Quincy Jones' protege Shelea discusses her music and upcoming projects

The artist opens up about her PBS special and Clark Sisters biopic
28:23 | 04/10/19

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Transcript for Quincy Jones' protege Shelea discusses her music and upcoming projects
Candice Williams ABC radio and I am so excited because I have very beautifully talented amazing woman sitting right across from me I have. She's looking amazing game. And expect that acting out without the aggregate number that is only investigating in 20 and first and foremost congratulations. And if you got no idea why congratulating me about she had stalled bicycle laying on the right now. First things first he recently performed at the shed right opening of the. In this amazing please call in the yard and I close the show it was absolutely. Incredible this was a beautiful beautiful brainchild of Steve McQueen. And C Jones it is as you know as a parent my story with the advisors and I was so is honored to be Martin Yan and in with that mean this is really arm. Something that they've been working on for awhile as part. You know just as. This whole. Emergence into this cold sharing and really being able to bring these artist of the hits in this. In capsule eyes kind of vision that gap perhaps would timing is totally amazing because it's it's celebrating its celebrating the analysts and African Americans and ending January narrative that Annie was caught soundtrack of the mayor and it was it was beautiful it was only. Beautiful story that working its way you know literally the center yes yes absolutely. In addition to that you have this Al blood that is out any adding he. And we got a couple to take a moment of really talk about that because it is the gritty world over and I fact that I didn't make it she used to make it yes we got to choose to make it that I am absolutely right now and I want the full name of it because. It's called pretty world a tribute to. Allen in Maryland. Greenberg and yes an end goals to amazing vocalist had been only songwriters Diane songwriters have written. Amazing from like ill that you see in her class thinks that everything we we Wear for barbour's tries man. So cute they're this little couple and their ninety's and so in love Steele still writings. On it being. Yet like just to show how far back ago like Frank Sinatra gave them their first big break be wrote nice knees hands though it's at me and so problem but about this because you have some heavy hitters on on this album and you obviously -- in the Steve why are it would how big idea all. Eddie F. Talk about how this came about for URRR what the vision behind an attribute to them but I'll get something very special eyes you know there's a lot of ballads on there and talk a little bit of ballot what was your first idea and how audited translate. To bring all these three meet meeting people to. It started from just meeting him I was doing this even for Ascap caught we write the songs and cute little thing where. Songwriters seeing those song is to that the X stock. So. Still Allen wrote Windmills of your mind so he was singing songs I have I happen beyond program missile for that and just had its chance meeting women hotel and was a piano I started playing one of their songs from you in school. And I had it was this very rare song of theirs that you know they were even surprising the new. Until base pay and I certainly they had heard in decade you know this is obviously does. A movie that Barbara Streisand directed in Arden unions and you know they said let's let's do this album with practicing our Michael Waldman situation do this album with you guys in. You know they ended up seeking hand picking these songs and his Al. Songs and netter in relief for so what's so amazing that they even try you with that. And that's really how began and so when I was you know. And in making this love letter to then. It's like united out of who would want to include and so if you want it to mind is he's. You know he's the dear friend and I know he loves them. Kirk Whelan you know who really gave me my start in a lot of ways. On seeks 69 Brothers really they gave me my first rate. Stevie Mac he. Who is a childhood friend of mine grown long awaited baker still California and he's in eight innings he's. Vocal coach her. Jennifer. Lopez among many other people in. So Ilyce it it's just like this beautiful four also equivalent means apples and relations group great filling gains. Who has been such a great. Rand and source of encouragement. Or we actually just open the (%expletive) together he was in. And its system you'd of wealth. In essence a special thing I mean you know we're in the time we're. Sometimes you forget how important classics and an end to be able to kind of revisit that with this amazing he's the work is is is such an. A blessing to us in this time that we're and so. Thank you for saying yes yeah eyes so that it should be able to have is an end and you can't rule and a half say I've been on well. I mean beyond that if that's enough. This young woman has a PBS national. And ended in I think what beauty encapsulates. This