Rose McGowan suspended from Twitter after Weinstein tweets

"The View" co-hosts discuss whether the suspension is appropriate.
6:01 | 10/12/17

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Transcript for Rose McGowan suspended from Twitter after Weinstein tweets
performs live. ??? Rose Mcgown has been one of the loudest whistle blowers in the Weinstein scandal especially on Twitter. Yesterday she had to switch to Instagram to let people know her Twitter had been suspended, her account added there are powerful voices at work. Be my voice. Don't let them do this. What is -- we've seen insanity coming out of Twitter in the craziest places from the guy who's in office now to neo Nazis. What did she say? Do you know Meghan? No I know it's used as an ISIS recruiting tool, bullying, harassment. I was angered by this. I think jack Dorsey and people in social media need to take more responsibility for the censor ship they choose to exercise. I feel bad for her. I was very affected by some of the things she was saying. She's really trying to speak out in her experiences in Hollywood and clearly started this shift. I think she said she was harassing somebody too much. I want to point out a few weeks ago trump threatened north Korea. He said might not be around much longer. That seems to me pretty egregious and should be taken off. They didn't clarify which tweets. If you accidentally put someone's contact information they have the power to pull down a tweet. They made it very ominous. They didn't pull down a tweet or clarify to her what the tweet was. They just said you're suspended because of like a vast -- you know, your behavior crosses the line to abuse. That's their general statement for -- Twitter, have you been reading what's on Twitter? Really. If this -- if you're shutting her down for this, you have joined some -- another insanity place. Maybe -- maybe we all need to find another way to communicate. If this is how you're going to act Twitter, people have the right to say you're going to shut her down because she's saying this is what's happening. Hey, tell the truth. If this gets you shut down you're out twit. I'm reluctant to comment on it. I don't know why she was suspended. We know what she didn't say. What didn't she say? I'm suspicious. Social media has ash dash I think in arguably at this point it's had some effect in the election on one way or the other. Russian bots on Twitter huge problem. That's why this didn't make sense. What did she say? That's the point. It couldn't have been as bad as what these folks have been saying because they don't get shut down. This is a bad pr move. The whole problem with sexual abuse is people are silent. She's not anonymous. She's speaking up and we shut her down. It's something that I often say this my training in law school was you protect the most hateful speech because if you don't do that, then the minority view and the dissenting views get squelched in our society. Don't you -- I'm against -- They perceived it to be harassment of some sort. If one person's first amendment right is violated all of ours are. What about -- he tweeted -- Donald Trump tweeted a video of a golf ball hitting Hillary Clinton in the head. That's abusive. There it is. We should not be showing it either. Well, we're showing it. I notice that. We should not have shown it. It's just -- I want to -- It doesn't work when he does it. It doesn't work when we do it. This is stuff we shouldn't be giving any platform to. That's just -- You have to call him out. I think all of us sitting at this table any person on social media, the youngest 13-year-olds I think that's the age you're allowed on Twitter. The producers would like me to show a tweet. Meghan gained a lot of weight yesterday is that why fox got rid of her. Every morning I wake up happy my body is healthy and strong I don't define my worth by what internet trolls. My father has cancer. Every morning I'm happy I'm healthy. There was particularly horrible. I know you -- I weighed in because I called him a Twitter thug with keyboard courage that lived in his mama's basement. The same guy? We have to as a sisterhood have to stick together. The point of it is to be all of us who receive hate, bullying, anger, things that should be censored by silicone valley. When you're asking all of us -- if you're going to be on social media you'll get abuse. For rose Mcgown to be on social media and I'm going to speak out and silicone valley is going to shut her down there's a lot of hypocrisy. That's why I say it might be time for us to make our voices known. When she says help me here she's saying it's not just me this is going to happen to. It's happening to all of us. Now is the time. We'll be right back. ??? Announcer: The official view

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{"id":50442912,"title":"Rose McGowan suspended from Twitter after Weinstein tweets","duration":"6:01","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether the suspension is appropriate.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rose-mcgowan-suspended-twitter-weinstein-tweets-50442912","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}