Peter Travers' summer movie preview: What to see and what to skip

Film and television critic Peter Travers breaks down the films you'll want to see this summer.
30:23 | 05/24/17

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Transcript for Peter Travers' summer movie preview: What to see and what to skip
Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn special edition. And does that mean special edition it means we're gonna talk about the summer movies that are coming out there what you should feet. What you should avoid like the way now I can't do this along. So my friend on the not once this year. She represents. The man on the street even though she's won all guests have very real and Aaron. I'm here to speak for you there I'm sitting in this critical ivory tower somewhere in. Like. I can't possibly see any of these foolish now is doling out shares are weird or the thinks it to say what it is I'm every man. You'll definitely every man and every woman every let me I just wanna say at the top of that I actually love summer movies. For about. A week and a half. Sadly its three month long at the when he got a lot of crashing cars. And there's a lot of really stupid comedies and everything else but. At the top of this I want to see people worried there. They're saying these movies that are coming out are too many sequels they're repeating himself lives. And make it. People think he. Version of transformers. Do I have it in me to do you know why don't. So I'm looking that you area woman and I'm saying. What he's out there now that you just have them back here it. And saying I've got to feed. Let's not different I knew I was very surprised when he got the only the full slate of movies because there are a lot that I didn't even know about really yes I only got half the list which says more and out of me. A anything else I think we'll let them to speak of from the one you are a lot about because Ari out guardians of the galaxy volume. To look. It's practically new write. It at all I I really like the personal. And I don't love these kind of movie but I really appreciated. Pratt it's funny is that volume two were. I use it in the four I saw all of volume. I think lot of us think there now you know. No not your work for them nodded and at all of that. And it wasn't as good as the first one out when are they ever that's where the phrase was the sequel never the wall off is out there. But Chris Pratt and company Bradley Cooper doing a the voice of a raccoon. What's wrong with I think it's his best work with an opponent really. It's really terrific and he's back and we get to see all this and this made money it started this summer. You know you don't. Hollywood doesn't looked at the count for some summer begins may fifth when guardians of the galaxy falling to open yet maybe not accurate. Everything. And we're sitting here at the end of may that came after it came out is going like this. Fall the clip. Alien covenant. Ridley Scott going back to the ski area in moving OK. Well. I knew you weren't there and I can't be what everyone on life I was working. Shopping engines like. Just taking care business but working. I think dealing covenant was worth in the he has job guarding the oh guarding him the gap now desperate step. That you like the first ones like the fact yeah. So but if you looking for originality it's not going to be okay ray plot isn't it. I know so I knew it was coming I love the shadow doesn't have in the world let the show right it's been translated into an area which is. It doesn't have to be in all the way I don't remember any dialogue from the tea and bar. I don't see anything. You know this movie is just open to may be the worst reviews of Everett high end. I'm saying I can't say it's the worst because the rocket swings out OK to meet this guy can sell me on anything right he just seems. The ability to make things funny. And I want to compare this a good summer analogy here. You go into C a stupid move you know it's stupid because. Are your expectations for Baywatch that you're seeing king Lear now there I sit there see that that a popcorn. Take about a popcorn. Sit there and disgusting. I have slather it with but our I put Eminem's on top of it on your popped out like puppets of big new thing people think anything. And I'm sitting there shoving it down it might go while I'm watching movies and I'm. Four at ten man. Then I start to get. This kind which sick feeling in my stomach. And then you know headache the eyes thing and then he just wanna puke. At the same feeling I had watching baby I was happy laugh. And then I started to get sick and say what is this thing and I just wanted to throw. Then relaying of that is companies aren't is that like negative. But it's not because I you know. I give credit to run would put something now he that good. He is antenna fifteen minutes is a pretty good average in most so it's pretty well I love that this season these things as just that the service and received that everything now. Lifeguard Mitch Buchanan played by Johnson and a brash new recruit. But buy back up front and cover up criminal plot that threatens the future that the could have been any betting it out of the eighties and that's about as long as you enjoy it with what they mean yeah and that's enough for a lot of people. Way escapism they watch it's out there Wonder Woman. It's also. Worth seeing. Well I'm gonna save this. No we we critics who have seen something early aren't allowed to say much now so they write. They say you have to wait too little women at June 2 June 2 with Estonia a week away again. But I have to say I can say that that Galvin goats which is how you say her name who prayed wonder woman in 12. They hideous a Batman v.s Superman. Yet why would like either but she was really. And she's really good this time she's she was a combat instructor in the Israeli army. This woman has had to move looked up and she just. I don't know just looking at her in this summer with all these cute yes you know they are if it's just did everybody is dude she's in there. And she is a wonder what. So I'm giving our