'Real Live': Should we continue to remake the classics?

"Murder on the Orient Express" is in theaters today, but do we need more remakes?
10:00 | 11/10/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Should we continue to remake the classics?
Hello and welcome to be alive on this beautiful Friday afternoon I'm Mike Roth and joined by my usual panel of pop culture expert again Kelly got Candace got Mike. I guess their plan and it only got out of that it would create unison that they have had a suddenly tackled of doing OK so I think that's his right thing it's really get it usually is there thank you. And Shaq the romance footprint I have dedicated to fit in that he can stop this love affair but. Tonight. The new movie coming out murder on the or express. Another remake a fill it we're in this genre of reboots revivals and remake. The money restored once it. Still one what do you think about the movie into anything about this whole era reboots we're in right now. Well in the movie is not guarded the assembly Hulu. I can't had a blood clot that today go look at how do you get any man and credit. One of the biggest reasons why it just doesn't work is because it's a fountain fat. Does and modernize. From the arisen on I think that's what makes a good remake. Great is that modernize it actually brings into some kind of current. Events or something that it looks like something that what happened today and this does not from. The way in which they talk like flying on to their wardrobes who just the fact that there but you know I try. Unlike her chair and Indians. Welcome let's not I fly jetBlue federalized that. I think it's really interesting actually that because often that one MI a very makes and in everything here as an excuse to top but the Cullen rather it's true grit. Was that and I think that you know the last NN national their movie and mean. Jeff Bridges really elevated and that Carrick there even Alan anything done by John Wayne and Audi do that they think that the way they change the town to be more true. To the buck and to the historical contacts in the way that the original didn't really do that was really impact Evans I think that firm need. Is a good example of ones that have done well and right. A closer remake but as Candice said this one I saw the trailer. It is not drawn me to guns and we dare this Friday I think our remake CBS an update as a film modernize and a very interesting way. We know so much about of the story it is not like we wanted to see this movie be remained it was a meg rated a success when he came out the first time. So I don't know what was the draw to have its and I things to do in the same dialect. And the same isms in the same mannerisms and his hands these agency. But what have to know autism period he's downtown he had a very unique way really capturing their arts incidents from across ancient demographics about back to be interesting. I think for a lot of individuals whose immune it's too there is a guess and discovery. And I think there is no news in this said this will be in this kinds that so I don't know what the appeal this forum but fantastic actors don't nonetheless. Great cast I mean that there isn't that the usually usually when there's too many listeners that's not a good sign that there's throw people together and being like let's make that I think I think that's what makes this. This story I think that's what makes this story so interesting because it's such a wide array of characters but to wiry at actors are playing these people. Which makes what actually transpires and it that much more interest thing but. This is not Anderson movie. Yeah. I thought Kansas Georgia where you big. I'm also thinking about it and I kind. Any offense here point and when it's such an amazing cast. What about ocean eleven naming you look at that's dice that it cap and that wasn't actually me how we're reminded you that we by any chance yeah. We might even have a pictured it most of that as a. Had a fantastic cast and it was very hot but the honor my supermodel it was waves at everyone can relate to and went cat and velocity is experience and everyone has had a vision of what they think Las Vegas race. There might have given hides it really doesn't that was new that was fun. An antacid unsound low temperature. Yeah. That there ago about there was very it is in I think he's active put their own stamp apparently there was an interesting at cardinal in these. Can't care actors Aaron and this remake currently will be England to have the strength to put their own twist on to it. Regulatory office shot dead at an casting the Mexican acting too as well. Canada and watches science and now the crows two I was you know studied the penniless actor anymore my question. Well I think the military with they now although I actually. At a love hate relationship with them I think he's actually the most interesting person in this movie midnight in a very long and oh. The story right you know exactly what had an independent but. I think Bhutto and some saying it. Happens to have something there's some you know this something that does is. Some might interest thing I think it meant something that kind of winds up with. The progression of the plot along that the other partners does not do they just sit there look pretty in des Arianna that since. Isn't is irrelevant Allen and transcends bar and a state by yet another change in different. I also wonder what you guys think of this if this is that the street again the difference being reboot your vials are and reunions as this is a little bit new wants they're different. Live from this if this is a street Anderson in Bristol wants the street like bringing the future and a thing like than the modernizing now. How that compares split with Star Wars still of those Connolly instructions question but like Star Wars is basically the new trilogy is doing. A little bit of the old cast. With new story lines that are leading to people like John buoyant daisy Ridley is that the new way to do this like do we need remakes or is this the best way to do every night. We revamped basically. Asked at a Star Wars of the different because Star Wars has that's a cult following by everyone's a fan of Star Wars right in so you want to see another iteration of Star Wars right. I don't want to see them in the race and this movie and I think that's the town's that this down. Vs Star Wars overseas Star Trek is our that is legacy legacy properties. Think books are iconic rank intellectual property and and that's a property Iran and end the toys and merchandising and all the things that you begin to costumes in be would do comic guy you know amenities of objectors and I don't think this movie pack has that fox who he'd whatsoever I still don't get amounts are you talking about a certain ABC reporters just that is the style are gonna. OK. You know what OK ma'am that's. I think it. This that aspect that I think. Hollywood has been playing with for awhile and I think that they thought that this was going to you know can Don that are you know be part of and I just don't think you're I think. You know Kenneth brown I think he directed stars and has the longest monologues in the move paid. And it seems more like like a pet project for him might obviously something he really loves and that you just want to bring forth but I really think that he might have been alone on the ice tonight. I wanting GAAP zero airplane and maybe that's partly why you know you have that critique the EU but it's. A lot of the Olympian outfit and beef isn't there and they back out yeah Irina Selanne Harry and make look also had a. I think though is that I think hot it was that mistake she news from the smaller screens and television. Currently right now agrees television is winning is because the characters were very authentic right now there's a very complicated that the injuries that every new lines even what you're saying blessed are worth their revamp about it they're adding new dimensions and elements these acts is off together. And one of those personal wasn't movie is a talents and that it's now threatening that you have so many things to compete with. Right at Netflix and on demand and streaming breathing need to do it to a movie the eight year to enact garlic pacing the and I. I don't want to see characters that bring new watts and very complicated right I wanna see that new life and the very complicated relations the advocate as the rank and I think that's what we want to see in films in the event that did with the great. We talked about this the poor John and the reason out for residents and loudly as properties. They had new lines it is very complex that is why hasn't liked the -- and scare you and I. Lot of you brought up horror speaking of like obviously it was a great remake what movies do you think should be remade. In that style that will be successful. Within mar photo any thoughts are advancing like it was remit it was it was done so well and people loved it now. Are there other movies that are primed for in Texas now enters the ethic that is that he death. I was excited for the remake we'll do Marcum and chocolate factory. Can now Atlantic Canada at all a lot of people lagging I think Alan it's almost like they're segment is that there kind of like to class rate you anything massive band. And people them absolutely allowed and they're not on board right away. Dan Buchanan news that's available that of Elliott yeah I mean honestly and I'm generally again the whole remain thing but I'm up I'm for films that were bad. To be remain committed like a cash ideally something late. Christine other sinking out how to take a look at an act of Allegheny battery inspires either which alpha I was really about. I think that those could be grapes today. Have they exists in today's competitive time could handbags now. Yeah thousands automatic and is optimistic about bad movies and he's made over thousands in a comedy genre and I think airplane. To see airplay. The good news and the and one that's really get a lot of that we have admitted that cannot aren't rated single man had to be aggressively big that would be really into Tuesday.

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