Rick Perry Touts Ted Cruz, Has LGBT Conversation on 'The View'

The former Texas Governor discusses the senator's campaign to beat Donald Trump and also talks about LGBT community issues.
4:51 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Rick Perry Touts Ted Cruz, Has LGBT Conversation on 'The View'
Let's talk about you for a second because the last time and tell them you're right I knew running for election. We have a tape of what blew it for income what can we look at it. July yeah. You've seen it a hundred times I want to just under I want you bring up points out that live up what's this would happen. Okay it. It's three agencies and government when I get there that are gone. Commerce education. And the what's the third when there let's. Now get a third one. The third agency of government I would I would do away with the education. The Commerzbank packed with the commerce. Analyst city and I can't the third or I can start that the group's. Okay OK it was a horrible moment for you why I I dress harassment and it is again but let me and I know but I'm. Says something you know Donald Trump has famously said he could choose somebody on Fifth Avenue and people would still love him what is he got that you don't have. And I think you hit again as he talked about he's been and these living rooms or years on a reality television program and people were comfortable but people are comfortable with that amp M and again I think he gets back to. In September. When Americans really go okay. We find ourselves in some very difficult waters after. Economically. Militarily where we find ourselves the world what's going on a Middle East and who is it that we want to be sitting in the Oval Office snake in the decisions about where this country's gonna go. Can at that particular point in time. You know again let's not for Ted Cruz and I still think that there is away for Ted is to be has Barack lack the knowledge there is a I would have. Yeah patents through its through a contested. Convention in Cleveland. So now I got to ask you about this because. Ted Cruz has made also some very. If you're game really uncomfortable. Nasty things said everybody. Wears on in this is a sideline and let it and I will and I could tell about. And so I'm asking you when you embrace a candidate like Ted Cruz. Why are you embracing about him I just want to be clear as I know. That you don't subscribe to. You know I'd like he's you know what I think about what we've done in the state of Texas with the criminal justice system in the reforms that we made there. And I'm going to be spent and a lot of my time out passion about reforming the criminal justice because people that look like yeah. Not treated right in that criminal justice system and they need a wrong law and order governor like me to stand up and say that folks we've got to change that if we ever the Republican Party that was made par. Freeing the slaves. Kurt. Got an athlete and I can America remember the hello good director admitted it was only one who would say listen we've got to get this to get. Of course this is what you might get an emphatic that what have we got excited that we need to add an American but yes and we need to be back out there to get them back you know. That your party. Rappers man's gay folks as well as they should tell tell EBT community as well as they should unseal like they didn't recognize you has understand these U of these folks. Also how art Maric cats and some. You are not. Endorsing. Backs. Here's what I'm endorsing I'll catch is that. We are Americans not and we got to get past all of the labels. And we got to put policies into place. That allow people live free of act and I'm I'm I'm a big believer that there's too many people want to consolidate power in Washington DC. I do you happen to think I'm a big believer in the tenth amendment. That basically says you you push that back into the states and let them decide these issues I happen to believe that that's were. Those issues need to be decided not the federal government. Whether what what ever you may believe on the issue dealing with traditional marriage I think it needs to be made back at the state level not at the federal level. Not saying at a level not know I get their blood and heading what do you mean I don't think well I'm that I I've alluded before in the first segment about how. The Republican Party vetoed all of the jobs bills that would come I don't know I'm patient needs to become an out of of Washington DC you realized had we bought two jobs the infrastructure that is job history and I get the education side of it fixed forget about getting a job. And those that want to consolidate all of that education policy John Washington. Rat pack when what would read Harry it's okay.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"The former Texas Governor discusses the senator's campaign to beat Donald Trump and also talks about LGBT community issues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38708974","title":"Rick Perry Touts Ted Cruz, Has LGBT Conversation on 'The View'","url":"/Entertainment/video/rick-perry-touts-ted-cruz-lgbt-conversation-view-38708974"}