'Real Live': Taylor Swift wins groping trial

With a symbolic $1 win in her groping trial against radio DJ David Mueller, Swift takes a stand for women.
4:30 | 08/18/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Taylor Swift wins groping trial
Hey Ron I'm David Caplan with abcnews.com. And beef is realize ABC news is live digital talk show. Were we break and he knows bugged about pop culture stories aren't here with me is filming TV credit. Candice Frederick we have pop culture and political expert Mike muse and we have a very special guests coming up later on in the show. First we're talking today about the president and late night TV and the total solar clips but first let's talk about Taylor Swift. So we know there's the groping case the jury sided with Taylor Swift and they decided not to give her the the DJ who she accused of assaulting her. Three million dollars she in turn got these symbolic one dollar for assault what do you guys think about that verdict in the ruling. Is warranted I'm glad it and they sided with her I think it was it's a really positive statements have me. That somebody like her somebody who has her demographic mr. Lee young women particularly women who are. Kind of coming into their own sexuality. To state that this is not okay and doesn't matter who you are what you dress like. What images that you provoke it. That it's not anything for you got along the lines I think a lot of times celebrities especially ones that sort of have you know be centralized image. There's that notion you know blaming the victim of an idea doesn't talk about pop start new they're definitely bears sexual looking people rate so I think you'd think it sends a message really that like it doesn't matter how you drafts what you do that everyone is really on the same level with unwanted it's un wanted something it's not consensual it's not consensual. But like about this okay today sexy with Fort Bragg and it's adverse event tickets at. A really good positive message and really at home I'm morsel and it's a precedent. Yet for other women to feel comfortable coming forward. To beat it isn't all is that pushed back. Well if I do this when it Franco Natalie sue me right by your written we're at about way to be economically. One of the statements or at least they talk about her privileged she's I recognize that for the hat or to bear and economic costs in order to shut this responsibility or tutor for your case but that really went to its showcase event economics and in a plot the that the justice system that we have that. Yes the scales are balanced but sometimes money does make the scale school at different kind of way let that enter into the narrative of the house of conversation because it's so important. We sided with Jay-Z was doing with the bill fund that he did Latin is aren't able to get out of jail. Does either body with a four to bail which makes them at the bit longer and I think might hurt doing that really insert an economic justice system. Today I think you know what what role as a public figure again I think that's a huge thing it sends a message and again you know I think we've discussed this before house liberties public figures. They really you know they're they're accountable to their fans and they're sending a message I think your point. You know gently she really oldest or chemical that she didn't pursue it what sort of message with that really sent to her fans. Complicit. In you know nobody wants that again. I think she has a very strong very strong and days that it looked up to her as a role models or she was going to kind of not doing anything or just drop the case that shows an even bigger scene and then. And I think he'll like anyone who's an employment situation feels maybe the big hurrah after assaulted if that's the thing with very mean there may be a lot of celebrities and other public figures but with and disposed you know a few years ago that she was earlier in her career she could have been like you know what I don't rock the waters you know as we know this with the -- the DJ with some in the industry you know it's possible there would have been pushed back from ours I think also. In that since it's still relatable to lot of people most people don't relate obviously to you know this grant you wart ridden singer but they find that really you know me they find it that they make it relative. Because I think that I would accumulated experience ends I think sometimes entertainment and media you will look at that is maybe acceptable behavior yeah I and I think that she stopped that on its head and that no. And that is of the recent events that we had there was a major quote media corporation led a lot of issues yes but discrimination and harassment happens we see it happening at that combat currently right ends up we're seeing this happening in other spaces in place that would not normally uses seeing now we're seeing women X began to really become empowered to push back. And it empowers Ehrlich the everyday woman you know I think something everyone can trying to understand what it's like to be discriminated against or to be arrested again feel like he. You don't have a voice economically I don't have a NAFTA pushed back on this large company. On the Arctic is actually in which is showing is that. In spite of still golf wart which.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"With a symbolic $1 win in her groping trial against radio DJ David Mueller, Swift takes a stand for women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"49301053","title":"'Real Live': Taylor Swift wins groping trial","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-taylor-swift-wins-groping-trial-49301053"}