'Real Live': Who is Cardi B.?

"Real Live" guests discuss the rap phenomenon Cardi B. and celebrities speaking out in light of recent controversy in news.
23:20 | 09/08/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Who is Cardi B.?
Hey guys I'm David Caplan and this is real lives I'm here at my regular crew. Candice Frederick and Mike do you think. That it could Jay Wright it's Friday and has a week we're ready we're John we have lots of energy for to narrate absolutely all right so let's talk about we've up celebrities so celebrities helping out donating their time and money. In times of crisis lot of celebrities have pitched in with the recent hurricane efforts. A lot of celebrities like share for example have spoken out in support of doc. And also when there was the North Carolina bathroom bill we know a lot of musicians also be avoided performing in that state. So here's my question for you what does that do for these causes do you think this help such content and celebrities are vocal about them. I have. I think signing one have a platform to actually there the platform in the wallets exactly it. You know donate the money that they that they need for these causes help people in needs that's clean hurricane and nine Houston right now. So hopefully that is encouraging other people have similarly large platforms you thing. And if it for people who don't have anything you just inspires this sort of issue I mean inspires people to get motivated to get sort of you know that rally around the cause that. I think was as they know is that. National disasters or international law what's go to that serves our. Easy for celebrities are kind of rowdy around it say it's a huge role and I'm glad they're doing it as Ken says humans and to leverage their platform for donations and and finding the town. But they were to begin to separate the two right doc that Indiana North Carolina bathroom bill. It becomes Dicey right and he's Hamilton this is a differential between what you're saying like. These sort of more political social issues which are probably a lot more polarizing were not everyone behind. Whereas most people are seeing. Are behind hurt you in effect for its failure point it is and also to allows him to understand it better rent because doc could be very niche right you know live in a state where there's a lot of dreamers there you may not be asked and they with a complications debit or Oliver North Carolina with about their billion Maine the estimate that transgender Bloomberg from they would LG BTQ aspect of it but the key part of the transgendered and Wesley than there are taught Americans in the black celebrities canceling their concerts and made you wonder why what why I did and what is this and allowed the average American into the side by what to do but. I think Morse levity to step up though as well they take more that responsibility. Advocate for more than causes and issues affiliates use of candies do you think though that some people at the same time get a little there's an they have an aversion and then to that caught many clipping some people when they see George Clooney or Ben Affleck run red carpet what. You know who care what you know. We're you know George Clooney thinks about X line disease if he's ever been about punched. I think the backlash I don't think they're not gonna see their movies I think it does not one here you know when there talking about whatever their platform is whatever their causes I don't think it's going to affect ticket sales of the box office. But not connecting to think there's gonna be serve a bit of an eye rolling be like oh come on the distance from the publicity because you know with the U look at simulate the Leonardo DiCaprio right total tabloid fodder you know in a series really gets a bunch of bad press but all of a sudden he's involves the environment and he's a good guy and city think people are like. And he's just doing it he's not they're not really genuine about it. There are some celebrities were not genuine about it but it. You know I I think that. That's going to be left up to the audience are really decided their fans really decide big they don't have to listen to and making just you know watch their movies or whatever but. I think actually lead to fan base actually get stronger for the celebrity and for an athlete when they do step up I think consumer behavior patterns and trends in terms of when consumers want to purchase products. From a company they know have a mission statement and have a cause and hasn't have a constitution and this is like nowadays. Its individual that fans. What does he has led to stand up for something now I'd go on other days where you've had to be perfect. And beautiful and fit and that's changing and he knew nobody wants that anymore and the celebrities are really doing well these days are authentic and their boys there authentic and their movements. And fans want to do that and then actually what I know is actually can is is that. Fans and that supporting the of that celebrity that athlete even more they really don't take it. Well social media I think it's really help that it's really in this sort of incredible medium. For the Lebanese to get their message out on their own terms you don't need to see celebrity more. You know do the PSA do something they don't Twitter instead Graham done and how do you think and this new your begun social media. Volume and where. Did he think that social media answered changed the landscape of the past twenty years for slivers getting their picture messages out. Yes I think people are using their session media to really ample either voice whether it's you know through film activists on through music activism or to be something through. You know such and humanity activism which I think a lot of people are some people are kind of being introduced through that Landis and then they're going on you know becoming an actress or singer whenever there. They're start talent is but a lot of people are really using that space to really ample liveliness of some their celebrity through that lands. Platoon Sosa media