Former 'Price Is Right' Model Wins Lawsuit

Brandi Cochran awarded more than $8.5 million in punitive damages after pregnancy discrimination.
1:59 | 11/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former 'Price Is Right' Model Wins Lawsuit
Randy Cochran had been a fixture on the price is right for seven years but she says the price she paid for deciding to start a family was too much for any woman. My fear of losing my job and I pregnant -- -- After years of struggling to concede brandy got pregnant with twins a boy and a girl it was supposed to be one of -- happy -- times of her life. Instead she says the reaction from the show's executive producer was less than congratulatory. Even now that me and it was hard to comprehend someone being upset that I was having twin. I'm and then it would -- question is how are you going to Wear it like -- -- -- -- really paying. And then there was the name calling on the sat -- load -- I was. -- -- -- A lot of extra weight that went pretty pregnancy started to show on the air the producers stopped calling her and fortunately -- has -- an allotment. And it's my daughter was -- insurers and hospital fighting for her life from my. It's pretty suffered postpartum depression but months later after her maternity leave in 2010 she was ready to return to the show and they -- me. Proposal from obtaining an address about working. The 41 year old -- so model -- financial media North America and the price is right productions claiming pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination she want. A jury today awarding more than seven point seven million dollars in punitive damages. We -- concerns the right message to. Other players out that are. How pregnant when you have to treat them vehicle laws. So grateful for the -- For technology bit this you know the -- where in the last -- and that's part of why I'm here and in. It's been very you know emotional time. For -- the verdict is bittersweet but she's looking ahead to the example she set for her daughter now three and a half years old. -- -- Kentucky -- government data were standing up for something.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Brandi Cochran awarded more than $8.5 million in punitive damages after pregnancy discrimination.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"17786783","title":"Former 'Price Is Right' Model Wins Lawsuit","url":"/Entertainment/video/price-model-wins-lawsuit-17786783"}