rave reviews bravery element that my ringtone by the right thing do do do do get a ticket didn't this. Capable me. Three. Look great and if they I think yeah in true. This is out when it that asks will grew yet it's Steve corrales main character right now he's got his Brothers. That we're gonna find out about him. I can't I can watch that means I think it's despicable me tan yet still log. Yes the animals are different this time they are not as loveable I mean girl at that. This is children goes the US while he went. Not just put that that's gonna. Get at them and it's gonna make pot. It is. Spiderman. How many by. Have I couldn't even remember how many of their that killing at least point right. Well first they had SC or series of three. Then they decided to remake them about five minutes after that little extra and when he immediately regret I had Toby Maguire rack and then he had Andrew Garcia. Yes and how I said why are we going through this again that you say that I did I say to people in the hall paying. So now I have an audience here at actually feeling yet but it's why. I'll tell you why. Sony and they have the rights to the Spiderman thing for like another two year and they lose it's that they don't me. The movies right away then the fortune did the right and it's cranking them for cranking them out but these hit town hall. Who was in the last avengers movie as spider that. He's code it looks like he's about you know five foot war and and twelve years old but he's got a refuel. Let's target or either you and you know cast this thing with Daniel Day-Lewis or you go younger and I think they were younger weeks. Is a good idea because if criticisms. At redefining. The yet here right in the eighth press spades. Toes maybe we shouldn't trying to find her but. We aren't just thought but now we get. Sometimes we have to give a sequel little room to read it to forget about yet what your mind you like watch. About it. Have the rock kept calling that front. I'd means like of the boy again he think he UB where he EU High School Musical equipment. Get over here. And that it was a nice kind insulting. And her head together at a public during the ten minutes I once an an and it LL the rest of the cotton. War for that planet. Eight. Easy way out that the intensity here citizen synopsis Caesar and it apes are forced into deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless kernel that would bring the newsroom well he wondered yet. Cesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins oh in. The quest to come. We'll see you're just mocking and I know I know but expect you know I saw a mockery and it. Felt it in what you were saying I didn't Qaeda set its fifth. Is one of those reboots that I like for one reason. Andy Serkis does the motion capture the voice foresees or the eight. This tax genius really you know he did it for column and get. He makes it tagged her out of nothing except his whole boys and posture and movement. And that this one. Is probably the most moving of any planet of the X-Men. Now this and that and an air to it means black. People. I'm not against kill me but it announcing knowing hearing hey Murray you boys and things are. Is the monkey of the sum he is the guy. The guy that I hear them like in the Yangtze who is looking. Only another. That. We let our atomic line. She's equal parts spy craft punctuality and that injury which also your business cards it's hitting them but couldn't this copy it I'm so. I think it's just wrong she spent alone into Berlin through cheaper price with us from from within the destabilizing in the two partners. With station chief David personal Natalie nearly deadly game of spy who loved her in pretty much anything yet it's so might get lucky last fast and furious in the war. Like there was. To me it was like that locked her in a room for three days and they said we'll give you like fifty million dollars if you do that Everett all the other. Actors will come to you but she was so good. In the last mad Max fury wretch like it should have been nominated for evening in atomic blonde cheeses good. Oh this is the one where she's community that plane this one she is one. Wonder Woman now she solved the world too optimistic started the death. He takes it are it's dark and she is as. You're if you are this is can just make you. I'm going to be at about it when he Aden and is that. Dark tower telling that what Stephen King you know that whole franchise of things that he did eased. If they're needed. Up zero that the SE I think. It the airy and net interest thing and this one I haven't seen I've just seen the trailer like everybody else okay but. If the teacher's elbow with Matthew McConaughey saying what we'll finally there. To see it just sounds like that's politics and he instead of making it a mini series which was the idea they made it to Herman only a week. Because the public now wants to see everything fourteen. Remarkably. Everything that's what we're live two hour movies now what we wanted it read that there. That's what's gonna get me there transformers. High I don't even know Yule along the way I will say. How Long Will it hurt it all up in a personal anecdotes the first transformers. What kind of as a joke with the seat that has been when when we learned any experts they still married the guys after he he forced to that it's a testament to what for him. I did we need. We need this. I think basically Michael Bay and wrecked the most cynical person who. People will. Robot. And so that you. They wouldn't be transforms. People line up to do. I just think in the world. Talking with. If this thing where shortly with. The whole movie in three days. If suggests. It. Happens great actor now we've entry form. At night yes it's now. I would read type this chair and golden years for. Every critic needs to have a chart. Your take you now. OK I think that you're off. For no reason that I can't bear bats mine. You really yeah. I another spot higher it. That's definitely make an affair and we went that you half day Caribbean because if some of the people in the trailers that. And then when you