special is the idea that Quincy Jones is presenting EU. The talk about this dynamic grinning into the special but I want people understand this relationship that you have Quincy Jones too we know them -- person in the music industry. Tell us that the first meeting you have to kind of think this trip down memory lane if he can I have I know I mean yeah. Now I would love to I am Rickey minor who is also that you Angel in my life. He was doing this entity in Queens he's home and you know Quincy does these agents armed and now I know. It was just as -- incidents thing in his home and wreaking by needs it to be part of it. And Quincy agency immediately connect it with me in my gift and he said you know I just all in this club than I. Colossal Versace Dubai. And I want should be you know for spoke. And so I went I went to diet I was there for two months and MI oh in his. And he you know we can't doing like events together like you know he would have something Ilyce actually meant for Angela Sony in the and he would invite me to seeing Ford in. And then when meat is filing a consent you know ethnic sufficient. Let's just make this Michelin so I sang with his management company Quincy Jones deductions and and then with this PBS special came it was the perfect opportunity. Now him end his name. Once again was actually began. You know it's an honor because again we need the names of some legendary figure in music. Also in the Singh missed that he's really putting you in this case of light unique look out for this coral because she's doing major things in her voice. Om and I'm. Is that pressure. It's to cook wish it doesn't feel like. Pressure anymore you know might need some years back it may have felt that right now night. Them in a place where anxious. Celebrating each moment and so great that allowed our ads Roth you know. And I feel like it happened at the right time. So what ever. He's got and that continued to leave the Lee me until walked in and no one ready you know cause there's a lot of time in creation. And that has been put in its news wearing in today's very com report in its amazing. Once and liked him. I'm I'm I. Aging is set up at like this is somebody like you've said. Is is such. Treasure yes the world you know and I get watching his Netflix. Union lonely you you documentary. You were really able to see the impact it really wasn't just means mean is. Impact on humanity. As an. Overwhelming. And you know. Because you have more IV. Closer released him in you know him better now is there any funny stories that you have a thing that he said and done I just an out because they get. We seek a Quincy Jones as this alleged fake producer in the man behind the scenes. We don't get to see him as a friend in the Colleen. And you as a mentor. The wet wet wet stories stories do you have or something that stands out that you feel like he really should know about the Quincy Jones at we don't get to see. We cut met last night. As she and night pre. Last night and so units yes it's again we've just gotten out. And let me let. I love is that music's. New effects in so deep he knows limitless in these artists. Last night just an incredible lineup and you know we were it was Asian home. Really love just her speaking voice you know he would he was referring to one of the rappers are just the way she talked you know. And there was another one doesn't mean I really love is just the unique camber. Of his voice you know. He's completely excited about music at 86 years alone in its. Amazing he's very funny payday I ink and pennants on it on on this special. He Phillies he has been laughing he has stories. I mean is. I can't tell a law. Yeah they're pretty at eight stories. As well of course you know you you are turning out to be this epic. Big here as well. So you know in addition to this PBS special wish you guys to check out what date on now to leave. This this particular specialist airing right could eared. Already right it's Eric well I think here in New York in the right OK nobody's going to be an additional. OK so it's it's this summer I mean you know we check local listings and I parity seen it but I didn't know if it had already launched a what I and you and you have being credible David. Costner how are working with him a company knew I mean it's right. You know keep such as sleep hard and. You know we entering together for the last year's and you know he's of course as you know he is white. Lifting. Journey as well musically and so I do Whitney he's in body art. Songs that he obviously was involved in writing and could use mean. Between racks and Natalie Cole and I do little Barbara Streisand. And he's missing by Shaka Kahn. So I have so much found with him on the rodino will be calling in Europe candidate Jeanne. And them we just speeches we just love creating together and when my PBS you know you know he was eerie theories me in making. Not only that he when it. Now. It's it's such an honor this is another another man that. You know ice I was that little girl who has always look. No on the back of you know CDs at look at the liner notes and the pastor and one seeing him one. Every song that I love