Pride on ABC News Live: The Content Creators

Janet Mock on protests, LGBTQ+ equality and being black and trans in America; New Hulu series 'Love, Victor' breaks new ground after beloved movie; 'Love, Victor' stars and EP offer insights
44:18 | 06/24/20

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Transcript for Pride on ABC News Live: The Content Creators
Today on crime finding ABC news live. TV TrailBlazer Janet line. Taking trains storytelling main street to be a black person a woman and also transfers and hall and one body comes at its own unique. Challenger but also unique getting. Work on the hit FX show clothes burning up our screen. Plus love Victor. The whole world is your oyster but hopefully whoever you want the new crew we series inspired by the groundbreaking 2018 movie love Simon. Following a new student on his own journey of self discovery. And it transgender political candidate in the cross hairs of family and face. We have seen an increase in discrimination. During an in the aftermath of the 2016 election and I don't think about bats a coincidence inside the new documentary. Where they know not what they do. Here's GG Ching. Hello everybody and welcome we are so glad you could join us and we're delighted to welcome a unique diverse group of cop content creators. Out on the front lines of film making and television. Their story telling spotlighting important LG BTQ plus themes on some of today's most watched networks and streaming services. These are directors screenwriters actors and producers who were bringing to life she stories and issues well beyond our imagination from even a decade ago. Our first guest has earned so many titles. New York Times best selling author former People Magazine added Eric. And now an acclaimed screenwriter director and producer on popular TV shows such as the powerhouse posed on ask faxed here she is on the cover of Hollywood reporter its first ever pride issue. And now to our fascinating conversation with the one and only Janet mock. I want to talk about content creation and New York formidable well. Let's start. We knew we have a Supreme Court decision. I'm represents. Literally decades of war happened will be the first wall reactions of the ruling on. I reaction was overwhelming joy you know the past few weeks there have been banned. Many victories and so it was so great to wake up and you see that our Supreme Court really bad at all. You know we had trans lawyers in the courtroom we had transposed and LG BTU people and ally on the streets. Demanding this kind of equality and justice you know for me. I spent many years early in my her pre are not being as a trans woman urged year. A being hired by my employers. And agree truly what I did you know come forward and told my story when I was working at People Magazine. They I wasn't fired but for many people that does happen and that has happened I'm so glad the court saw that in understood that gender identity. Gender expression and sexual orientation are things we are. Can be covered. As terms sex discrimination and we just needed that victory especially that's what this is. I'm only in our history and we are. Reexamining. Easter Island and one point pioneering LT TEU work was after the Stonewall riots should and it the immediate mainstream America. I understand you or Shia and play. In Sarah right. You. Activists slain and why sometimes changed color left out of. Locks I think headaches you know the history books for a lot of marginalized people have been written not by. Bright and so the true events Stonewall 1969. You know really have to center. LG BTQ people of color trans woman of color and gender non conforming people. Who really were fighting for their rights and or their lives. Make their body. It's it'd say that they didn't know didn't wanna be surveillance anymore they didn't wanna be leased it in what could be. Told that they had to Wear certain number of article of gender appropriate clothing orders future space is even beyond streets and so that was the lead reality for a lot of Internet informing for a lot of trans people I think that what's so great now is that you know young people now know bat the reason why we celebrate pride it's because of the 1969 Stonewall riots and that those uprisings. Worked fox hard and long. By trans and gender non conforming people and specifically hearing people speak the names. Marsha Johnson and surrendered Herrera Asia soul are looking because you know we do exist and a movement that for a long time. And didn't really address the particular needs. Black and brown trends were Mormon trans woman of color me. Probably. Our on the price that you see now. On the black slacks her movements and also this a turning blue news as part of that does not only histrionics Adolor. Carted eight earning. Not collusion and I'll police brutality and also a chance women. Well you know JJ think it will start with just you know my own experience you know growing up in the world of cursing that I knew about myself was that I was a block child who was court in America. And that alone has its own set of difficulties. And I'll Coles and things that. Well enable me to survive and be happy and ride in the world on top of that and how lessons I realized that I learned that us. And so to be a black person a woman and also a trans person all in one body comes with its own unique challenges but also unique get us. And so I think that when we're