President-elect Trump Casts Doubt on Hacking Reports

The nation's intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election.
3:43 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for President-elect Trump Casts Doubt on Hacking Reports
I have come back. So top. US Intel spends. Tells apt climate that Russia. Didn't meddle in the wind sixteen election the acting and spreading of apple and nine US intercepts also actions or your rights and a pistol so Brighton chops away. Now. Now no. Skin went. Yeah I think there's so it'll sink into his and that absolutely must ahead. Trying to help us now has sunk he knows the truth he doesn't want to say it because. Various three. So did as possible reasons for number one his ego is courses at a control and so he doesn't want everybody to think gee I didn't win. But at what whistle lots with the lab the Russians let me the American stock. But the real reason I think is concealed he owes so much money in Russia that's my theory. He tended feuded if he wants because I'm just sick you know me I'm just a comedian I'm joy. But I think I did pay crack. And I think that that's the real as an -- I believe that he owes so much money in Russia that they have got him by the short as you know science. It is one of matched the rest of my. Seven subpoenas could seventeen different agencies yes I saying any kids saying yet. Then the problem. Just consume me. Watching the hearings could you had senator Lindsey Graham John McCain coming out and saying this is very serious obviously agrees with most. Most of us who are saying saying you can't have Russia intervening in the democratic process but Lindsey Graham asks James clapper who's the Director of National Intelligence. If he was ready to be challenged by trump. That was so absurd. That you would even like like you Renny and little that I need your Director of National Intelligence if you intelligence agencies come out and include. That in fact Russia was involved and they have proof that they illustrate a report. Sorry I don't really care Donald Trump disagrees I really don't these are the people that we can find in the take a ballot of an old to the constitution of the United States. And you know what I trust that hey you know what they're doing going to get jobs because they know what they're doing James copper also said in this of the quote there's a difference between skepticism disparagement. Which is something we keep hearing that east hell yet healthy skepticism. But that's different because what he's tweeting and saying. It actually. Taking away the credibility of us this third party nonpartisan entity and that's the problem is that. Once you put it out there you can't come back from that and other humbler me as. He took place Swedes about this stuff. He too it's about BM has spent Arnold Schwarzenegger act. Him on the apprentice and numbers it to have the numbers and I'm hand into the race and he tweets about. Thinking that our that the that mean and elements have been told are are are not Smart. And I mean how do we know what to take seriously. Lie and what not to take seriously I have all the time. And good businessman he remains the executive producer of the Celebrity Apprentice to let any good businessman he wrapped the rule of his shell instead. Wow the ratings Arian and Arnold Schwarzenegger got swamped or destroyed bike since it got by comparison to the ratings machine dean JT. So much for being a movie star and that was season one compared to Steve in fourteen now compared to my season one. But who cares he supported case against Hillary don't assume they could business don't you hate it when. Of earshot but don't like I really hate it when grope for his fights with each other I applied.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The nation's intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44607368","title":"President-elect Trump Casts Doubt on Hacking Reports","url":"/Entertainment/video/president-elect-trump-casts-doubt-hacking-reports-44607368"}