you know. And it's it's such a beautiful fall. To be able to not only work with him. You never overwhelming to seeing some of the Greek. Music news knowing who they are and what they've done in their lives and then now beyond the platform and to sing their song began he no. It's funny I don't think about it all of until ask Eric you know in the beginning it's it's it's really just coming from. A heart of love and and is deep admiration in. Just since. All you know an end in seeing what. These artists have have in all not even if you're not a singer or performer and unique ranges. What you know Whitney Houston has done for the world just musical wreath. And and Barbara you know some of the ones and I I'm able to celebrate on stage. That's just my hinting it comes from I do remember I will say this one time I was doing issue with Arnold Michael Walden who. And reduce her early. Hit. And aegis written a book she is. It. And salute and are found Meehan he had written this or can so we did this show together at the Grammy museum. You know at. We just Ian. Impact with most. And for the first time. Members. And I. Apparently they were Maureen you know in the morning. And it in and there was it was so much. Involved with what this represented an anxious never forget the into the show. They're given his standing ovation in memory than telling me we. You have this unit of Whitney we love you actually. We hear you you know we we need unity influences. You are not mimicking her year in. And and we've been -- is moment me. Around that was in her daughter. On the knew me. And around me and said. You know when he's finished my mom you're with. She is usually east. And that's something. Communicate with eerie with me in all it doesn't feel like if anybody. Knew it means police it was more than mean you know. And so what I would make it that generous Ponce it it makes me feel. You know like. I'm doing good. In their memory. Alive and in his honoring them in this all. I'll act. Here that. Now. Have you me EU during that life time or space did you get to meet Iranian like a reef or any wine or. I don't then I remember one show we were into Charlie. I was touring with any wonder. And. And they told us. The show. Actually they NTELOS at the very end of the show Stevie said I just collapsed money right now. It's in the audience. Traits read. Her. She left right after I didn't get a chance to view but I can at least say she did hear me because terrorism in each of its army. And a have a spotlight mean seniors in I would you know and that you know in and we. You know I was in I love the Willard you know do. And I can at least say she heard. It has a beautiful I mean I know she was out because you you obviously aren't evenings now. That was easy thing to do I guess in the senate that atlas you know. The voices. I have to get into about as good segue there. About the blesses you with this amazing bio. I'm a crack at Aaron I gotta jump right. Now it's called the Clark sisters of first ladies of gospel you guys the Clark sisters they are. Legendary. And gospel music OK I mean also for Detroit on the water. And again you know laughter and belted out balance. Yeah yeah. Now we have to get into this because. One adults is where it was amazing in her own right with amazing in their own right absolutely okay a month I think a song about how. I can't. Kolb about the BI. You know what a diabetic coma at nine. Didn't leave and a scene. Bio snake. You lethal first thought. It's a great film great that he is ready been filmed months O'Leary there were from injury. Now it's coming our lifetime. We have a date. I whispers I've been hearing. This year. Oak. Preparing everybody for what's happened. During. I'm married have kids now how do you prepare for the role and he you know frazzled we all know there are powerhouse. How what did you specifically due I mean was there conversation game and needs it I don't mean. I will and them. I've known as. So I knew the news. Music and you even to bring this album you know when they broke off and it's a little record. I know Hermes got a song her music. I love singing I'm still here but when it comes to. In part that was the art is a coconut got the singing part they obviously wanted and news you. Someone who's saying. It was important tactic given its assertion that swamped with the director really was. Issue. If she really wanted. Captured. Since in this unit the sisters which is. I'm talking you write down they would just Austin listening me. You can't do that you know if it actress isn't saying you know you can do overdue war. Somebody has to sing or there's three Verona is in the studio lowered its. You know it's altered did it. Are singing live in this. He now. And there's seized beautiful beautiful wrong. And that is sending me. It's like that but she do have to. I you know I just immersed myself in theory in ants. Acting sessions and amazing sneezing. Who. Is this normally fly girl the original play girl and has running neck and she's just at a mean of all things and she beasts who. Dare I mean I icons that. I just. Lee. It was just such a rewarding experience you know it seem to