David's what you're saying too candid as it is almost eliminated that equation. Levy doesn't know much about that issues that definition I speak about that issue because now everyone has a voice on Twitter now we see average citizens tweeting about whatever topic whether it's about a constitutional amendment. Whether it's about a Supreme Court justice right whether it's about a very controversy human rights. Campaign process acting more individual Americans are comfortable because those media has done that so because it has allowed an equal playing field if you look from information to flow. I think that makes an out easier for celebrity's not to talk. They're opinion and that talk whether platforms and when they don't the question is then why are you so silent because now we can self select. Our news or wanna come fronts now we say let's go to sits leveraging the they have the same as go to let's newswire actually. Heavily share rallying around doc I mean that's that's a hot potato really so this be any severe political do you think that jeopardizes. You know an uber fan days or at the same time not enough fans are speaking out about that issue and pictures really leading the way. I think she is eight leader adamant she's leading the season. A leader in that conversation and I think that. Anybody was a Spanish share kind of expects it to beaver yeah it's about making you know how ominous so I don't think that he's not alone alone now I don't think that's NATO from her other celebs and I think again there is the demand. For celebrities who have these major platforms to speak on behalf of the little person who has a much smaller platform but is in. Who this is directly impacting and so they need these types of celebrities kind of come up to come hoyas went into. And that's recovered after a good as they went to the north just on this note though of celebrities and giving no. Talking to we're talking a lot slivers are pitching in for Booker an effort. On September 12 below forty celebrities are teaming up which we need Justin Bieber really everyone for telephones and beyond twelve networks including even see. A lot of other networks and it's going to be a twelve networks forty celebrities. Incredible telephones so that Richard walks it's going to be really. And needs in the room banning together again all the networks though ever to be Wendy Warren for the Stanley for one pay ahead when you ever get Justin Bieber and George Clooney together in the same space are missing TV screen. As important the I think that the headline beyond way urinated here merely. And I. It's is means nothing BMI. That's ahead right against yet it is incredible campaign for her birth because I think to check it out where they surprise or if you will they had. Different females and a dress up in and the hat in the jewelry kind of formation kind of aspect to really didn't go to only. To dedicate. Funds and resources to earn are still seem to have the first lever up her something when she comes on the telephone that can be really bonds because they're checking active there are speaking of music speaking of superstars we have a very special guest here today. A superstar in her own right Shannon cook from Spotify. AA and talked about party. BEU. Is everywhere right now regime to be. Keep fighting Sargent Heidi. Here is superstar hero right we don't need her here by. Please educate. Who and why is eight party EB. Here. That well thanks honey bee is a very successful isn't very hot tennis and right now Cuddy B is an honest she's twenty employees old. Grew up in the Bronx. Dad is from Trinidad and mom is to mini Ken. Didn't have a lot of money growing up and at age nineteen she studded stripping and don't judge we've all been good exactly and exactly to make good money and looks. That's while she was stripping she studies really work on her online presence and she has is very over the top as. And this is she has no filter. To speak of infection is probably the most unfilled since celebrity we've ever seen I think intimacy and white pictures on filter what sort of things that she viewed here to play well my he anything. Leaping and non operated she speaks on means paying. Ball go away and everybody loves it. So she hasn't won a nine million followers onions degree that's how much can fund it. Yeah so because of that reality TV came calling she was on VH one's love and hip hop and her manages suggested to had to try rap name I think cable. What businesses is now have wrapping she Conrad she can wrath. What has she rests really really well so what's your thoughts are for people walking through like have a what's that song that big sunken diamond and this is the song that has escalated her career in big ways Cologne by tequila. What does it sound like you're the way of saying yeah. Yeah I. Oh and I. Signatory maven she's really good it's whacking. This song it's it's like in the top six about child sounds like he did not know right now on the screen she doesn't birthday she's typical Jesus seen. Me she's super it's a shame promptly this because look at those dudes. Pretty easy style and song. She's also about jutting out I think it definitely she's. On instant Graham who I think one of the things that's really interesting about her is. She has an incredible command of language and I can be listened to by that killer. You know and I'm talking about and not only she's kind of this this command of language in a couple of ways one. She grew up in Neil look. That helps analysts say she because she's such a means to Graham sexy insensitive and yeah this evening out at. And they kind Chris skills and win with woods on his to grant she night is what her fans like to say. And cheat sheet she refused to their feedback. And that she she couldn't integrates into her music and I think I think she's got a really big bright future let me. So are you surprised that through the means stream has really centered and she's visited the billboard awards mean are you surprised at this and we're really broken out into the night because some she has this take no prisoners attitude which I think