Ron Burgundy Reveals The Key to Journalism Greatness at Emerson College

Will Ferrell reprises role of anchorman, renames School of Communication after self.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Ron Burgundy Reveals The Key to Journalism Greatness at Emerson College
My my main news source is of course I I still read the paper. And and I get a lot of news from carrier pigeons. -- Well first of all I appreciate your fake accent. Nowadays and that that's a good -- practice. Look I think I think what the first documentary of my life captured was that I was wrong my attitude towards women that was. Absolutely based on ignorance and I've learned from highways and you know when the playing field as men when it. To the news room. It was at a small child that is something -- That having been said and in this is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out what it. I'm just I'm pointing out the obvious. Ron -- -- LaMont -- Reuters news. Yes got -- this immediate do is covering dignified world leaders like guy Toronto mayor rob forward. What was the first part of the question what how did -- job dissident media today dude dude -- covering dignity by world leaders like ground floor. You know what I don't think there's enough rob for coverage. I barely see any any stories on the guy -- feel sorry -- Doesn't feel like he's getting enough attention. I don't know exactly what he did. To get all this attention. But no I think it's lacking. Run. -- from WPR -- Providence should people believe everything they hear on the news. I think they should believe 71%. 29%. Station. They should you don't watch with the -- but 71%. Take it to the bank. Assault with makes one of 41 here you know Boston yes I was wondering. You know analyses alt sex yes right yes -- -- -- salt. I was running out you have aids and rock salt yes Lewis. Scored a little -- port. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got to the school communication named after you don't we it's one of 41 here in Boston we would like to offer you the opportunity. To post your own show anytime you like including this afternoon and -- -- the format to everyone you're thinking maybe Burgundy 1041. Would be a good way to kicking off would -- be apt to do something like that need to get in a radio. Well so that is a wonderful wonderful author. But I don't know. If you realize this radio is dead. So. The answer is yes I'll be there and a half hour. No more questions. I have a question -- -- so I have my indignation neighborhood public radio station WB are here okay public Chris. I actually have a question for either on mr. Pelton -- mr. Glenn just about how police there some people are. Not very happy about the idea. The school poking fun at journalism. Witness. And so I'm just wondering when responding to think. -- -- -- -- Now that's a journalistic question. I'll just say this is a transcendent moment -- the school of communicating. Okay. And if anyone takes issue with me being here today on happy days. Take them out to have a nice. -- -- lunch at the union oyster house. 122 dollar meal and a complimentary cocktail and we can discuss the merits of my being here. I -- Jim look here from WCVB here in Boston yesterday. I apologize for asking this question call us my colleagues here one of my -- -- -- -- who's a veteran anchor in his city it's been said several times that he bears the is striking resemblance -- you. And I don't you could see this here I have a photo of Brady price from 1978. When he anchored in Toledo Ohio. Oh I can see have 2010 vision. Yes your your your thoughts are you are you ready -- separated -- it's there's a striking resemblance. I'm sure Randy. -- -- -- -- Does he still looked like that today. He's. Got. -- god bless them god bless. I think you're not seen enough facial -- -- news today. But I'm sure my colleagues will. Who -- write. Him. -- exceptional from -- yes. That's up from the Boston Globe. -- -- yeah I am I have a question you are so educated in the world of journalism we did you go to school -- graduated from. Well I went to. Graduated from. Our lady queen of -- -- -- high school. Titles worth Iowa. And I never really had much formal training to be honest with you. I just. -- advantage of around the United States in my early -- -- ended up in San Diego and and that's where I walked into the new station there. With at American and today. Do you need to wanted to do read the news is that we sure do and that's ever happened. Question I -- that. WZLX tritium Boston Carlson MacKenzie -- sure have 24 hours to be. The head the dean -- the school community what changes are you planning on