Oscars behind the scenes: 'Black Panther' costumes

"Black Panther" costume designers used 3D printing to create looks for the film.
2:44 | 02/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscars behind the scenes: 'Black Panther' costumes
Moving now on Oscar weekend we're counting down to Sunday's big show. Out in Los Angeles are Ron mean approve it is there she's been checking out the costumes. The stars are wearing this year take a look. I have read that you guys had silicon in bibles outlined each of the tribes. Who wrote fat how did you is it below I am not for the costumes and well when your creating a world everybody has to be on the same page. And that Brian cool cooler and Hanna be clear the production designer who is also nominated. They created a manual and it was like I won't condom Bible. And it talked about each tribe and we'll condom more tries and and then we actually displayed in the movie we can't actually kind of enhance. But each tribe had a list of which who actual tribes in Africa that we would be inspired by so you worked win. 3-D printing yeah I've never done that before. No I just really heard about that trip technology with regards to a doorman and costume work and and fashion you know this police here on Ramon. It's her shoulder man stole her collar p.s as well as Harry she Colo her hat. Were both 3-D printed. And what we tried to do was. Take all of this style lane the so we really wanted to keep the integrity of the hat. What was the inspiration behind this and that makes. This I bringing an ingenious technology. I say how we won't turn this. This sued into this story of Africa we added a small little triangular pat and that's. All over the suit the triangle. Is kind of the sacred geometry of Africa and we thought that the triangle would be a really beautiful symbol. For of this suit in particular. Can you tell us what you'll be wearing if you ask. Com I don't be wearing out a few things. Something African inspired. But not African you had some seeing. Queen many but not. The queen. Something very me and Hannah Allen of them everything over the very ring like what kinda. And you can check out all the fashion live here on ABC news live on Sunday night will be on the red carpet full coverage. Countdown to the Oscars starts at noon eastern time and of course you can watch. The entire entire show on ABC that do lie pre show starts it's 6:30 eastern time be a lot of fun on Sunday.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"\"Black Panther\" costume designers used 3D printing to create looks for the film. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"61242037","title":"Oscars behind the scenes: 'Black Panther' costumes ","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscars-scenes-black-panther-costumes-61242037"}