Are We Ready for an Atheist President?

The women of "The View" discuss the future of religion in politics.
4:27 | 01/28/16

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Transcript for Are We Ready for an Atheist President?
He was asked about his religious. And he said that he doesn't believe in god but admits he's not like actively involved with organized religion which I assume means he does not a terrible attacks temple tap. So cannot understand that but I'm saying he'd. He does not go in the building. He doesn't go every Sunday AM Saturday doesn't do that also that outpost at reform did you go at least young people he has not already we DOE does not do that so that's the question do you think this will turn. Voters off will. Spokespeople except that like most of us he doesn't go into the building to do it. I think at. The residents you have the view that the U jail. I don't I don't think he's our I feel that I am culturally very jealous like I am you know I'm very signed LB in and that way I get annoyed by a little things that's part of my peoples and you've been doing it for millions of years. I really do only go to temple may be on him to pour I don't consider myself religious but I am Jewish I think it is a little different maybe correct if I'm wrong at the crash anarchy are. You know Catholic Catholic Alvin topics its calls for all I have a yellowish president so we have. A sea of anti semitism is alive and well this country also I mean I think that most people want their present in this country Allen about the rest of the world want their presidents to have some religious. That's with Barack even though I Jefferson and a Lincoln did not get associated with any particular religion and they would two of the greatest this country seems obsessed with religion. Right now Christian do you think that they care to -- I apparently am Muslim would have trouble right now but even made a non practicing Jew could have trouble do you think it causes that recent poll did say that more than half of Americans 51% would say they would be less likely to vote for president candidate who does not even gotten. That does not believe that's an atheist. I'm so and so it's important to Lou Moore an account of out of the puppy I don't know I mean what. Happened to sort of the separation of church and update I'm so I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm Kat got cancel it but I don't need my president to believe. In the got that I believe in or in the religion that I believe in because I I don't want his politics to be swayed. By a or to be savers by his religious beliefs and what do you think campus. Well first of all I appreciate Bernie's honesty I like that he didn't try to play up the fact that he was a more spiritual just Julia and that he that he really is why I really appreciate how good season real deal that's why he doesn't make ups I think yeah relates to a lot of people that say hey this is my finger what I was born into light relate to it but I don't practice and but fer me eat. Looking at a president and presidential candidate. I I wanna look at the foundation of which. They're gonna build our country a pine and what that foundation is for that. So it's like when I think of building my house I want to solid foundation so the morals the views. The virtues of those are important to me and Bernie may. Only about right so instead. To integrity. Is live at tech and and everything I do I do look at. I don't remember anything that what I have a problem with him in tribe is that both of them. Our our for our promising pie in the sky on the one hand China's gonna build the wall around Mexico around the United States the Mexicans gonna pay for it yeah bright not less like tarnished. And Bernie is promising single Payer health care which is not gonna happen Theodore Roosevelt tried and Obama at least got something through so he's they're promising things. That's why the person who has the most pragmatic needs to win this is a country that needs to be managed. Not these promises that can't come true. Okay. He went. And well you know had been. Beaten up at the what now as a little girl as we're gonna break I will remind. Some that one of their fears that people had an electing John Kennedy. Was that he was going to be talking on the phone to the pulp brighten and the pulp was going to be running in the country. What a president believes and his heart. And what a president does sometimes a not gonna tell. Because the president has to govern for Jews and Catholics and Muslims and so laurel Hester is and you know this Genoa is eight he is sent you know possibly even starts that's right. That's just the way America got must have.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"The women of \"The View\" discuss the future of religion in politics. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36576871","title":"Are We Ready for an Atheist President?","url":"/Entertainment/video/ready-atheist-president-36576871"}