making to the school. Well and I'm times I didn't for somebody realizes 24 hours had. So -- have to make some. Huge changes very quickly. Can make some permanent changes that will last. Sorry. Every -- movie pass sailed from now on. And -- if you fail and bring your teacher nine steak sandwich you get a pass. There will be no school on Tuesdays. Through Fridays. It's the eighteen hour day on Monday. And everyone will. Everyone will get a a free computer. A commodore PC. That they can take wherever they want. And I got to do it -- Does not have a pool. All of course we're gonna -- Yeah. They're not good enough -- -- I don't. At. -- -- -- When you graduate you'll get -- to reach. Just beginning. -- -- My name's -- I'm a student journalists here -- highlights I'm -- we're -- WE CB new. -- And my question for you and pain I the new -- -- the school of communication. What can you recommend are seen during. -- to strike as -- yourself and young once you graduate. Well -- of course you have to report the facts. Unless it's too hard to find the facts and just make something up. You know it it really is about hygiene. Make sure you condition your hair. At least three times as though we use a rinse. Use a leave in conditioner if you if you if you can. It's. I think I think it's time for -- for the gals and the -- to start wearing perfumes and -- loans. And he'll be afraid to be stylish in front of the camera. All of those things. -- Gene Lavanchy from fox 45 here in Boston Emerson College class of 86 in mind that. Okay. For those who are uptight about this from a journalistic point of view let me quote another movie when -- say lighten up Francis. -- look that up if you don't know what that is. Yeah but -- started anchoring Apocalypse Now. Great -- get anything by you yes. With that in mind for guys started -- in San Diego in the 1970s. You look at just thank you what is the secret. Well. You know I pampered myself. I -- -- -- -- -- job. I read the secret. A I drink very expensive. Finally made Oconee Jackson brand isn't Scotch. And and a little bit of HEH. -- -- -- I think -- carpet. Under each arm because -- -- -- form. -- the questions. Ron Davies from Fox25 first ball on us I only wish that I could soon graduated from the wrong -- -- might -- my presently going forward well. I can facilitate that. -- like that. You are in Boston in the land of the fifties. Yes went on indulging later. I have a hold kettle of baked beans brewing back stage. In fact. I'd like to invite the -- lot of youth backstage for my -- being party if you. In fact the new new jacuzzi we're planning on building for the college -- going to be filled. One night a week full of baked -- It was only one thing to do -- -- -- involved. Yes. I don't know you're talking about. -- over here. Over again to this side down every journalist. Cantaloupe currently working for CNN -- reports and much for the ticket. We look at a sad time journalism where people seem to keep journalist seem to care more about. Petty things like some research instead of important things like styling hair. -- I want I want to see it here it was great by the way that I was just gonna ask you think it cuts doesn't cut it with -- super. -- -- -- -- -- Yes lots and lots of -- itself from here so so. Beautiful and a beautiful bald eagle. Fluid flowing from the room. Thank you. That's all it. -- -- have run high -- -- here for EIV news. Topped Ron I know that your heart lies in San Diego but my heart deep within my Boeing's -- here in Boston. If you -- a date with a girl. What would you say about this great city and I'm a little you know rusty on my German translation. So I was hoping you can enlighten me. It goes without saying -- was of course colonized by the Japanese. -- early sixteen hundreds. Boston the the Japanese. The word for flight of the sparrow. In my top. Oh gosh 400 cities in the world. It's. Just stunning everytime I come here and and now that I know that this. School's communications. Will be named within buyout ever just sort of four hours. I will always return and and think of it is a fun place. Hi. Ron I enjoy Sanchez with WBBM -- -- -- -- in nice and you. I'm my question for you is what is yeah and -- -- piece of advice to all of journalism students sitting before you now. My greatest piece of advice is keep -- a bill in your issue. What do we need you never know you never know here -- -- field reports. You're in a jail in. Of Peru. -- did you realize you need some cash to get you out of the situation and you've got that twenty dollars. -- into the soul of your issue. Awesome I'll keep that would be forever thank you so much -- thank you