saying is if you're gonna use the woman card. To propel her forwards. Government spot even as donations came from. Talk about our policy and medial supported it he'll sink into what this is the first. I think is a summit hypothetically. If you got money from let's say from a fascist country some some horrible country idiom and yummy yeah isn't the worst but he said two hits a million dollars to cure polio which is taking. President I'm not running for Prez but essence so it's different this hypothetical clip I could. Would take I would not go out and say I am an advocate for women and take money from countries whatever the reasoning that if you are slowly out I don't care. Get your meal and some women's rights in the saves you don't say children I'm fully on me you don't like let's get money from people who don't suppressed women's rights and homosexual rights and I submit to this court of inquiry if you have the polio you'd take it.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"The co-hosts debate reasoning behind voting for a candidate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39938714","title":"Did Oprah Endorse Hillary Because She's a Woman? ","url":"/Entertainment/video/oprah-endorse-hillary-shes-woman-39938714"}