The Reverend Shawn Amos on The Inspiration Behind His Music

The Reverend Shawn Amos tells us the inspiration behind one of his most popular albums and performs his song, "Boogie."
7:39 | 02/25/16

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Transcript for The Reverend Shawn Amos on The Inspiration Behind His Music
Your mom was saying it was and she wouldn't you tell me about a month she sing in the name surely managers and nightclub singer she performed in. Here in New York City Houston corn and you know again Fillmore who. With teachers Roman room in horn. Other great singers. She signed to Mercury Records and teachers are reviewed in her town yeah I think you neighboring units insignia but did not enforce wishy some were from mental illness this. A nasty disease called Spitzer affective disorder and she took her life into that theory about time I was born her illness had taken over and she had. Through drift into another penalized. Prior to my arrival she. With them quite quite different the united news regrets whose music comes here. I'm annual first album was attributed to what we're first column but as this folly of the most well known well you know 2000 recalled thinking surely and then. And it was true returned through the life that I discovered she. As chancellors or get this woman and two notes when I never knew before that it what did you feel that you. You goats and Obama can all god. Also got to sort. But you appreciate her for someone you know I got to Fisher's strength is in book someone who's got any kind of homes which mental physical. You sort of it's been a life time for good reason form you're wanting a parent who has if stronger than apparently got. And so discovering. Don't like she in the Congo. Travails should overcome it made me appreciate instruments yeah so what an interesting thing to to get Sonoma togetherness among close to you after they passed away. Through writing music that's on avenue open to most of us. This this is just to get him as the guess she left we have all this evidence of this election that object streak kept secret. And those people. Dislike him. Able to sort of express myself away are you listening and a performer because of you know I. That's a question. Yes the extent that innocent genes going on it that these town is generic to some degree. I think that. I feel wore her run through my performance you and of themselves feel like among other reasons that I do it. It's who wished me yet keep the connection and also pirates and he really interesting dividend signs Jim. Which is that you need to grow up and house of music if you want to perform music if you don't have perfect pitch. But debris you have to brunt of the house of music by the age of six we're talking about that we have here of suburban house music. Through easier to get. Director of the stuff you know yes your and your. In the air your future ability to achieve perfect pitch. He set the pattern by the agency. But then had to dump. That it is they've done for you might talk things in. Fifteen. For exhibits is that we do a thing or how school kitchen table was worth. Other guys can movers and thing with room to do. And sometimes led Simpson books and through his music house at least one day. I'm. As it is not a lot try as you do if you bought every track your feet in the sense of you'll you'll Mountain View on that I mean that's on the hill. Yeah. I think I. To me it is like it's a connection to her it's a connection to this music which is part of my. Heritage. Isn't an African American musical form and it is also. And music that connects me to a greater your spirit in which I think you know great music it was not three lines. My feet is a puppet of right. Mr. Bush with all carnal. Afterwards exudes an. If that nobody was on eleventh I thought. How hard through the power ladies and gentlemen what thing ABC news digital news the reverential and A mills. From the band the reverential and most loves you with aggregate book. Bill through. More. Than that. Doesn't have come home we'll hear them. There and Matt. Very proud award. For yourself from -- Bill Burton. And boot this. I'm all of Buddha and. Kamal boom. But I think that all we're live. If you had no sleep. It's curtains. Fall or are. And yeah. Yeah. I got up all my hat but did an old movie this. I got them. That flow from. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah it's. Kimono. Who dat. I'm not sure. All and wouldn't let up Paul Volcker role. Hold all modeled on. Dividends. Flour. Have gotten out. Not now and then. We have not up look at it. All that home movie and. Come calling him back. There are new hand. God help cool. Yeah. Yeah. And look him. Then there are. Good. It. Well that. Not fit put. And a third morning. Standing remotely in his music. You've gone he got there and you. Diocese. Is turning to breaking of the law. Well musings on the whole on. Guide every night. The guys look at them and then doctor Robertson on the guitar yet the might not make her own drums. It and the mighty Philip yet. Carol and thrown. On the base. That they. In.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"The Reverend Shawn Amos tells us the inspiration behind one of his most popular albums and performs his song, \"Boogie.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37198533","title":"The Reverend Shawn Amos on The Inspiration Behind His Music","url":"/Entertainment/video/reverend-shawn-amos-inspiration-music-37198533"}