Peter Travers' Fall Movie Preview 2014: Everything You Need to Know

Peter Travers weighs in on the season's blockbusters and Oscar bait.
14:37 | 09/05/14

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Transcript for Peter Travers' Fall Movie Preview 2014: Everything You Need to Know
Fall is upon us. That means that we get movies that aren't the typical summer jobs. You've got to be tired of summer you've seen everything explode that you want to explode and in fall we get movies. Better -- that entertaining. But also. They -- when NASCAR's. They want to be told paying. I did some great work here. So I'm -- break it down for you in a couple of categories and I'm gonna start with what -- call the big ticket items the ethics that are there. But even the ethics are done buying. Really good film makers and I'm gonna start with the movie called interstellar. This is the first movie Matthew McConaughey is -- since he won the Oscar for Dallas buyers club and it's directed by Christopher Nolan. And it's about space it's about theoretical physics it's about things we don't understand. Except that most common name is going on a mission to save the earth. Which can't self sustaining. When somebody like Nolan is involved in a movie I think we all know we want to see it we just. And then for just that kinda pop entertainment that we love how about Hunger Games and get this. Hunger Games a mocking Jay park one. That's because when people write best sellers as the twilight series was the -- wrote three books they wrote three books about Hunger Games. But the studios can't bear to let it go so they take the last book and make two movies out of it to just keep it going. And I think Hunger Games is the one movie that. Kind of as a franchise need. -- care and I think I care because of Jennifer -- I think this is a genuine star in the way she plays patents. Heroine of this movie. He's just always interest thing and in this mocking Jay part ones he's the one where -- becomes a rebel. She's gonna take on everybody and become -- Jennifer Lawrence I wanna watch you do that you really good. Then we have a movie called exodus gods and kings now this is. Christian Bale playing Moses this is is far from Charlton Heston. That we get to see every college this season. Everywhere on TV with the big beard and I'm I'm very serious and I'm gonna point the Red -- this is not your daddy's Moses after. This is Ridley Scott directing. Debut the volatile actor like -- And I for one can't wait to see how that was all but. Then of course we have the hobby I keep thinking -- Lord of the Rings that we've seen already eleven -- that movies but this time -- movies called. Battle of the five army is its Peter Jackson. It's going to be -- in size and scale. And we're all gonna want to see. And then musicals he you know -- so we're not -- the work huge like Chicago and win the Oscar or they just come out and people go. In the way they do that they should never made a movie of rent. But one of them is called Annie and this any stars to -- -- -- -- -- who got an Oscar nomination at the age of eight or nine. For beasts -- the southern wild and she is a firecracker. And although I haven't seen on this movie yet I have a lot of confidence in her. And the other movie is called into the woods this is -- Stephen Sondheim musical. That deals with fairy tales in the dark interest thing twisted way. Meryl Streep plays a wish come on Merrill is there so I'm smelling Oscar right away. Anyway these are the movies that everybody's going to say I've heard about them I want to see them. And I do -- and I'm sure you do well. -- get a look at fall now in terms of things that. I want to see because I have this residual feeling from summer that I need some thrills I need some laughs I need things to happen. And for thrills the one that starts everything off in early October is gone girl this is -- best seller. That is -- a toxic portrait and marriage as I've ever read Ben Affleck plays the husband. -- and pike place the wife. These are two people who would be New York journalists who decided they weren't making it and they go back home to Catholics to -- -- in Missouri. -- all things happen she goes missing. Is he the rat -- that killed everybody seems to think so. -- didn't read the book I'm not giving anything away but David feature directed this this is the guy behind girl with the dragon 27. He goes dark darkness is where he lives. And this is that kind of movie that kind of -- -- immediately fatal attraction what we hold want to see it. Then there's the equalizer this gives Denzel Washington a chance to make a film of an eighties TV series that was -- And this was a guy that worked black ops. And he decided to retire to a small town and just relax -- hill. He sees injustice and when Denzel Washington sees injustice is they take care of it. And I think we all want to be there to watch what -- deaths. And we've got fury fury look at that just the sound of its fury this is Brad Pitt. As a tank commander in world war two and the whole. Reason for doing this movie according to the writer director David -- Is he -- the real story of what went on at the end of the war with these tanks they would it be -- ten activity it's an array. So many -- moments are there's nothing in this movie. That is kind of Saving Private Ryan -- this is the way it was it's really -- -- are you ready for it and I know. Then come -- we want everybody wants. The movie that I have been waiting for for the whole year nevermind just this fall. Is called the interview and it is written and co directed by Seth Rogen. Who stars in it. He is at the at TV producer who star does a lot of celebrity journalism. Is a guy played by James Franco -- back. You know that's always great to see that. And they get an interview with a Korean dictator and make it to go there they're all happy about it and the CIA contacts -- says. We want to be killed. We don't want him alive anymore. So we get comedy we get controversy Korea is not happy North Korea has already threatened. Retaliation. And Seth Rogen tweeted. Just let did that -- -- Tweet -- I'm not used to people being angry and wanting to kill me. Until