How the Oscars Envelopes Are Made

ABC News' Lesley Messer gives us an inside look at how the envelopes for the Oscars are made.
21:22 | 02/22/16

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Transcript for How the Oscars Envelopes Are Made
Hi everyone it's Leisle must certain digital entertainment editor for ABC news and I am here with Marc Friedland of mark beat and cute short communications. In Los Angeles at his warehouse a couple days writing Oscars evidently you think you so much for making time it passed out them. So being here mark. Is making all of the entities are all of that envelopes for this year's Oscars ceremony it's your six you're doing it picks you're doing and how you start tightening in. The envelope please has sort of the most iconic. Sentence in the Oscars under the apple out at. And it absolutely actually the two most famous phrases are the Oscar goes to an idea what it's like you're saying and the Oscar goes to always the statue at. So I saw an amazing opportunity create. An icon. That was a parallel to the statue right which is now the most famous symbol in the world so let's look at this because this is not just your average it's not just. The it will be your bills. Each each of these that'll work of art and communication there really. You know ways a quarter. And its unions. We can craft these yours junior year in Los Angeles. And what it. Means really the old world. Me June print out something so. Are. The envelope in and that it felt there I don't know if you guys can yet at home but there are a little Oscars. On the envelope. You do that so that's all kind of a proprietary. Process we have faith that grippy. We really have to not only build these so that they look rate onstage rant function well. But that combines form and function there's a lot of security measures that need to be taken with. The envelope I can hatch act to protect from forgery. People. Repeat mom and so you've. Outlining how to teach for one of these bullets to get it so the whole process. Is we start right after the first of the year prepping everything we do harm to recess one. For each nominee how. So there's a 121 nominees this year. And we do three sets that those so it's 363. Winners cards. And 72 envelopes so basically takes us about a 110 hours. To do all and so obviously there's only one winner what happens to the winds that winners' envelopes that have. The non winners on. So yes we we we don't want to call them losers but not winners and I'm negative play everybody you know I mean it's just an amazing. It was to be right particle so. Basically what happens is once we complete. The tests that. We hand them off to price Waterhouse Coopers. We're the ones who do all the tabulation. And only to those partners stuff and seal them they're the only months you know. And in the ones who aren't selected as winners those get destroy it there's a window on eBay correction so but. But he had anything in just let however against that people can see that details these are keepsakes. Photo keepsakes. Are all done with our arrival papers in our hope is is that. You know WP the rigors get these. You know for you. What's so amazing in today's digital way mission specialist Pittsburgh and yeah yeah is that having a physical keepsake like this. Really. Holds that moment that it dropping moment for the rest of their rent so not only thing they're statute but opening up the envelope. Transport people back to that moment. And like you said it's a work of art displayed a senior house and I am sure that their friends say yes and most of the times when I tell people we do these you're perimeter road you you know. Ukraine what's the big deal about it now. But what what. I hope that viewers. Who recognize is that. These pieces really helped capture a motion right and spirit in us all much more than any that you. If ever. And that it you this is yeah. That's not something that's going to get you know. Thrown a sign act this is coveted. Com if you really think about it there's 24 prisoners and 24 winners of that 48 people wrecked but it's seen by a billion people. I mean I wouldn't we be corporate parent great love. We're act or act mark's studio you guys have to be here to see this but he's got all of this amazing sort of teaching on how this. Works may break so and most people don't recognize that this is a Kraft as well as a design. Experience and that there's a lot of work does go into this and these are the dies right here we use you know a variety of different size. On each one of these pieces in the exhibit really kind shows different. Facts about the envelope and the number papers that we use its read from papers and indeed. And local construction itself from him specially made gold paper lacquer paper. Again these are is. And give him crap so even that little Oscar statue wet in the background rain that's hand sculpture to get the let's call her native. And then he's repeated easy. CEO that to have the official seal that closes. Share your news human eye and believe. The amount to rip and that goes into it is forty yards which is incorporated. That's. The quarter pound. An envelope with kinda cool about this. Is that. You know between this and the Oscar statue wecht used to make this US to carry another night. But you want to be we have to AP you want it to have you know Robert so you pay the kind of funny thing here is all that. The way people lose to get ready for the Oscars red and they gain yeah. I'm with the envelope enough you know and so this is. These represent. All the cards at 121. So I think it. This amount times three that's what we do for a real Oscars. Which is kind of odd that so many hours it many errors but at this rate and I just love the fact that it's though crafted by hand. Love in. Effort goes into making these I think you're really comes through in the product. We're talking here earlier and we were saying that the Oscars are such a timeless ceremony. That this is and this is a design that is so classic you could see that this street could she was twenty years