Rachel Dratch's Life Is An Open Book

Former SNL star talks about her autobiography and what's next.
3:40 | 02/07/13

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Transcript for Rachel Dratch's Life Is An Open Book
Rachel -- who wrote the book on life as a comedienne and on data. No really -- -- it's called girl walks into a bar comedy of calamity dating disasters and a midlife numerical. And it talks about her life's journey from getting her start in comedy her time on Saturday Night Live. And how her life for ever changed the moment she walked into a bar one night. And we welcome Rachel now Rachel it's great to have you -- is thanks -- Fun book to read so many things that people can relate to when it comes to dating. Was there anything your life that you considered off limits for the book. -- well I just really like -- -- -- I was told a -- is -- honest it's honest I was at Olympic 200 but I had still land up there even you know. The bad stuff for whatever. So that when other good stuff happens you know where I was coming from certain so I've pretty much panicking and I honestly didn't talk a lot about the business of comedy -- -- now. With people always ask -- about an annual guest book -- is an opera while another asked you about your personal and right exactly yeah that's the latest -- and and your mom which is. How's that going to motherhood surprised you Jeff. Lisa tries and that's kind of the book -- start dialing DNA in and then I -- -- -- -- -- -- and then -- the surprise -- my life when -- -- -- Pregnant at age almost 44 so is the biggest surprise -- my life but it's been super fun it's a whole other. Chapter -- man and really taking I have to say the I had a lot of practice with a home no sleeping because being -- SNL. You know yeah its very not turn on you never get sleep and so that was no adjustments he made for -- and kids -- the other SNL -- Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have any advice for. Well I know the have the same thing about the sleep like. Sleeping and it sleeping here. But now they just tell me take it you know when it had don't worry about but what about this month -- -- -- just. Dealer that day in outside the best thing the best yet and do you feel that your life is some thing now in some freezing way he does sound cliche. But yes -- -- -- -- that was written by. Singled me not knowing was on the court and I started raining when I didn't know what the crazy practice. Still as a single lady I'm at highland really wanted to hear -- like yin meant they. It's just different enough time. -- wonderful I think it to an. Lighten its so great. How to work with the comedian's life the child. For any radical as I mean I mean another servant a skilled pilot working all the time it's Nightline Phillip -- present. So you know I we're Karen and and it a lot of time -- Acting actually can have a pretty flexible schedule. And the side -- didn't exactly right I don't lamented when -- -- job that we maverick thing and -- yes now when the book at me into a movie who wouldn't like to. -- -- -- And I'm. I. Figure if you're not available. To -- -- and have -- -- Let's see I don't know alone we'll look -- yeah. It put that out there and parents and I think on the horizon -- I've actually. I'm working and trying to -- in the book into TV shows. Where I would like myself we'll split it. I think it cast as me it is or do you see again in -- so that -- seven -- -- out Tenet -- -- a few other little writing things on his wonderful break -- thinking so much for joining -- congratulations on all the wonderful success it and -- excellence the.

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{"id":18432822,"title":"Rachel Dratch's Life Is An Open Book","duration":"3:40","description":"Former SNL star talks about her autobiography and what's next.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rachel-dratchs-life-open-book-18432822","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}