appeals to a lot of people accompaniment. The political climate here in the US at the mine and I think it's made people speak out a little more aggressively and she is aggressive and she's on apologetic about it. And I think people just think I cash's bat. That's because there's with the Florida started I think Kenneth as well this may be more of a fuel related question he think there's enough room in the industry relief for being out there female artist sometimes the only thing is like wine. He no property no will be the new human notch moment the Queen Latifah mama not right now obviously rate you know what do you guys think I mean do you think there is enough room for her to have this longevity. And relevance of these other huge speed of stars really occupants in space. What are you shaking your head about taking away. The question we get this question a lot. I think LA there are countless. Doing the same thing your turn to reform our equipment doing it and then it becomes. Yeah. I cannot even Olympia. Yeah platinum. What is not a whole lot of women's health yet it's still married males with the the battle of. Responses that a media I think the media often liked to seen fee now let's go against each other. And a kind of create more of a rift in a rivalry than actually needs to be seen anything but and that. Publicly the industry immediately virulence signings they're olympians people conquer disease the music games of the things we just don't want to really own that space right now north avenue S everything bad thing it's it's hard articles are written I think articles get written with the headline is there be between these individuals and Larry Lindsey just want to that ever happening it's really manufacture. I agree and I think there needs to stop dancing on the beef say he cares about the Israel. We will have about the ramming. And humanize feet which is really happy every decade is just really know what. It would no that's with hip hop so I have not had rivalries and NASA's more of a banter between hit by nature of it. But an interview artist on the times that he female artist whether their wrappers or their R&B singers. There is is no names you know at time that we don't have been with the each other race is really does manufactured. In this it wasn't by the card to be being heavily one hone in mergers and really mix are so great and tagging debris that has part of these grabbing. The authenticity about party Saturday following current NB before she got on Lebanon and not answer grant she was in December I didn't discuss bad news media and yeah. That. This is authentic mayor was then cut a quarter or eleven but she maintains she was added that came out because both hands on these reality so let me go want to be caricatures right intimacy with army are authentic self is by transmitting the well. Yes he had heard in a moment but what really did it for Renault alliance which -- for comment happening. He had five seconds to talk the next reformer and she took that moment to be on a positive thing I stand with you cons have Renee and while you meal I would stand. An ad that these are the social medium. Right you oh this new artist who has a background she might take a stance and other arms are more established are you concerned that looks right since it started their policy and the erupted in that moment an Indian days that was the moment those mean Iraq. Doesn't slip through when yeah. Can I just say one of the things that these fees kind of refreshing about here is. She to a single lot a bell wraps a lot about and she talks a lot about. Wanting to make money she's she's. Apologetically I musing that would. He goes on rotten I don't. Yes she takes it to. The levels that I don't think we could do anything that I do you not. Collectively it's blatantly like dollar fine necklaces yeah it'd be different artists that Diana have a difference in movies she's basically saying I'm here to make as much money isn't possibly can't. But this time when you win if you artists they like. Music is a pot of my soul and it's not your typical mining and I don't think that plays into what you are saying her whole authenticity. She's being real about being honest about it and she doesn't care what anyone thing. That's an easel as more of economics is not material aspect of it as an economics of it ranked into people's into the music arm for the craft and it. But he's in a minute to make as quick buck at night. I was gonna last but messaging is a party without a consumer behavior transit patterns Carty and he had been able to make a business out of herself. Into captured instrument of social media the way that most box corporations are on able to do you. Wright is a season to turn act in ways that no one has seen nothing that with a fascination is for that. Comment about this on television zones are out there a diamond and coming acts he pushed through. Only a few inches and it puts you because of her used almost like this social media with them. As the wrath I mean that is so Leon but. I mean like is there room for another you know robbery in that this is a company here. That isn't any but they're not. Many right there are tonight as many as now the public why do you think that if that is popular rappers out there. Go to label recording it like this and it's like who's putting the box that he is somebody early you know an institution is limiting and I don't think it's like obese that you read about in tablet that is a record with a label thing like you know why we could only have a knee he in this case the only Water Cube whereas with the middle. You know it's open season and their. Yeah where you think that's coming for a new trial dominated yeah. Industry so it's going to be country. And I don't. When he clearly did not pinpoint any man he beat it is at the end of the gators and there's sexism involved clearly. A clear sign. I don't if stopping Peggy race plays into this to recover rappers are typically. Women of color anyway you know on the other side you know we've that was lefty Erik Bedard AB let have you Greece plays into this if it does this. Thank