Rock ‘n’ Roll Cellists Tour With Elton John

Cello duo talk new music, new album.
7:14 | 02/03/15

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Transcript for Rock ‘n’ Roll Cellists Tour With Elton John
Corporate corporate that you get edgy rock out with Telus thereto chosen back version of AC DC's thunder struck. The guys behind that an all new album tell yen. Up from. Many of art hot favorite song in the studio with. Today from two fellows look to look at the fun house or guys thanks for stopping by today they were you got really get down and dirty with the cello and usually either Italy literally. The that would let the director's cut version that's on there how this whole thing's certain units of 35 million users from that. Video alone. You take pop you take pop songs and then you do the cover them on edge so. You know actually we we prefer to call it like arrangement because what we try to do is having to make something original vote of the sound like. For instance thunder struck it's that simple song but we trip to flip it around completely and you know so it in a completely different light. Okay just so so so 35 million views and in some it is just happen overnight that. Did you how what did you guys are playing child to begin with and because to have its credibility is not something you just can't pick up on this weekend. If we're children you have that he was five when her for seven years ago. Child labor laws they get and review the book I think it's a different look yeah. Acts are thieves but Whitman hate about. Eight city. Did you did you guys when it's with it whizzes that would let his players someone that was the there's the cello over there all I heard it on the radio. But like this clearly wrong effective it is normal that. It was it was a normal version. So do you still play like obstacle the he's the lately classical music and the child as well yes we actually do like. It's part of roots and or upbringing so. But no we have a chance to play a much wider audience than before children because it was introduced but he wouldn't vote. My choice whether probably so that very thing that has meant. The collaboration. We meant we were fourteen. In this summer music camp and you're actually right. It's legitimate to me that he has right ahead and close distance and but both. Wrong when they can. Steal their fiftieth. The he'd. If not medically. By. Bear retreated teachers there so OK so we heard thunder struck their from AC DC then I'll outs I'm Heidi come up with what song is gonna work because with criminal Michael Jackson I mean that was really. The song kind of threw you guys in the spotlight right. Dishonest and as it does certain degree oh certain melodies that we feel we can recreate them so. But I also like we always wanted to do something different. But do something different witness don't break the boundaries that would thunders of renewing that. Bring to bothers between classical and Hart are all over it. Did trooper Biron made and we read with metal music or wake me up by a beat you with an electronic dance music so. We also played feel music classical music editing like you really want to break boundaries in his how many different things to look. It's a beautiful instruments and probably by a lot of people just say forget it I'll go you know that our monitors. I could. Maybe it's not that that about the plan I don't now I mean my skills are limited of the spoon site really that. Yeah it gone over to match low monthly rate right. Do you just speculative again contacted by UECDC Iron Maiden and when that you've done a cover by and it's. The men's that the did end of the songs with the numbers of them on there. Local fish knows social media's. Almost every room. Is this they like it then be inundated they'd consider flattery and using it in exactly. So now you also get recognized by this small artist Elton John. Right yet. It. Up. He he packed impacts of the Baghdad so and this whole what you can you guys have been on tour without. It for two years. Although we're goes. In the opening is chosen. Pulling his ban which it is incredible experience. And actually against them or sickened them. He's saying so. Dream come true that's pretty as pretty amazing he can't possibly imagine it. Yeah if by that you felt like we need to get the cello against your will that obviously you can play with like some some of them some of the biggest names in the music industry. So yeah anyone ask you about is the thought that you. Also broke out with some big hits on glee is late that night repair stand right next to you plan mean I mean you can't let it all these pop cultural hot spots. Under the I get a visa and it's gonna take you up but what of those challenges. Q what what does that it takes on that are on the better Darren Chalmers well we have Philip. Or did you know. This is Susan Neilson you know this is that you sadistic accomplishments is just a matter unit and regional. The wanted to move the studying our own stuff and is actually very proud of this song and people. Actually meant people says. It's their favorite on the album we have so proud of that because. You don't have much experience writing on music yet so it's really encouraging to hear that that we want to do that in the future as well write more original stuff. Maybe CDC will cover this. Flipping it right on its head yet so EU president tour right now. We're actually have could be used them coming 420. And it's almost all votes. People Andrea. It happened at forty there's Elton John as he added I mean you just call lucky that's Havilland speed I mean as well. Right. Pacifica well I and we're actually performing and Elton John atlas Vegas there's violence in March and April. Well we'll look forward to that. Luka the fun guys think investment was up by Childress caught in a thanks stopped by them.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"Cello duo talk new music, new album.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"28687833","title":"Rock ‘n’ Roll Cellists Tour With Elton John","url":"/Entertainment/video/rock-roll-cellists-tour-elton-john-28687833"}