see the movie other actors in fifth if he bitterly regret the end. But I'd like it that way pirates of the Caribbean I defy anyone if this were contests. Wasn't just slide but the contest that anyone can do all the subtitles and of the five movies. I can do in the first one which was the curse of the black pearl OK and this one which is dead men tell note. Called Lou. About what the other ones I have to say that in this one Javier Bardem he's the new guy like OK Anthony Hopkins go without Johnny Depp right. The first time he was so good he got an Oscar nominee. But you know you can't just repeat what you do not need to refresh need to hit the refresh button Johnny forgets the. If shutting. And restart it yet yet the reviews are quote unquote not pretty. I happen my aunt there not predict when I went eight count on that one let's talk about the surprise did. Eighty driver this was a movie I didn't even know what's coming up with the most fun we used to have beaten to death by market tells us. You just drawn there you go okay it's like yeah yeah. Everything I turn on the phone and expecting. It. The rockets you have to. Assignments are drawn to the beauty. I've seen and popcorn and so I just can't hear but driver. Kept it was directed by Edgar Wright. Who is director really hot. Just does. This old. If and this but it's cancel out guard young actor playing in this guy getaway driver that won't. He won't be doing any bank robbery which point he seasons adds an attempt like a video game but instead it it's bad actors. And the bad guys are like Kevin Spacey. And John him attacking fox. And it did really well it's. Because it's actually a good Smart movie ends and say a word that. And we've been brought up yet in terms system and its regional. Well. It's not a sequel if that a week or exonerate her booted is that any. We're out. There. Yet well out to be miserable lives and Pittsburgh. It's making me think that there's all this. I'm gonna get sick from it popcorn and art and it. Out it comes. Fabulous really yet you know. This is a year where Harmon's came back because in the spring we had him could get out yet Jordan peeled directed it. Each yes it was just a wonderful idea and I don't want to give it away in case people are gonna catch up with. This movie has a similar impact made by. Which was about as spam in about addiction but this one is a virus. Is destroyed the earth which it usually doesn't families left. In the cab and long and watt is going to happen. And you think you know what's going if you don't. I don't know you. Think you know you don't I don't think at this point people you wanna be scared this is it and it harms. And that's the voice tonight things. Doesn't need to talk about it that Natalie. Do it at Edgerton Alex educated Edgerton it was a lot right you love this as well it's wonderful actor Christian and when your cheese ball cap no. It comes at night out June 9 go see it that speaks asking a lot of activists and local talent to watch and Silicon Valley in the I think he's asleep personal friend. He's not the U eyes lit up it was a I don't think I think though it was like okay. Ray and his wife Emily. Gordon. It was like this and they decided to write the story of what went on all these countries are all based on equipment to comedy about a woman who's maybe dying. And he had no idea what she's sick from. Because the doctors are trying to figure out what she's in this coma they had to put her in the coma but she's sick of and yet it's of manly thing about. Re remodel and Holly Hunter played her parents. And then. He's got these parents who don't want him to date anyone who is an Indian enough so that isn't true. And it's like scenes like that kind of old plot fit right now and you laugh you cry do all of those things again. Not a sequel not a prequel. Something original but. It's about love in black and left the thing also out. And in the would you. Which I didn't even know that until we see you see these beautiful look at isn't it OG lying one go buy like we're doing weather and we just go. Not transformers up and Wonder Woman that. And we have not. Doubted. I just like to say that a silence it right do you thing I like they have good. And I learned feel that you can well. Attorney good. Start tactics you're away as Pope he's the pool promote sir Patrick structure yes. I'm telling I've only seen a little bit okay this is enemy. Make life. It's going to be. And it's going to think these big hit really what people when they sit elect make an element that it's looking at it let's make a Lego movie and people lap he. It was great. It was clever. This has that look. That would even 18 different. Rights or no apparently without any movie like led them to have to work both ways that you can see. And we can look at it and say. When Clinton. I think set out so bad tablets and I had gotten them. I think yeah this is this analogy is I wanted to be voiced by is about their but she refused to do. Not our men are not crop so Patrick Stewart at the hoop and and any other big names. I'm not even saying anything what you know why do you have an idea you can read enough that she but not tell her no talent. Ninety emailers and it easily it can. It's a favorite chillier how many players we'll see everything now is combine we watch so much we beings what are. And if our favorites from those shows wind up. In one of the movies some went all the wasted teaching. You just went. I love him on silicon I think actually there that happens in and out IP reference every person that we eat and you know like. I checked that out we got it started. Out. But we never had this before where we had an option it used to be summer movies. TV shut down. And and. We would have repeats. And everything would be nothing Steve but go to disarmament television is alive with. What if the repeats of the advisory. It 220. Of the Caribbean feels it feels like that. It's like transformers by feels like transport. Our blog I'd much tonight and that's it or chloride. Crying and telling people if you go to these five's transformers or pirates of the Caribbean. It's like