Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow Discuss Turning 40, Social Media

Actor, director discuss their feelings concerning using social media.
9:44 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow Discuss Turning 40, Social Media
We're -- sponsor. Do something fun it's a bit forties huge. -- -- are very. We'll move on it. Isn't it weird that are pertains the same week and we're gonna party and it's just from me and think it's created on. You're turning forty and turning to 88 combined do you really -- -- be one of those ladies -- exists so insecure about their -- in line and Jennifer -- and remember and against so tall he don't understand how it works I. Not that old ladies Doris I don't -- -- AG -- and cheek as an -- Taylor loft I'm not ready yet. Any two more years and some insane and it makes sense. And -- me from everything. But I -- -- that we shouldn't get each other gifts this year. -- -- He's just in this press can't this is a big birthday. Turning forty. After you do -- up in the decide that you're going to do this is forty was it a catharsis for both of you fortieth birthday is did you. Emailing each other on those moments. We'll mine with a long time ago right Beverly Hilton forty. I remember did you go to his party. There was no party my wife is hitting seventeen again -- France -- -- visited her on this that. And I get there and this thing she -- her literally dancing erratically with -- like him lifting her and twirling her and and it was -- it was kind of weird to have no celebration and watch are being like. Manhandled by a gorgeous young man -- it would it would just. But that somehow that should have been yeah I do I don't know how it's -- -- -- it was related. A tabloid weather and -- happening and doesn't. Though this is good -- happy that you just. He takes something out -- -- put it in your phone or. -- I saw that. He shipment. You're Twitter. Among Twitter community and the -- I'm on Twitter feasibility of -- know I just don't I feel like. I don't want another thing in my life that's going to kind of time be -- time sock and I probably would get. Sucked into it. I. United. You know this thing -- -- about. What from my own life into movies -- and you received fantasy baseball thing. We knocked up -- will we return a message -- my wife has said to me. I am so sick. Of looking at your back before things -- -- just sit -- not a computer. Like NFC and and it. In a -- what had like -- would Hideki Matsu these can and in the movie but. I will get kind of sucked into -- -- I don't I don't want any more of that. -- a stroke haven't been -- That you would like. Like -- like you can we'll let you tell -- he's good at it does that understandably viewers that the only interaction I have is speaking of jokes and getting reactions and I think it's an that he could face having and thousands of people -- get mad at you wouldn't like the second -- you want to subject yourself to that I should and to think it's almost like. You get a little rush. Just the interaction of people and and if I think defending funny I get very proud of myself Albert Brooks about it but he said he's he's gonna start and he's in back because. If he comes up with a really good joke and sort of he literally feel like -- that is work for the day and doesn't have what right does not hold -- Right distinguish -- kids read out analyzed data for everything to do I don't think -- -- your creative need but. Who who in the world of comedy out there now. Makes you laugh. Well. We -- K here elusive and Stephen Merchant really makes me -- were. Chris Rock. I like Tim and Eric. Well they like -- to its did you also just you know. I I like watching the -- of all of our friends how they evolved in the choices in me you know Sandler engine area and will -- to corral like in -- way you like you're tracking. New people over like that it. Longer careers than we've decided to couple of those and then one of those and I find fascinating to see that -- bodies of work people are building up over. Over decades and it visions of the new people -- you know like -- back -- mechanisms that make. Hard. Ellie aren't I Billy I Ferrer is that the air under ratios really funny -- while ago and findings of that seems super weird and that I have haven't seen before but I is -- Louie CK. Or you George Carlin is to me he's -- I think my favorite comedian that I like that kind of the kind of it's dramatic social commentary and stuff -- that they do that there. Masters. I want to ask as we end a question about this movie and each of you. Not the best scene in the movie not the worst not anything but something that just resonate for you person. Well for me it was a moment that I didn't use because it wasn't necessary but it was some of the motivation for making -- there was finger. Paul Leslie that there. And they're kind of they're getting along kind of at the time. And -- the therapist you know I just feel like we're. We're just one really great conversation away from never arguing ever again for the rest of -- -- I think that life. -- still argue about anything like can reduce -- all the communication codes and know each other so well. And and that became -- that the reason to me. The movie for me that idea of the frustration of play. How come we still have stuff like and we worked through it yet but you don't just that simple -- -- -- issues yes it is that. You know who you love somebody we would you -- hope that what we believe this is forty -- 45 put an -- for its in this stuff. Taking notes -- -- -- -- -- But for years the fallout at all for -- -- -- -- out businesses -- every minute -- he makes -- growing airline and gain weight. Every time. Can you can be attractive. Cupcakes hasn't left. Cheeseburgers to have everything he had the whole deal that as that you're seeing is that your moment cheeseburgers and cupcakes what -- the thing that's that sticks with you. I think that would get about half that hotel scene. I think that that idea of going away just briefly trying get back on track to remind yourself why you're kind of together in the first place. And having it all kind of worked out. Where you know you do connect. Is that's president I think to me and in my life. My wife said what was -- to her was the line that I say. Everybody thinks I'm some nice from releasing today she says six. The thoughts and I kept up and they thought you might. That's it you can't see this movie with your wife or husband or whoever you with without hearing -- but. That's yet. That Slobodan look both ways of -- way it did it take the house. Women -- to win those arguments. Well -- -- little bit more -- -- Leslie and your wife do they meet and discuss -- before movies like this but. We didn't together more. It was a group therapy was with -- how to prepare. And you know what I notice that when we -- it was really just. Julie and I -- and at about 1989%. Of the time being the world is. Name in news from yesterday he's been here Tuesday -- -- -- happy doing and they talk about. Whatever their issues are -- the thing. That in that moment. Hopefully let the thinking. Well I think -- that. Just in of the whole people. And hopefully it. A little better read out there for me think -- the that's a good way to. And any kind of show -- -- -- now. We always end in song. OK we -- now it's ahead about the confrontation because when you saying it I guess it was with decency operate now it's back. It's -- he's -- yes. Are you feeling something from that. I can't wait to see it I think without thought and his own in the news -- there's. I wish I do all I know us. All -- And in the moon. A fugitive Burundi -- Aluminum. Through that all M -- east you know. -- How -- I -- got the morning and in my voices particularly -- and though I used to -- bad as a way and track and it's and it always test how load could go. By doing job fair and -- -- at the beginning of the confrontation Wednesday you'll way to reduce. She. The president as anybody hit that -- notes and you couple go off. And -- Paul thank you something -- -- you can not. But. It's the that was a spectacular.

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{"id":18078039,"title":"Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow Discuss Turning 40, Social Media","duration":"9:44","description":"Actor, director discuss their feelings concerning using social media.","url":"/Entertainment/video/paul-rudd-judd-apatow-interview-2012-actor-director-18078039","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}