talking about it in two sectional movement that really is addressing all look arts ourselves. We can't shave that we're rallying against you know violence against women and or domestic violence or feminism more LG BTU right. Or you know racial justice and equality. Without realizing that summer last fall in between a crack of all of those occurred movements and that although it's movement dress our lives itself. Something like say her name. Being loud and proud of censoring black women and to say that black trans women are included in black woman that I so so important you know just this last week we had. Two young women are re a mil ten Cincinnati. And dominate bells. Philadelphia both found murdered. And end it was such a Ireland. It's so tough because you know we deal with these bodies over and over and over being found. Over and over and over not much justice being serve over and over and over not really hearing. Our sixers are black transistors names in. Reckoning on in this country how Aaron. Why people Hopkins is gender people BER. Us and learns to. Move forward positive. Allied ship is such an integral part of any social justice move and you know we need people beyond our selves to donate their time. Their energy it. Their resources and connections to helping us move things board I like to say partners or co conspirators who stayed at where it lists together. I'm and I think that the one thing that allies can do is really to see it not so much and labeled it is schools Icrc so. But actually see it a process a continual action. You know that actually can look like reading books by and for trans people or and or black people that means using that education you've gotten from that books shoot challenge kitchen table conversations in your own home in your community which your neighbors check in allied ship. Is it in art it allows you know spoke on the ground or biting their own lives and know that they're not. Out there alone. And I think that's what's been so inspiring about this particular you know series of demonstrations. From black lives matter to. Black friends and lives matter and seeing all these demonstrations seem that different kinds of people that are out there and showing up. Not just in the streets but also in the board rooms on their social media. You know really educating their audiences and so I ain't that right now our ship is truly what we. Free and take a quick break now and will be back in a moment with more of that interview with Janet mom. Digging into her groundbreaking work in Hollywood plus a look at one of the aspects shows Janet's been a major part. Now out. This is pride on ABC news alive we return with juju Chang in New York. I welcome back to pride on ABC news live more now. My interview with Hollywood powerhouse Janet mock. He eats a Hollywood. You're arts I started out as a journalist at People Magazine went on to write two books about why lives and when I was sitting in a moment and not quite knowing it was gonna write a third book possibly in Kabul I got a call from Ryan Murphy saying that he wanted to meet with me. And I went to Hollywood. I met with him on the set. I'm the assassination of Yoni or not she would with American story and in between set ups and we had a thirty minute global. Conversation in a corner. He told me about clothes he told me about the idea about the ambitions of the show. About how he wanted to use show running as advocates seemed to say that it's not enough to castle these great. He characters on screen but he wanted to make sure that the team behind the scenes for what it those. Women and their stories. And so it was easy thing for me to jump on I jumped on board and boots. Los Angeles my beloved New York City. And in two weeks. And I was writing on the show and I started opposite story editor which is basically the next step above staff writer which is back and reliable and are writer's room. Meant I was writing and we went to go shoot the eyelid and kind of which is naturally against. Producing and talking about actors in the back and actors and tell in certain things and Ryan would ask me questions after he was directing its eighty we got I got what we do this. You know and he called me aside one day and he said. I think Europe produced. I went up her writer producer what did huge jump most people it's eight years or let it get there are so great oh. It happened on May first series and a similar situation happened after it finished at script that I wrote with. Brian I'm conceived and one of those episodes six. Call it love that the methods. And instead you're gonna director strip an unlikely but it's. Principal my current year. In Hollywood elite is emblematic of that adaptability. Back mentor shipped to an allied chayet. And someone as powerful and influential and Ryan who say that anti gay white man I want to make sure that. People who share might seem quite a view are bearing corn and used are brought into the ground because he remembered what it was like to beat only person in the brown. See you at the young people in our audience how would you Kurtz. It Conning or being in. Teller. The first thing parents say it's six I've been there don't worry. Yeah it is a cross it's a process that really and deals with a lot of self discovery. And realizing that you know it isn't safe. Or everywhere and to be sell out and proud and share their stories that what I would say it take your time. He should with