rein in debt is theory. Since. She has its quality and so unique I mean it's it's like wars and husky. A year. Seen at the same time which is eerie. Gary Hart hits two. But I I can't release heated trying to figure out what like human body is. He can theories civics down in and warrant. Worked with him he's. Actually and in. I believe that it wasn't real as we read you know we re re singing every. And he really helped us find that signature Marxist sit down. And I had to say it really did my heart well he's you know it's early I. Really teaching more. So that at no really really at. And benefit was involved right absolute out capsule in fact. You know yes they are definitely. Eerie. And eat and how the conversations between family did you were you able to my. Ascot and be able to talk to them one on line or lines and so gracious first flashiest and 01 woman and I. And she you know I actually hours. Because I really wanted to till her truth and it and it L I felt so grateful. Just even here alive that I can really talk to you. You know the real person here and really your that there were sinners. Some really really. Powerful moments in the rooms surrounding her ear can really really. Wanted to get in the center which healing. New. Which she even said. She was so how. 00. Some eight I can't wait for this you don't understand I'm so excited now the exact producers on is. Cleanly he miss the Alley it. Mary. Where the reef. Jones knee and and Ollie. Carter. And it I have to just say this it it's it's really a unique. Moment when you have a movie about. Six and it was my sister's. Of course mother nature. Written. Urges that. Becky. This is like literally at eyes. And black yes and it's it's it's. Been. You know and and I honest we just Il. And I'm I'm ready impact. Well we don't do it and and I know we have to go but I ask you because you it's amazing beings in this. Time. And then you know. And I and I recollect on you know just looking at all the things done you'll look at the white owl and or for our friend of president Fred Marlene. Adler and and I just. Trip down memory lane. EU bid animals. Me week's gains thus far because your. Quincy jones' protege you your get a BM is biopic that reviewed legendary singers you perform for the Obama I mean. Ed in the lifetime already here now what I'm minimal but stunning moment for you thus far to skier. Oh. Or army where. President ma and sleeping Mitchell I mean. And in think I could change due Torre and that's that's crazy part but. I had to say that in hopeful moment with the first. Because. I was able to bring my. And it was a very different choice is an accidentally pick 1 person I am. So close to my mother my eight Esther is my soul me let I. At that moment it was so powerful. Eight to bringing my father a black father who was in my island and really wanna you know. Com and EP. Pound was raised in Birmingham Alabama I am under. Is now in her late eighties at times. In her early eighties. And and I knew that it was one thing for herd on her grand. To meet the first African Mir in its eighth and in some way to. Sun. You mean. I just really 11. And you know only my. Eight all these you know or reason. When you're growing you. In the civil right movement in and all anxious. Just really want it you. Honor my. Net wing and I was able to you know as. And Michelle were able to. It was just a huge cheers and a sign of at the event with a yet got a chance to each and it was so cute numbers. Literally did last in line you might. Or emergency their. Opinions are probably just like fatigue from smiling morality agers. And we are saying. Mention. Oh. You like. On CI beat me yeah. And she is evening it's. And its promises. He got out command and about to blow up. I'm out didn't say. So I have to say that was Ares I shall the second time I it and went with Anthony him the right time and weeks you know I learned from watching Rudy and the cub. Yet. I think that was the most electric. As easy. New president Roman. Are you. As new Reid earned. To nice ring. And fleeing. And you have been burned into our. All. That you have going I'm so excited for year and please let us know how to get your problems to check it out and the I want to support you and me being one women com and all that you have coming up problems. And. It's. And it's all available on eighteen. And made me initially as each EEA. And on social media issuing a means they also shall have all social media arms. On that. Particular album is also streaming wants out of my. Will seek and now you. Game. He will thank you so much for stopping by ABC rader taught me about just all these. Anytime you're welcome and because it is sold much greatness right now right with what you're doing with the biopic and the PBS specials I'm happy to promote what how. Come when the movie comes. And we can talk or. I can finally tell you more. And up course congratulations union keep on making these amazing things arrests at the silk the level of the good stuff. A mountain of measure love music. And of course we thinks and they efforts by ABC radio this Candice Williams up.

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