you mention and it habits are white pop artists as well right there is there was Britney Spears and any god god is Madonna moment that their hatch makes and now we had to listening Katy Perry but again I think isn't yet thing right he won his seat. Two females really butt heads with each other but there is that I don't think is. I waxy flipped it into the music industry I would say. Because of nick humanizing her style of rap sheet as allow Ricard V that had to come and be the next iteration of the accident at now risking much more stack things in the aviation and I think hardy is synchronized on this saying that missing more others were similar things on Iraq but his presidency a lot more other rappers like rhapsody you're gonna come into place enough he knows now are not as one dimensional doesn't cure is a little canned. And it was Foxy Brown yet the that's not Bob Brown right now we're saying Nikki now we're seeing guarded offices in rhapsody for example well in our singular aspect. I think Spotify over here. Barry be hit as she really remind you what do you think it has. He didn't she sort of have elements of her that Queen Latifah the early days it's a limited making me not that there's bits and pieces are backing band with every celebrity in the. He she it. I mean I'm late to compare with somebody I mean when nice fence what's your music video from buy that Keller I thought she's kind of you know she's got a little bit of an canonized by going on. Where she did this from making humanize that he's. One of the secrets to Nikki success I think is she. She incorporated a lot of call exactly. Which currently. Attorneys was that it doesn't make remains strength science and we've only seen a little bit from Cuddy being her album comes out in October. We can see more of her here more than that scifi she's just coming out hot as a hit pop this. Which and I think I agree we've read review Mike there's enough room at the top. And even a Cuddy B is. Is united doing best on a shot since since it came out rapist. Sneaking acknowledges an Odyssey can be between albums. And she's still strange seeing the millions and millions in the minus she has 25 million unique active listeners wanting Cuddy B has about ten million. Well let's question about her and the until October the out that's an act out yes why do just looking to crystal vale do you know like yeah. Do we bring. I think his new album is going to increase or profile get new fans and it's going to be great what are your loser got. I think based on what we've already seen from her she's she's been turning out some collaborations one just came out when she easy I think based on everything I've seen from has served. I think it's going to be as. All an album aren't we know what to do in October we'll have you back and we'll talk all about how. And tying banana. My favorite parts of the show real talking always hook when he had a special guest in the hot seat to chance your personal gosh welcome. How critical juncture real talk the city now well. Steadily shifting music genres here from rap scene. You know I swapped crew and another sand Smit yet as host Fuhrman this yeah. And now wary of tiny very skinny look slow way he looks really good and he he's really stinging song finally OK he recorded a beautiful videotape just for a Spotify and we have a little bit of it. To play for you very thing that parents that's the way you think you spot. You know news. The sick and now listen apparently he recorded this this is recorded capital student has the studios and LA he did all islands cake. The song is called too good at goodbyes. And kind of fits in with the some of gloomy feel of those who Wear what Alan. Unlike why Jesus is on the way he was comical hiatus or like on the Taylor and we have the I think he was having he's not Raikkonen thousand more time. Thank you and music. I'm doing anything you can check out the full video it's really cooling needs around students. I don't watch that race and a are at night you're on top that this could have heartbreak. Every Saturday during the football off on Saturday if how this football and I am a Hughes. College football fan I'm maneuvers admission alone gold blue and every Saturday I'm obsessed now that you vs mr. Allbaugh is back. We are a great number eight and I hope I will be heartbroken proof. For the rest of I think that it is a Jim Harbaugh closer Hartmann counting on you that it is an accident anchors it maybe I know you can do it we have excellent team. This year already weeks every Saturday. Our candidates. Real talk take away completely fixing here. So we are to less than two months away from Halloween yeah and we are knee deep in steaming Cain mania. When snow. Starting today in unison is it is which is that the new is adaptation. One of his best novels ever. When his longest minute novels ever. Com and I have not seen it yet join me at the movies I hears both beef and half sick. And so that's that matter. And I'm gonna keep in the music theme in honor review by the the other an inspector I never listen to country music I thought but people in cities like New York who listen to country music contrived and ridiculous red I ran like him across Dustin lynch is like his big country star. Unbeknownst to me seriously right here is one song called. It's the country's port subject. It's amazing breaking up the sky he's back seat and bathing and seriously the raid in the it's a great talking on the subject and if you went a little life in Iraq will dazzle to air support of the tablet did you Kelly Osborne that he gets a little bit his. I believe the I don't see him tally on finding our way I don't know I hang her with Kelly off Warren to feed him a company offering a lap. Different strokes for different votes rate. Our guys and good real talk write a note to listen to you know what to watch on its first fourth and that I know what it scare myself for. Let him. You can probably aren't I think he's so much and think your morale thanks again for watching real life. And we will theme next time.

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