your cell. Realize that nothing wrong with you that. There's so many other people out there are waiting for your story and a way to you will too. Important now stories. Mark's ice. Is a chance to win an you know from a first. That we don't currently here on her. Think it's so important because you know for most people they don't have trans people in their lives and so what TV guys it allows us to create a bridge for people to invite people unlike themselves into the comfort of their homes they can deal with the complicated mix of their lives they can deal with. They're layered into sectional experience is that there are being. And baking kind and be entertained while also being educated expired. How important. For you have those stories in salary or. Else. I think that's one of the main reasons why it's important that the people who. On screen are reflected behind the camera or me out the story teller one of my you know moral compass Ayers is being my sister's keeper. And Oprah me I've lived the experience. I heard the stories from older women I had you know that their research. And writing credentials to be able to due to work and I'm glad that I show up in. Do it on Michelle where the subject matter is buried cents at. And I'm glad that I'm art an ensemble a writer who sit there and we argue with each other and we go to the nuances of the dialogue and stories. And we're very very well well because we now that the show is one of the line and really would break ground in its way we didn't know what the public reaction would be. But I'm so glad that when people watch it they bill but it's it bills real bills authentic and it is our. This as we noted that pass and at a time oh renewal rate in here. Is you you're. Even today you referred to exude black trans women who were. On talk about why you see that this irons against Annan. Chan's women of color is still happening today so. I think it's really multi layered I think it's. Largely because we're dealing with an epidemic of violence against all women globally and then on top of that you know black folk are existing in. Communities that are a lowly resource where they have heightened sense. Police surveillance. And group colony that's been documented. And then on top of that we had in tolerance on an old rural ignorance of most people when it comes to the lives of transgender people. And so you have those multi layered. Points of discrimination. That are hitting hard against one body was living at the intersection up all three of right race. Gender and transsexual while he and Barbara call it even though. Supreme Court noted in bigger trends. People's lives in the war lays trying to administration rules that medical protection. Shannon's vote in other grounds. What do you make of that. Yeah so you know what it's it's one other area which we have to fight back again and it being. Would this particular administration. If they're looking to just protect you lies. That means that girl all the people on the outskirts out not to protect the most vulnerable. And so in that sense it's deeply disappointing and it's also hurting a La. And I think it also more dangerously culture wise. It educates. Whole American audience and polls that bad these people due not matter. And so with our work aren't close what restated that they do matter and this is why they matter and this is their life story thank you saw thank you did you. I I. And yet another reminder that representation matters we should note that Janet's the first black transgender woman to sign an overall deal with the major studio. Congratulations. And we're looking forward to for upcoming projects on Netflix our thanks to Janet mock. The show pose is still blazing trails of course so here's this sneak peek. At the upcoming special. Get the popcorn ready. The pose special airs Friday night June 26 at ten it's a one hour virtual benefit event on FX free form. And pose a Thon dot com of course Janet mock Billy Porter and many others will be. Up next right here more content creators you may remember loved Simon from a couple years ago starring Jennifer Garner. We'll now upkeep at the new Hulu streaming series picking up where that groundbreaking. Ride on ABC news live continues with the GG Jane. And welcome back to pride on ABC news live we're talking to calm content creators about the power of storytelling. And our next guest sign on the new series law Victor making its debut just this week on Hulu. The follow up see the critically acclaimed loved Simon it's the first gay romantic comedy for young viewers. Michelson Mino and George sear have starring roles in the show an exit. Can producer Brian ten and also joins us hi guys thanks for me with us. And where well happy bride. Well Brian let's start with you the series is out now and it's gotten great reviews congratulations. On. In the just co bid and with so many pride events canceled around the world how important was it to get your. Release of love Victor during pride month. Com thank you so much of we're so happy to be talking today yeah I mean it in it was not natural for the showed it's a launched during pride month. And of course it's a little bit of an odd time to be launching a show because of basically everything that's happening in the world right now. The national conversation being so focused on. Police brutality and racial inequality. And with everything going on with coded it's certainly troubled times and I'm me