walk in the plank. You know I wanted to end that I want to stand outside Tyre had the Caribbean and say spending ship. It's like. So low so awful people. Up. It's all coming advocates are hearing voices dog yeah Africa the out come back. Oscar he category. I think I did my summer sea. Heat. And Oscar heat in the summer where is never there where we don't see anything that is ever gotten an Oscar in the season what I call instance do. This is actually a few. Real things that are coming out that these look at Mary Mary tree watching trailers that the Kyle. Yet Coppola movie. Well. Hundreds of years ago I think in the 1970s. Clint Eastwood made this month it was civil war saying he was a union soldier who. He was wounded and he was taken in by a group of sun went. What. Ironic right into it and he wished it never happened. It was like. That Har what these women did and work. Where now Colin Farrell is doing and we have Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst. Taking care account for Al but the director. Now Sophia call yet. Who does these women in movies and that never play like chick movies they are always from lost in translation. Really tough in the interest. You know I'm always told. All these movies are just the male gays hate the mail days we want the female. Yet now we're gonna have yet so this movie rematch they reviewing soon as a few days acting on film festival. And I cannot wait to see. It's green Oscar heat to me the trailer alone pad at twelfth and it and I I accurately to see Dunkirk. From Chris colonel it. Again this guy is great he's great threat to you see his name on it you might take Dunkirk who I wanna go relive that. Battle I don't maybe not but Chris all Indians say sir yes I do I come and an ethics act. Christopher Nolan exactly anything he is anything. Is it says academy take a look. So that's exciting to movies already meant. That is July 21. South Portland they're actually make it you know it for you or. Well I I'm not gonna prejudged I cannot wait to see he does good luck to you there and if that you wind direction. I. The rock can do all. Who are made another movie. And committing a convenient sequel and year. He he didn't make it he did yes I don't know the we have a new president I don't know if you heard this. I ever heard rumblings room apparently. The idea of global warming that Al Gore has been preaching that seemed to be. Kicking in in the White House conversations that stuff. Hope. This inconvenient sequel is going to really be needed here plus Hochul war. When he was on the campaign trail he didn't have this vitality that he brings to this subject he's really passionate about it yet funny about it. And I think the first movie won an Oscar second one could do the same thing you. It I think it could learn a lot to be said about the topics ago out to like twenty people go see that and then another. While the movie but it's true that spent a lot of people don't know about and mileage about this was actually in an attack line they wrote. It's time nail. On Detroit Detroit. Detroit right where we think we do you know everything about it and again what's the name that makes us say we gotta see this cat from big. The only woman in 4000 years to it ever won the Academy Award as best to wreck what she did what well welcome to eight. I just can't like that it's just insane when he academy doesn't do and how much they have to make up for but with. Kathryn Bigelow they knew it to have her. Take on a subject like this at a time where this subject of rioting. Of race relations of everything is so hot. Is it just greens I've got to see this and what is it doing that what is it doing in this summer. I think truth I think com that August when this opens we will be so fed up with those transformers and aren't we sick. I am yes we will well you know we in the beginning we want it we wanna shut that popcorn down our faces and we wanted to do that but. You know because that starts on May fifth we get high. Wean them want we want something substantial and that's the war. It we shall have this belief that you think could begin Oscar it's absolutely. Now and common. It just gives me hope. Me now just been sitting here with all of this nonsense he didn't know you optimistic. If not at all you know I've been beaten. Can be. And seeing so many of these things suggests. Go out there aren't sick now I mean all we've got to see my name them but Tom cruises on the money. And I was disappointed to learn that he doesn't play them. Plant it is not a person and I think anyone that we're most excited to see looking forward to Detroit Detroit at Dunkirk. And the but god. Three. For me that what the American. So it's C Patrick Stewart expert is going to be this but so that is summer people. They get it now we should sing because we do them you really need me if I'm gonna make you think I mean you all are definitely. Year ended. It is an. There must an FB MB cell. And OK you know. Actually. You know it actually every night to my girl I think that with day. In a movie in movie parenthood the Steve Martin movie yes he went Rick morale. Walks into the classroom to win back. The affection of his way. I agree it's coming to me but not as vividly as if you're a media attention it and he goes in to sing to her things this way there's. That way up. And it can. Me he and I just like me. They long to be closed and all look at that a cut which tells me. And I thought I think he would be doing just while I was I have no idea. Could have been EC DC I don't know could be rapid and word around the idea that you do a lot of wrapping. Here and I was thinking bid that would really come into play that not interact and didn't next time. Biography I was gonna sink under the city you know because I went yeah. That's where you'll be steep parts. We didn't he can go out with that in our head on Douglas. The continent me and dialing it's that. It went they ran me help pick out. Don't go to the movie Jeff. Saying thank you so much for doing this with me. There's no more work to do this. Yes. A.

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