Raven-Symone Tries Life in Canada

"The View" co-hosts visited Canada to see what life abroad would be like.
5:42 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for Raven-Symone Tries Life in Canada
So personally this summer even considering relocating including our own rape and take a look at a he died. An intelligent about who our next president was going to be if any Republican gets elected and don't move to Canada with my entire him. I have to prepare for the possibility that I might relocate to get tomorrow and of Vancouver. I needed to get him back for Canadian life still. Aim for seven hours after county actually. Scary couple months have fallen in love a Monty is Omega. People are roommates I. I'm not my intention or not it was from. Past ten years. So I had a roommate and another room took an. How strange is so huge Canada and dying Giuliani so before I left the states I talk to be experts hosts of tiny house nation I don't know what. But I don't eat what you really not downsize its all about customization. Gas because surprising to tidy house but really cutting out it's everything. And nothing that you don't. Listen I want our water for the base I'm. How let's do it. You guys aren't genius increase jingle with some chairs grabbed a picture off the wall and the divert a digital cable or energetic and yes. You guys realize I think I'll ask women. We might know just the place up from Canada. Did you got a sweet little place in Vancouver and a tiny house expert Natalie speed needles full. So can you yeah yeah yeah. Bill it's this promise from me tiny yeah there's kitchen as a full size kitchen next did your dad or my I don't I don't. Strait yes. I think I'm in the living room mr. Billy Graham is absolutely no didn't you do some. I know we're on a tour just. I can't leave intact the venture but Nigeria less than. That's a positive start OK I think that's her face because I need political and regulatory OK let us. Oh. So the house was a perfect. Bit but I knew I wanted to connect the. This stuff if they cool. Premiere instructive for. Today don't. I promised would be foolish are we get to some of the measures in. It's better Vancouver Canucks. Be ready I'm ready. What is now. It's not I'm holding this ball down. Yeah coming. I'm just. I. And his trademarks of Vancouver's famed grouse mountains. Or even. Are you a lumber and then I'll look again from Brooklyn you look like a lumberjack for sure sort of teaching today coming. She's got a thrown out. Max. More bullseye lumberjacks not look me up for the weekend. The top American politics sudden. About the presidential candidates in America right now we. Not bill okay we'll Hillary is running Boone hit yet he never heard of her. About trump moved. I'm really starting to feel like yeah I'm loving it turned back to the rich and personalized my new. Love assistant. House Natalie and I just feel like if I'm really gonna go daring to make sure that they can just shining and screen where you came here and change. And that I think we'll have to put some moms are on the walls moving couple Jackson's. Son my stuff. And my Jackson you mean Jackson Paulette the dare. I'm playing when California. Tissue out. She had visions right I did we really Baxter again I'll get caught just just let me let me check my my let me stop. Oh my goodness they wanted to come back home right now she's okay you know what I can do this yeah just a quick 400 trying to help coming home.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts visited Canada to see what life abroad would be like.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43406167","title":"Raven-Symone Tries Life in Canada","url":"/Entertainment/video/raven-symone-life-canada-43406167"}