what we can't duties in person pride events in and launch events it does feel it inopportune time that showed to launch because it's so. Full of blonde and about inclusion and it just feels a message that that people would want right. Now he it's absolutely the theme of tolerance which I think dovetails with everything that's going around and and what's ailing us. Michael you had very big shoes to fill after love Simon is the start the title character. Great job by the way you've said you approach this rule with the inspiration of your cousin in mind tell us about that. Yeah I'm so. My cousin is think one of the biggest influences of my life which means literally my screen saver electro. And she's. He's been a huge influence on me and you know when I when he came out to me in. You know the rest of the family and everything like guys beat you is definitely really Hartford and I just kind of warning TU. You know represented his story as accurately as possible on screen. Let's check out the scene from love Victor when your characters Benji and Victor first be for the first time. Dream. And blue. Please that's what I think. And shoes. Since its nineteen pertussis. Jack I tell my mom got in my garage said withdrew my size you know how cool they Wear. Did not say that I she's a cool fit now they are. It sounds like those shoes when your destiny. If you believe in I cut it yeah yeah I do. Believe in. Who kicks. Close really nice thing you. Victory. Wow you know they say love is love and and that scene crash is a crush it just is just coming up that the strain. Storage I noted Benji is openly gay already when we meet him while victor's still is trying to figure things out. T think even with all the advances. LG BTQ. Writes that we still have a hard time in high school with these issues and and how does that impact your acting. Yeah I mean I think I saw was a time when I would figuring sell power and you know it is hot or not isn't it right satellites mean it's. I think it's just. It's a ton of buying itself fanned mountain I think. Benji is someone is pretty confident lacking a smaller things that. But shacks. They sit and. He definitely feels confident in his own skin. Brian people use the phrase instant classic to describe love Simon why do you think this has become a cultural touchstone. So quickly. Tom I love that so much you know I think. I myself am a proud member of the LG BT community. I think I feel and in a number of people in the community feel like there's just such. A lack of representation on screen there's so. Little in the way of love stories. Teen so. And any of these you know traditional genres. But it centered on a gay character so. I think when we when you make that twists. Audiences are are just so hungry Ford and so happy to see it. Com and how have you been able to extend it vibe if you will from love Simon to love Victor. Yeah I think it's a great transition to television because I think one of the things we. Stults was. The film is so wonderful but everything is sort of wrapped up with a blow in two hours in a film. And a TV show allows us the space. Tell someone's journey and and as anyone who's gone after it now it's coming out. It's something that it takes a long time they're so many things to. Grapple with the men. Once you've grappled with that you have everyone else has reactions to it to grapple with the needs this ongoing journey where you really grow as person and and so. A TDs for us felt like a perfect home. But this story. Michael even though they're two different films Simon played by nick Robinson still is an important voice in love Victor he's essentially your pen pal or your mentor. Was nixed a real life mentor to you and and what advice city give you. No yeah I definitely yet I think. Before even detonate humor is definitely recommend towards me because I watched a movie like sixteen. But I'm. You know I when it finally met nick at the end of production. You really didn't give me some some. Great words of encouragement sent passing the torch certain steeped in. Artists leave is he resists. China monument that certainly you know because like I eight didn't get to needing him throughout the whole entire project elect finally met elite side. It is like everything it wanted in more you know. What wasn't about him that that you found so alluring. I don't know I think used to say personal views incredibly nice and second dog he's such a freak in whirlwind of a power. No insulate. The new rules you just think work alongside him and really kind of recite keep that in was definitely a war ago a learning experience. Well towards the attorney US at one point in the series victors stands up says some less then. Accepting family members who disapprove of your characters being gay. And is set us like upsetting the apple cart you earn their respects tell us about that scene and one means you. Yes thank you bass in agencies think he's UC Bengie wrestling with a back there. He ninety's I'm an hour sweat like I'm not fully accepted glamour and why do you say doesn't Warner any deacon no Soviets and defeat for victory and she's. He he's not bad guy he's just trying to be nice note this is there are many like. These news Daryn and NG EX com and sank Condit tries to you. And but maybe take the pressure but then he doesn't he's lying to himself a little bit or East Lansing whose boyfriend Barry. Yeah and in a funny way it's a road map to some of the