and greatness was diverted -- Where Anthony's it is over here -- Jason Antigua where the host of good morning Emerson and -- has a very important question okay great so. -- I don't calling get a line -- -- -- yet dirty hiring at all. You have any advice -- Taliban -- and you know he can get together and. And a professional level. It's strictly professional. Most of the time okay 90%. Is there's something good to know about -- what's going -- Well you know it's a little bit like. A marriage if you will you have to kind of there's a give and take their you have to. Listen to each other's ideas and thoughts and and yet. At the end of the day. If there is but real juicy story. You simply have to to have a fist fight to figure out who's -- report. -- -- -- The young lady would. Kick your -- It's OK you don't have to -- ask -- question. Iran -- -- O'Connor with and retain their monthly just wondering. What are you gonna do with your 2.4 hours here Emerson and changed when things -- -- big -- parties. You know -- I also forgot that in order to. Instill these changes like we're -- have to raise tuition to 2600000. Dollars. Bus -- -- -- that's mutually backstage. All right attention -- at the 6000 over a. And -- on Thanksgiving. -- I forgot your question. Oh what I didn't do my -- my time here. Well I'm gonna take a a duck boat -- And a walk to freedom drill. I'm gonna climbs to -- the top of the bell tower of the Old North Church. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna sneak into Fenway. And steal a hunk of -- it. Cried out in my back and -- -- in my Winnebago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm going to go to -- night -- with Big Papi. So. -- -- -- -- shopping on Newbury history. -- My name's -- net and -- -- -- -- the parents thank you for -- -- thank you thank you thank you -- -- Saying thank you also thanks Vegas thanks -- being I just sensing thinking and I would say you're welcome I would say thank you back to you if you're welcome. You tied up Boston how much eleven how appreciated you aren't that -- named their school after years. You're a fictional news anchor them. -- -- -- -- -- -- They set it up thank you for coming again thank you but in -- class in this scam how would you compare. San Diego. And Boston which city is -- -- one that's. That's like so -- choice for me. You know. Godly. Well they're both the both beautiful cities on the water. Even though. Boston's harbor is completely fake. Few people know it's an oil obtaining his actual large oil painting. -- you know I would have to say it's it's very tough you know San Diego is near and dear to my -- -- -- it's -- most of my career. My fake non fictional career have. But it's. Boston is the city of charm and great history. Discovered by the Japanese. Okay I think so much -- -- the fire line right now. -- -- Justin Miller -- LaSalle college radio in new Massachusetts I guarantee that I'll be coming to your school next year for grad school because I am a senior right now. Continent that no but -- recently -- -- haven't graduated yet not yet but very soon on their next here. So I don't -- your chickens have. -- -- -- So you have you Peyton Manning recently ESPN. -- not grant a lot of people this tumor probably New England Patriots fans palace that experience and do you intend to. Interview Tom Brady. Anytime soon. I would I've asked Tom. A handful of times too if I could have interviewed and he said. Absolutely no. Under no circumstances could I talk to him. But I have I've had -- -- a number of interviews. Not on camera with Gisele Bundchen. Highly provocative individual. Just a wonderful story. A great interview. So no I would love to talk -- -- but. -- doesn't like me. -- real time from -- last question over here turek. The -- Sam -- -- -- has not been sentenced to calm the man with a voice that make a Wolverine her. What -- and -- do you have first time broadcasters who need to work on their voice an articulation. Will you of course have to rest your voice at all times if you can just get an -- -- speaking in and lower octave. Whether it be in your sleep -- are running around. About town. A good trip for me as I garbled with -- day old bath water. I draw -- -- let it sit. The next day I take a couple that stuff that I -- it. And that's what gives me these these -- of tones. Stroke. On behalf of president Nelson here -- the best decision he's ever made. This will -- memorable position. So I like to thank you Ron Burgundy. And all of you for coming today. I want you to enjoy the day. And not a minute more. And stay -- Thank you. And okay.

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