from now. Rash it's exactly right and we designed this to really capture. The essence in the spirit of few words come from their margins in you know the the golden age of policy right. And you know the colors materials we've wanted it to really transcend. Trend right fashion. And to your point. Weather was 88 years ago. Or her you know fifty years into the future it should still have that same level. Kind of elegant stat you know and sophistication and. On this you're not thinking is everywhere and dreams and gold and so how her fact that you have these gold envelopes with the gold lettering it Shas is so her attacker. And I look at these as little golden lights you know kind of light up the world and you know not to say that in court anyway no it's it's really and you know also and you know this represents such. Moment. And actors or filmmakers. You know pop career right that we want to have something that is. Very symbolic. I'm Matt and dropping moment and hoped for them. Hunting love that the first person to hand out one of the envelopes was. The First Lady responds. Yes this was when they announced this was a great story so. The price warehouse team because the security involved with who you know right you know. How to go bring the envelopes to the White House had a clear you know Secret Service you make sure but they couldn't open sat. And she did this live on TV series that's an amazing. That was real and I had Nolan did you mustered just. And I go to the Oscars this to be sitting there are efforts of all there's a little bit of anxiety making sure. That it opens right that the Michaels without even though we've engineered entered precisely right function. You know you're always have a little bit of that now. That there. Think about it he sitting in of course you can effect. That's not something we at home would necessarily think with each year more than an envelope can be engineered reading so that thickness how easily the cart comes out sometimes to lacks the side you know such as. Do we really have to not only make it look great but perform equally as well so it's not just heat in. Art it's also an engineering beat a slap absolutely like like precision. You know Italian word German sports car you know what happened in peace and if you TV but again the DHL. I just never realized yet and it's hard for some that the Ito to be picked up but we also have to make it almost foolproof. You know so it's clearly marked with what categories it is. And there's just a lot of wonderful. It's just been a tree come true you know dancing with the bowel and now with tears of fuels like the first time. You most excited to see this year units. You know it's really hard for me to shoes part I think I did think. Eddie Redmond did an amazing job in binge hero and yeah but there's so many good things and I think you know this year it's it's what's cool about the stories are all mostly real life and human news stories that are you know this very real and meaningful and that's helping exactly. And I can't Italian army times news posts behind yeah. Take pride Friday that certain but well just mean just the Oscars this is just a lot of this is just one piece red if for the last thirty years and it's hard to believe the during the spurt. But we've really. Home the art. Helping people so operate moments in time milestone events. Weddings birthdays corporate alliances we did the opening when they. Blue. You know so they're these moments that really require. Certain expertise of engaging people and making people feel special. Really creating excitement and you know everybody here gets invited to so many different things we really need to figure underway a finger. These special carrying I would love it or where. Job and Karen Los Angeles I'm sure you head. No limit the number of people who are calling it went well it's it's actually people in all parts of the world. You know and different it's it's been interesting in doing this to see how different people in different cultures celebrate them and you know and I also think given what's going on in the world today you know we need to make an extra effort. Celebrate these bombs out. Can act because with all upper devices with all of the news that get bored with people in the eighties great memories of the home two's. Let's Hickel has there. I've been here are a little bit I've been looking around. Rate and you can see it's not just you know income. Paper not enough so wide range of materials. Or were not limited to any. Type of material and it's really only limited by it one's imagination. And each one of these really reflects the personality. Individuals and the event that were commemorating. This was for Tyler Perry studio opening. And a lot of what we do its storytelling. So. Because anybody can throw great parties we wanted to create extreme. That's because this and I think it's so. Stats are so problem and this one with just I young women. That's it was really based on our it was a really. Very inspired. And just the colors. Everything about this has made it very. Made him special episode began with how many different materials that the only ally and a few guys Cynthia down that was for the plate seating so everybody's table number. We now do you you know you those. Is this you were saying Florida designing here is inspired by all the different things that she's so well and so this is represented mostly yes. So it's very individual very personalized. Here are some great thing I don't know if we can make it over here. But some of the other things that we commemorated. This was the opening of Walt Disney Concert Hall. Which is really kind of beautiful Pittsburgh right pretty curious does Murray and Q this was. Used in turn so we're inspire a lot by architect and interior walls. This was the Wallace's numbers in the form Mars which with the all apparently supposed to see any need see it and what's great about this. Humans. Post office. You can see appeal post office I don't know if this is gonna show up and we will. That's all. You can really see how