uncomfortable conversations that people are having now I mean. Oh what do you say to folks and at and what adolescence can people have been trying to navigate these kinds of uncomfortable situations with without escalating them further. The opening and like radicalization of laden. Except in tomorrow and tolerance and let's turn to legislated I mean that's that's that's the next week and he. Brian I know that you've worked on at many acclaimed shows one in particular Ugly Betty has quite a few parallels to love Victor. Both have flat next families and boats feature a young gay kid before he's quite figured out his world. What draws you to this kind of content creation. I've just been really fortunate my my whole career to have landed on shows that have. At queer bent to them. I worked on we Betty what you mentioned that worked on duct housewives. I grant intelligent created last year than this projects. I love being able to tell LG BT stories and and just increasing representation. So that. Kids who are going duties issues can see themselves on screen and and think this is okay at one of the things I think about all the time with loved Victor. Is it to show it existed like this when I was a teenager when it would have meant to me. I'm so it's it's just an honor to gets it tells stories with with these topics. Six and we have so much more to discuss the we're gonna ask you free to stick around we have another great preview from love victors streaming now on them. We'll be right back. This is ride on ABC news live here again GGG game. And welcome back you're watching pride on ABC news live we're hearing from contact creators in the LG BTQ plus space and love Victor is that prime example of it all. It's ours Michelson Mino and George C year and the series executive producer Brian ten and is with us. K Michael let's some talk a little bit about the one difference between love Victor and love Simon which is that it's a series. You have more time to dig even deeper into why it's so hard for many people to come outs victor's family is religious. Victor worries about upsetting or disappoint Nam Y think it's so important to play a character struggling against these family dynamics. Well our I think. You know. Would that show we tackle old difference is she you know like picture comes from a different social carts. The trip ethnicity. Is also on a prop them up discovery got it and knowing who you're Yates. So without being said I think kind of showing. A similar story through different lands really opens the audience is Myron you. Know another prospective. George you know victor's secret ands that entangling. All of the show's characters throughout the series and we empathize with victors he tries to conform. To what he things people expect from him while he's trying to fit in to a new place. What it'll do you think peer pressure plays in all of this. I think she's taught and like subconsciously it does. A remote and anything like an elaborate conditioning and I think ultimately decides that it needs a beach it yourself. You know brand so many of us are feeling. Of raw and sensitive and and people are trying not micro aggressions and small slights. I know that gay folks feel this way and throughout the series from well meaning characters this is portrayed it's clear the way on Victor. And make coming out even not much harder what conversations you hope the spark about Michael impressions. As an LG BT purse and your whole life you experience. Dust societal expectations. This idea that the norm. Is going to be. And being up with some of the opposite sex and you get these messages ever since your little kid you know is this your little girl friends. Things like that and so you don't these ideas about what is normal what is expected. And then when you discover about yourself that that's not bar. You you internally. Have to grapple with all your own feeders and I'm. Frustrations. So I just I hope that the show. Delivers this message been inclusion. And I'm awareness of these issues. A lot of the idea of inclusion when it comes to media especially is that representation matters. What does having a diverse casts like this represented you. I just think it's so important. Many stories especially LG BT stories that few of them that we have are often centered around the white narrative. So being airboats. Increased. Racial inclusion in and other forms of diversity in our story telling. Is so important I like get emotional reading that suites in response that show about. I've never seen myself on onscreen before. And LG BT brown teenager. A kid who's Stanley in his. Religious and they can't talk about news topics and the more specific week at. I actually feel like it becomes more universal. Every one has these specific interactions with their families. I'll bet that makes it really hit home. I want to play another seeing from love Victor when Benji gives on Victor out coffee making less than when he's applying to be up early to let's take a look. So they tear you have any experience making coffee. Armed. I have experienced drinking coffee. Well it's not rocket science he'll want to compose shot of espresso he can basically make any change here watch. First you take the poorest filtered. And Philip grounds. And while that crews. Oh. Then you try. Now they would go yeah. I am so sorry it's time. You know it is this is a bad idea I'm sorry it's. Okay you three captured puppy love so well I burst out