RNC Day 2 Speeches Attack Hillary Clinton

"The View" co-hosts discuss the second day at the Republican National Convention.
7:52 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for RNC Day 2 Speeches Attack Hillary Clinton
During last night date to actually of the GOP convention. Chris Christie. That happen by the crowd. By putting Hillary Clinton quench rot. Take a look as Hillary Clinton the charge of putting herself. Ahead of America. Guilty or not guilty. Okay. In sign and Syria. At. In Iran and rush and Cuba. The it. That would come as a shock to Fidel Castro I think and in no way yet. Limousines ironic. I got it figured it Zdeno if you want it be Obama criticized. Putting up which was I know I found no I haven't physically nauseating to watch him. Because. Yeah. It was because it was like I was like a witch hunt and he was grousing they want it seems as saying. Locked out Rob Blake let's just hit a mob and sound like mob that attacked. It gets the woman he's a former prosecutor he's auditioning for the attorney general position right at it let's let's be real had any state except that candidates take care people are now want if he becomes attorney general mice. I don't want is I want to see. Lock her up that's that's not how that is try as you out want ordered it but I tell you what was surprising to me is. Chris Christie was really the first permit of all politicians is to stand by Donald Trump cited doors and I wanted to hear why he endorsed Donald took. And all I heard was locked up Hillary what they are then yeah right hander out an engine has been more about Hillary Clinton and what she's not a what he'd done and actually and me. Do you into what this level Clinton Bradley be surrounding him don't you wanna hear nice fat or. See I saw what you mean yeah. I can't stand for this since he said he would run at one time. Things he said you know I'll have people who don't what what do you wanna do when you have the people who can't leave anime could be a great day. What is duke can't you read that I. I can't I get that that's what he's gonna do I'm I'm all for act but I saw how the American brain. I know what I how well what happens that what does that mean when acne leg lock up all the women does it mean. Yeah all the black people what does this yeah. Wanna know this isn't. Want a convention you love it or hate it I don't like conventions for this reason because they don't offer solutions if he comes. It doesn't become a reason why you should vote for Republicans or Democrats this happens on both sides appoint me comment. Let's attack the other side appointed to rally the base this is supposed to get you ready and I did not really any idea that this is a party that's very divided. This convention for Republicans is supposed to unify the people who can't stand Donald's problems with the people who love Donald Trump and make sure that they get out and vote. Christie speech. Is what a convention speech so should look like you I hills were like that's not what makes it look good in this well the kid that's not what it looked in the cabinet and that's not bullet graze my work and it was about here's what I want to do that they are not an issue that's how wide lot and I know you know maybe -- mall faster but I want to know. If you get hit India vet that you do get elected what is your plane. But that doesn't sell anymore because politics has become so sensationalized. And you'll see what the Democrats most of that convention I'll bet it's gonna be going after Donald try to get back let's all eyes als. Of course is going to be what happened yeah sure be nice not a bad thing that's not what politics lives and that's not what should be I don't really have. Knight was supposed to be make America work again I didn't even hear about one job. As a matter I did he admit indeed the Bush Administration had very few very little job growth Obama. Tend to want jobs and still bit talking about how was a bit of a fat eight. I know how to. You can get employment out of wondering got a zero open up people leave the labor force you have to check the labor force participation rate but his son and Donald junior I think was the one person I did we IBM I'm killer or the other bats but he brought up if not they think that's out. It's the big play Cutler that's a big game batches of him posing with with big game I ask that why I couldn't I couldn't see past that actually I was listening to his speech. And and I know that it was probably very well received I couldn't see past the fact that he is a big game hunt your I just I found him very. Unbelievable. I used and I really didn't see I counted and should be the relatable version of Paul Ryan I find Paul Ryan on relational oftentimes gets walking he gets in the weird. This I thought he was a good advocate for his dad and he did I enjoy your right you have to talk about the economy jobs I think you know back. What did you were saying how these conventions are about getting everyone together in this modern day I was kind of expecting with the make America work again and do something about were gonna create many job nepalese screen. Every time the screen it was to bring some when Alan like it was like an ounce Hillary at every woman scream and I thought. Only one has also just not for nothing B and earned eight. Years ago does everybody remember where you work financially eight years OK so. We had no world we were in the toilet eight years ago and Obama with no help. Not from his own pocket not from the world public throw a no help managed to. Pull. I'm rabbit out of his behind. How hot it has got an earful yeah. You know. And poll everybody from the board. OK so if you want to talk about no jobs there was no job well there was nothing happening before Obama got into office the last great. Fiscal time we had. Was when Clinton left because we had a surplus this it would for the last weeks that would speed up the fray. That's not what people you know you can be man that not enough this happened but you can't be mad and say nothing. Some did yeah. Let it out well that's that's why George W. Bush has said that he's afraid that he will be the last Republican president. Which is quite an incredible thing to I actually think he might be right on the money all right and I think what he knew well I think if you look particularly we've talked about and the social issues in particular look at issues like gay marriage that's a big issue from the wedding bells. They feel that's a civil rights issue that the civil rights doesn't let their day in their idea for I happen to support gay marriage. And I think if the Republican Party doesn't branch out and doesn't do things like proper outreach to women to African American me laugh when I know some up. Hot hot hot. Well I like. That might be a mistake but that's the kind of mistakes and we talked yesterday about on well you know the king that armor Rosa is now Donald Trump's and our outreach and community the person for the African. Netanyahu be where it got out Brees hit by outages extends to Ben Carson that yeah yeah. At every step ask why we choose our roads I mean I don't know it's silly noses. And because may well. Please welcome. A fan of his from the very very big enact. Yeah it probably took her to attack on whether idol but you know it's it's lit bit. The bottom line is that's his outreach. He's one of the few people I can say that I act and look on on the conservative side that is reached out anybody of color FR. No I'm sorry director of African American outreach and that's better title. All right don't change the fact that she's the only one you know.

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