the transformed. I'm gonna turn the camera just so that you guys can see that. And we'll. You see it transforms. So we also try to create pieces that are interactive and these are here this is kind of my favorite because these are some of it my original archive. The thirty years ago so this is really how it started. By just doing some silly crazy handmade cards. This was before the busy before anything so. I was doing these out of my apartment and never dreaming that from this become the Oscar you know so it's and I can't communicating and in a certain way that's correct so it's a combination of whipped us dial. Impeccable. You know craftsmanship. Where a have worked together for 28 years than he's been by my side this entire time hoping to engineer and produce a lot of these crazy and this is a menu for a wedding but it looks like chart it is that served as both the charger and your place cards that is so again trying to come up with unique ways that also become. Keepsakes and it's so. And unable to the Israeli air either cocktail napkin from. With unpack that the couple. Right exactly riot return really silly get a gives you a sense. Making every event a very personal one to really try to things. No pun intended outside the box you know and really give yes. Oh yes you know. An experience that hopefully it will never forget and angst. And we're saying earlier you eat the food you're listening to the new thank that this is what you have to take. Now as that as a trigger to not memory right and I'm. What I like to think about all of these is that they become mini works of art that people treasure for three years paying. Barely art I'm okay I know you have one American progress very happy especially excited about what he's OK sue arm. You know as a complete contrast to that 88 years. The Oscars we're working on the inaugural. Electronic music awards. That have never happened before. It's an exciting. Because it brings or work to a whole new level. Yes you know which are millennial who've never seen a lot of red the stuff they don't know what they don't go away and think oh it's in the entire and then. Once again to get this are gonna flip out because. Without giving too much away. Beautiful black lacquered box pair of the grave headphones. You know and it does Matt also. Again it captures the essence. You know the whole electronic dance music world that in a very chic sophisticated. And keep. Who wouldn't find in at least about boxing had if it's definitely going to give the recipient bragging rights. That might frighten senator on their coffee table and it'll also be a great weight issue. Her memory. This inaugural movement as well and you everything off including keep it clean but we are because of the acrylic box that return we're including a pair of white gloves. If there's of people happily they handle it not get a fingerprint it'll type stuff as well. Do you think it. Literally everything every detail is what makes these pieces what they are. And yet you know it's that attention to. Totally gets this and they feel very special because the person who is the host actually took time to think of them. Your house liquor fees congress you know many factors that there personal check to expect any totally excited and and that's what you know we need right now is we need a little bit anticipation. Something that looked forward to. So that's what these things. That's really beautiful piece that we injury effort numbered years which is the 9/11 memorial and at a flip the camera on my tanks you guys. And this. It's. The the Twin Towers the footprints of the two and towers and you know in this particular case we have to design things that are very heartfelt. I'm very life affirming but also. With deep respect to what happened men themselves. Can't be very frivolously campy. But very understated and so many. Where. Pieces that you might meet along with that at all sort of fits together. Yes so not only do we do. Sometimes the overall. Storyline behind but then we created all the various you choose. You can give them couldn't even some digital. And and just actually after a stroke and other character you've also experienced the governor's. Yes in the past we we had done the whole suite of invitations. Wore the awards. Now drew are doing these particular pieces in house. You know which has me. There really and he wanted to come up with a system that every single event during the Oscars season was treated similarly. And that we came up with a wardrobe oppose the distinguished than disputes they get to crack. I wouldn't know what here has happened and it would be perfect and any act. I think you so much for joining me oh it's been my pleasure boats I'm so glad you're able to make it here because this is. You know really weird happens and until you see this effort exit you know it really doesn't necessarily it was tremendously and Italy. I think that. Getting this close and seeing everything I have a whole new appreciation of Africa. It's almost like dart these red slippers when you open that envelope yourself play yah its that the grave. It's a great moment in Greenfield and it's stunning thank you that there isn't anything that I didn't ask you marriage. The well you know just I hope people think about casino floor their special moments in there in their lives and their businesses. We do amazing stationery. And branding effort states you know and it's so often that. We think of everything and it's really about celebrating. The the art and love of communication in materials that help bring people closer to them. Perfect part wealth that they have been in the news them. Look think you guys so much for being with acts again we're here with Marc Friedland in Los Angeles, California he's doing all the envelopes for the Oscars. And even he doesn't know who the winners are so don't take anything you saw here as a hint of what's to prop. But thank you so much for joining us and CT and on Sunday where the Oscars will take place right here on east.

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