laughing when I was watching it Brian let's go back to the scene for a moment you. Clearly there's a universality. To love to puppy love to crashes. You were able to capture that so authentically in that moment. Yes you know how many times have you seen it a teenage boy a lusting after a girl. In a film where a TV show and you colleges had and I just loved the idea. That we could let that sent and tell this same moment you can't lands and who has had a crash on the hunt for Reese. I was it is absolutely what humanity shares in common is that moment of crash thank you guys so much for being here and says. Share your insights with us we'll be watching love Victor are now streaming on Hulu thanks guys so much. They should think you who aggregate one. And up next right here inside the powerful documentary taking a deep dive into the lives of four families of state. With LG BTQ plus children. One of the subjects of the film and its director home. In most of this country transgender people. Don't have explicit protections from discrimination. What's happening. Trends is the new point on the arrow. Now trends are carrying that terrible load of being the next outcast. To finally be except. Welcome back everyone that was a clip from the documentary for they know not what they do. Exploring the intersection of religion sexual orientation and gender identity in America. You know nonfiction story telling is always a big part of the LG BTQ plus content that's being created out there. So joining me now Sarah McBride one of the subjects of the film and she's also happens to be running for a state senate seat in Delaware. And filmmaker Daniel cars lake who directed this powerful documentary a warm welcome to you both. U nice. Well day let's start with you your documentary delves into the many ways that negative religious beliefs about gay people. Mainly that they arson full can negatively impact LG BTQ lives and mental health what surprised you about the project. It's. It's the second from might need on this topic and to see it the biggest prizes are always how much sex learned from Stanley against one of the tenants in the solomons deeply conservative evangelical Santa Anna's game and who grow in the US I'm decent human judgment and make its unity prompt people perceived. Word and Max community but. On the contrary run Linda Robertson were immediately Buckley and welcome me very very. Telling their story. Their family and their son Brian in particular so that was our that was it really loved her plus. Prize fascinating you know sir you are the heart of this documentary and it traces your life. And you're coming out story from beginning to end but it also traces your parents journey going from shock at your coming out but eventually. To being proud and accepting tell us about that narrative narrative arc and and how that experience may have major closer your family closer. Well this is just death. Ellie Bennett journey for our whole Fam I always say I locked out her parents are exceptionally. Good action. In pellet and loving people. I also knew that that my knees would be typical there might not it was funny a Latin it was or what. Magazine dubbed it and finger pointing eat. I knew that my parents would struggle what I news I knew that they like me would fear discrimination and needy even violence in the coming out. I'm but I also knew. That my parents would eventually we'll meets where they wouldn't just accept me their daughter but celebrate outs as a am I celebrate our diversity celebrate. The fact that we've been on its journey began Eric amount stronger and closer. I am one of the most powerful things I'm I that he would seats the power of Aaron voices in ultimate break the empathy divide that exists mark country and that's one of the reasons why eight. This documentary so powerful because it allows people. No matter where they are in these conversations round LTE book polity. Even understand what it feels like BO DD EU work and in particular. They can understand a load. Aaron they can understand how they might respond here I don't mean how we ask with a mixture meat eaten is an end the year. But also a desire to love and embrace and that's been apparent security at my parents of Mike Stanley. Are. Among the most incredible turn its video we eat eat eat community that I now. And clearly that's a metaphor if not an allegory for. The awakening that everyone's having right now. And I looked Daniels following you through this next stage as her chasing your political dreams you are running right now first state senate seat in Delaware. Did you ever worry about that idea that being transgender would hold you back and and if not how has this played into moving forward with this candidacy. Absolutely I'm growing up in the ninety's and 2008 were very few examples of transgender people. Publicly who works succeeding in business or politics read really in the arts for that matter at that point I'm in growing up it's seeing light. My dreams a living here in Delaware and Stanley pursuing. Professional crap that was repelling the meat that those seen neatly exclusive with. My identity with experts on and growing up reading history books as much comfort and I found in the social change that build their beaches. I also speaking very aware very quickly of the fact that no one like the ever meet Barry. And so Fermi wanted to both colorful things that I have been able to see it collapsed and