after they paid twelve dollars -- -- I'm in and they had seen it yet. Ooh it's going to be something to say then we have dumb and dumber two of the two is spelled TO instead of T 00 as a kid but they're all down. This if Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels coming back. To the thing that made him crazy. Stars of farce in a Farrelly brothers' movie like this. I just think it's a -- it there to the smartest guys in the world and -- -- that Rahman's. Internal sunshine of the spotless mind and who I kept -- -- It won an Emmy for the newsroom. Reciting the smartest dialect that Aaron Sorkin could come out and now they're doing -- -- again. Some people I would never see that. We want to see that. And then a movie called saint Vincent which is about an old -- you know drink since he said -- And he wants to help the single mother that lives -- -- played by Melissa McCarthy. Who has a twelve year old that sounds like the kind of hallmark. Thing that I would avoid except the old guys played by Del -- And when Bill Maher -- some character you can believe that no sentiment is attacks that this at all. So -- we've got it all we've got thrills we got laughs the -- still gives us that and I'm really glad for. Felt -- -- big thing about all the thing that gets me excited that gets you excited is. This is the time for the Oscar movies the whole year went by and I only found two movies in the first part. 2014 that could ever deserved to win a best picture Oscar and that would be boyhood and the grand Budapest -- -- but it fall. Everytime we turn around if it costs -- becoming it's just like boom boom boom. And the movie that I've seen that could give those two run -- there Oscar gold is called fox capture. Fox catcher stars Steve -- this is a true story as the multimillion. Named John DuPont. Who helped the Olympic wrestling team in the eighties you do this hired basically people the best people to come -- and do it. And shot one of the Brothers the Brothers are played by mark ruffle. And Channing Tatum who are giving performances like you've never seen them yet but -- This is a guy we know for comedy he's got a press that he knows -- DuPont he talks a little strange he looks a little strange but he gives us -- Portray. Menace. Of -- -- queen penis. Like I've never seen him do or anybody do fox catcher definitely one of the best picture to -- years -- to me is right up there. I see him holding Oscar when I close my -- got. -- -- -- Then there's a movie called while. Wild stars Reese Witherspoon and in -- she's a woman named Cheryl -- who went on this trip over the Pacific hiking trip. She had been a heroin addict she was grieving over her mother. She had it too many relationships with the worst kind of guys. And she's taken this hike to prove something to -- So -- and recent there right now with Steve Carell as the best actress and the best actor. This year. It's exciting stuff like this is going. And then talk about comebacks and -- -- performances there's a movie called bird man in which Michael Keaton. Plays -- washed up back there who people only remember for playing a superhero name for now Michael Keaton. He played -- right. So he's obviously playing pretty close to the surface of what he is and what he's trying to do was go serious and write direct and star in a Broadway Show. With a ego maniac actor played by Edward Norton. This is the kind of thing academy -- comeback from an actor who's always been great come. Did you see beetle -- -- -- whatever nominates a performances like that. Oscars but arms -- I would have given -- the -- for these images and I'm thrilled that he has this kind of movie directed by Alejandro Gonzalez in Iraq to. And this is the guy who did -- And he is a serious director who is taking Michael Keaton to places he's never been before you. Well I'm even excited I want more this. There's a lot of movies like this coming -- Which is a semi biopic of -- the king but it's about that march in Alabama and it is directed by a -- different -- And finally after we've seen so many bio -- about civil rights Martin Luther King gets his due with -- And then the theory of everything. This movie is about Stephen -- And it's about the young Stephen hall who -- -- -- This first flight -- -- felicity Jones Lou Gehrig's disease did not. Strike him yet so we're seeing him when he had everything before him in addition to mind that questioning nine. And then he gets that diagnosis. And we see in the performances Eddie read -- -- We see what we see when we look at -- -- -- that in mind raced -- behind -- -- That what ever disease has done to grip on that mind racing. -- -- academy all the way. Now the last two movies I'm gonna tell you about are directed by people we don't really associate with being directors the first one is called rose water. And it's the story real life story and and Ronnie and journalist. Who was captured and tortured because he wrote the wrong things about the 2009. Presidential election. This is directed by Jon Stewart who decided one day when he had this journalist on the show. That he wanted to stop doing that -- -- out. And without in me experience doing this kind of thing has decided to sit down get everybody together. And make this movie with a dial Garcia Barron all. Playing the journalists. And the last movie I'm going to mention is called on broken another true story. This time a about an Olympic track star. Who was it shot down over the Pacific spent over a 118. Days in the -- room. In the water only to be captured by the Japanese. And to be held -- a prison camp and torture. Jack O'Connell plays him and the movies directed by Angelina Jolie she has this true life story about this man who died. At the age of 97 but not before Angelina was able to take her laptop to the hospital and sit there with them and show it here. This is the kind of emotional behind the scenes story that we all year and this is the kind of movie that says. The war so look we. This -- -- that's given us everything after kind of summer where we at guardians of the galaxy and not much else. That puts -- -- year. Happy about it -- --

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