Paul Ryan Says He Won't 'Fake' Unity After Meeting With Donald Trump

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Republican party and the 2016 presidential race.
4:57 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Paul Ryan Says He Won't 'Fake' Unity After Meeting With Donald Trump
Donald Trump and speaker Paul Ryan. Finally had their first date yesterday and here's how Ryan said things let mark be who we really don't know each other and we we started to get to know each other. So I actually had a very pleasant exchange with them I think we're off to an encouraging start. It is important that we get ourselves to full strength so that we can win in the fall because the stakes could not be higher for the day takes more than 45 minutes more. Getting to know alone here. And you know and it I was. I like it dating ray yeah now we're getting now in terms so what do you think Janet diet does this give her hope that your party yours. Men will win now not necessarily. Differences here Donald. Trump has been at I've said that before both sides of a lot of issues but particularly when it comes to immigration. When it comes to trade when it comes to entitlement reform. Ryan is sitting there saying this is a guy who doesn't agree about a lot of issues and in the past has been quoted an on the record. Supporting things that that we don't format so I think and a lot of people are pushing Paul Ryan saying you should support and he's going to be the nominee opponents saying hold on. I have principles I Stamkos I think I got my top hat might. Hagel why just think major part of the party don't automatically have to follow up again I'm not apologists at night about the idea he's the why a lot of attic problem doesn't actually have a little strange saying just because he's that doesn't mean I've I think it shows more strain and they are they trying to not follow him they've been trying. But he keeps winning you know he had a choice. They're not following you don't know when now did them assist trying to pull in line and then I. Yeah all Bryant's claim is perfectly this guy is out of bigger prize that he can say hey listen I didn't come out and endorsed and we had some. Closed door meetings we talked about policies and if he does indeed endorse and it sounds like he might down route you can say hey I wasn't on the tram train ride away. But million of the day you guys all half. To get along with people we don't like that's what adulthood is all know how to ice as media. And guess of where O'Connell at Miami we have a lot of people we don't lice I it will be cast Vanessa Atkinson do you do you enforce the relationship because it has worked to get mean not here it's a very good clearly everybody love everybody here all right yet you know after all right it could happen I like each other this group we did exactly I might have to fight like a common ground on what can you talk on what he needed I don't have to have tea leaves you have to go shoot WikiLeaks there to greet with everything you said I don't but we can at least get through. Getting to the same front door OK we made it that far let's move forward pass and it's good to know. I'd rather know if somebody doesn't like me up front so I know not to. Should issue a and I bet you but that's about friendship but how can Ryan indoors truck with a straight face because his when he said back in December after trump said he was banning Muslims from entering America. Watch. This is not conservatism. What was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for. And more importantly. It's over this country stands for. Not only are there are many Muslims serving in our armed forces dying for this country. There are Muslims serving right here the house working everyday to uphold and to defend it costs. To. Okay this isn't this is a deal breaker in my opinion when I mean not only is he four Muslims coming into the country Ryan he also is for amnesty for illegal aliens in this country should say is it illegal immigrant. And that's the thing that some of that this stuff that's contests that could severely damage the party for years to come because people are associating Republicans. With some of these ridiculous comments that have come out of his now. I trust now so I think people like Paul and people with integrity in the party are saying. We worked really hard to break down some of these stereotypes that people have about Republicans and trump. You're messing this up thrust for years to console I respect people all in the movement who are saying this guy does not represent me in these ways not only policy wise. But hope wives eyesight is terrible. Eleven people said this is not what America is your vote and forum virgin America majority of this is being this is what's happening meet kill each other every day. Saying raced on race crime. Republicans Democrats this is what America is an is actually being. A magnifying last night right now he Kiki saying that it is sad it is sad but true does when he so what does that say about America good and all I feel like maybe maybe all this needs to compound and a lot of rain mainly in the utilities failed. Is gonna last shorter than your top line dance CNN Chris Humphries out on the watching an address. What's his name Chris Andrea what do cynnex tornado and that marriage trust and believe you and I would. I would panic attack I haven't got just like say Britney Spears won in Las Vegas. Aaron. Well I did I say good luck to book and I would I would do is I would get out of it now don't endorse Strom. And running 20/20 on the clean slate and tonight and we mommy cook I have to tell everybody pulled Ryan is more conservative than Donald Trump and that's the real reason that they don't like John.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Republican party and the 2016 presidential race. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39099136","title":"Paul Ryan Says He Won't 'Fake' Unity After Meeting With Donald Trump","url":"/Entertainment/video/paul-ryan-fake-unity-meeting-donald-trump-39099136"}