hearings since coming out. It's the progress we meet in her recent beekeeper and people equally data around getting elected. I in Virginia. When things I've seen here in this community people got. One another on their merits their skills third but mr. from action not on our identity and that's what I've seen. I'm and again this nineteenth and why I'm excited to continue running it and I'm very hopeful and optimistic apple when you know amber. I suspect in a lot of enthusiasm from the rainbow crowd Danielle you alluded to one of the most heartbreaking stories we watch in the documentary it's that. Robertson family story the story of Lyndon rob to evangelical Christians. Who struggled to do what they think is best for their son who came out to them at the age of twelve let's take. A look in his left I don't ever expect to get over. Brian's death. I expect I just have to learn how to live. With the truth of it. Unintentionally. We taught Ryan they hate us now and believed that he was completely. Unacceptable. To guide. Tell us more about how there are continuing in their son's legacy. Yes I probably end really were trying to be the best parents they throw it today at a church community that sent well your son is gay. And conversion therapy is the answer and god can change. Tell us being gay it's quote deal breaker for god so that's the past they followed for their son and crews. Extremely destructive not only him but there are really our whole families. Some now what I so respect and love about our products under these thirty heard public quicker story a Barry I'm clearly got it wrong. They had the best of intentions and it felt like labor they were acting from loves. By that can burst into their particular is really. Not only. Violation of human rights ED TCU percent. But it also was incredibly devastating damage its human soul. And so they aren't using their Eaton really an error really sad story. You make sure that hopefully other families don't following are quick saps who were also well meaning and bubbling. But meeting this really tragic mistakes I acts huge love and respect for what they are doing our Gary our call it takes now. For the LT EU community and they're very much. Vocal with eating their own evangelical community witches. Of course one of the communities that LG BTQ ops. He called being movement has not really enabled sue. Hello to their side to our side eggs say I'm very well I think what they're doing really are. All well let's look for signs of hope in all of this and Sarah we just live through history. The highest court in the land deciding that under longstanding federal law employers cannot discriminate. Against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or sexual identity the first trans person involved in such a case as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign. How electrifying what's it for unity in the news. It was an incredibly. Inspiring and hopeful moment frankly a surprising moment. It was much needed good news after her years. A acts. I'll audio eat eat eat eat community by the arm and administration. And it provides. An aunt and perpetuates. Really light C deeper actions for we eat eat eat eat well. In employment and lays the foundation for significant our breasts the route we. I'm premier reinforce the urgent need to elect Joseph Biden in November that we can have a president who will meet got decision and build on it. Pass the equality act that Ellison beat the people are clearly protect it from Germany and brought me life. Across this country I'm but it was a moment much needed joy and celebration mean. Well we just have few seconds left I know there's a clip of you speaking at the Democratic National Convention can we see you again at this convention this year. Why don't know what kind of convention we're gonna have. This year it's going to be in person or virtual. But I'm here in Delaware. IE. To make sure that that we went up and on the ballot here in Delaware and make sure that I win in November. And that's my focus right now that's my focus over the next several months it's right ear and us. I understood Sarah Daniel thank you both so much for your work and for joining us you can watch the documentary for they know not what they do. Online by visiting first run features dot com and buying a virtual ticket to watch online thanks guys. Thank you. And up here right now you know him from his iconic roles like Beverley Leslie on will and grace. And he has become a prolific pincer Graham star while in quarantine Leslie Jordan's special pride month message. And so during this pride let's recognize our similarities but celebrate our differences. Happy pride everybody. I think. Write to you Leslie and to all of you out there thanks for joining us in celebrating the kaleidoscope of differences. That make up the pride rainbow I'm juju Chang at our Times Square studios in New York City for all of us at ABC news stay safe stay proud. It's evacuation some.

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{"duration":"44:18","description":"Janet Mock on protests, LGBTQ+ equality and being black and trans in America; New Hulu series 'Love, Victor' breaks new ground after beloved movie; 'Love, Victor' stars and EP offer insights","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"71418844","title":"Pride on ABC News Live: The Content Creators","url":"/Entertainment/video/pride-abc-news-live-content-creators-71418844"}