Russell Crowe Talks His Directorial Debut

"The Water Diviner" talks about why he decided to go behind the lens and how he pulled off the making of his first big screen feature.
12:19 | 04/24/15

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Transcript for Russell Crowe Talks His Directorial Debut
Who wanted to apologize to you. It hasn't seen me O Cleve you've chosen. It sounds like a blessing that it is that was kind of swung turn things that I think. And these these sounds from stunt this is June femininity. What is the truth. If this is your son. He was taken prisoner. He did not play. He has to look. And a life. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn will be tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called the water to viner which stars Russell Crowe it's directed by Russell Crowe. And Russell Crowe himself. Is actually here. He did on the loan anger or allow cookies and bloody but he's on back out he's ready to take on the world with this movie on. What are divine there is set. In 1919 which is four years after the battle of Colette I'm telling you this stuff I think you need to know these acts this this is it. What that good thanks for I really is that's what it's about have some of that yet. But the fact is when you decide to make a movie that is very important especially to Australians and New Zealanders. Insect day. Coming up I think on April 25 the morning and yes Saturday morning it's that. Australia New Zealand army corps celebrating its of the attorney Melanie used the word celebrate or honor but the fact is. What ought almost close of you know looks. Doll idea on unanswered there are very similar to morals you know we wake before dawn and we go to various places or in the world on just in in the store wherever stressing his illness you'll fawn on and ends that died value come up with a way to. To mock sacrifice and your character Joshua Connors what he's an Australian farm yeah he's a he's a follow but. His skill. Is the bonding toward Newton he lives in a very arid area. Where sometimes isn't right through for use in the Tulsa. So he's gonna use that skill that has on board to chew on foreign permanent war sources for his stock but. This guy has and his wife have sent three sons to this war and to the battle of colorfully and it's over they have in come back you're going back. To maybe find them alive or deadly to you do that continuous grief ends up drug and his wife met and she commits who have. A basically leave Stotts who would absolutely nothing so based on a gripes I promise. He travels halfway around the world essentially looking for the bones of his children. Its parent so anybody that's been a parent or child can kind of relate to it in that way. I mean there's blood on the ground. In that battlefield you feel it. You make that visceral in the movie. But when we hear independent movies here we never think of what we're seeing in rewarded if there are these amazing scenes that. You have on you open it in a Turkish trench and it's not. Australia New Zealand any of that you're there with the Turks doing this. So when anybody says to you are you making a movie that glorifies war woody said. I serie. That's a much adamantly and fuel when food and in other filter responsibility for it could be that way. Responsibility to a contemporary audience because. I don't think he can get away with that. Old fashioned jingoistic and patriot patriotic and a wrap it all up and courage and bravery thing because John Wayne Wheeler showed we're a little. And more aware and these days I also think. You oh a level of respect to the men and women who sort of both countries and defend. Our way of life and most particularly because I'm a father of two kids two boys eight and eleven. In an act. Liberal of this rule honesty about the actuality of war and it's very important. And you're director now. Just not an actor to actor and director. Want was at what point in your careers inactive were you saying I might want to direct a movie month. Well the guns the first system Lama film uncle Chris swept. Along with him not uniting on delegates really enjoy is. Draw it laconic humor and his style of leadership is is based on. Certain gentle humor. He's out of smiles. And he will get this done. What movie was that cross cross are sent to them much thought to direct. I'm Melanie demand like. And it's typically draw a laconic way he says. I shall be awake in the coal. It's affecting clinics play out while I'm away when I picked up the phone and got him on the phone. Sickest. Definitely is going atom I'm going to be making him and I want to be with me think of and the cold let's coupled with the this is your career started actually started musically doing things you know I saw something I looked anywhere you out of that six years old. I'll I didn't see that. On the TV shook parts waffles. Militants seventy. And the music and music Condo started. In new big car really in my early canes. It's not touring very young or six seven we you really Russell rock. Yeah I would forgot court home shop. Had a 1950s. You know anachronistic not club and in all Clinton he'll pull king creole meals president you know. And in that period of time. The god knows what would lose very popular and we just started. Touring continuously you know who do have nots in Oklahoma weekend. But then we would be to a right throughout the north and the south follow continuously ill on the Obama so it was so wonderful. Apprenticeship. But his songs rolled on fifty song. But all I was on the aloud to my original songs and so in the middle of smaller of people singing you know Johnny be good and bring it karaoke. Rock around the clock intellectual stuff inevitably a big naught. Now all I'm singing these little sing a somewhat civil if there come a villager who. It that the kids could get through is that if you thought about this blog again. But in the cycle of Cullen. You know people who need them if you go into a town in six months by the community that suntan again but Tom really pleasant third column. People like the guys got in his gonna sing that song about blob you know. He had a demanded the band was thirty. Foot of grunts and then it becomes the ordinary they're your dollars and same acronym. OI think it's funny because when they miss came out people were saying Russell crow singing. We did that come from when you've been doing it first Recco Khamis paused in Iraq and now there's going to be in new. Yeah there's a new radical recorder Donna already in that comes out old Axel September. Since a week it'll all you might but when you learn that from music what and from movies what did you initially wanted to ask you what those movies that resonate for you. The movies that you've made that means something but I wanna take that further into. What are those movies you made that you learned the most from. Mean because we know gladiator and it's the Oscar and it's that beautiful mind is another thing that everybody know. But what. What did you learn the most. The inside it would mark a man a little off because that was quite a tent set. Now Markell is with him on his post as director which doesn't make him any. Less fun to do you know the first eleven Davis seventy takes walking through dole it. I'm one point legislate Markel. When you look as. You know any citizen that lesson while that's in tight one through three foot pull up a particular take England particular things what's in his belief that. Look at my real problem. Is so when you come through the doorway I haven't. Very annoying. Like Flynn on your briefcase. So I hope a brief period. What proposal mournful. Turn to the rest. Enjoy life where is gone. An icon of so the process going between throwing his legs tell me what the problems and because I can hope to solve the problem you know. And by the middle of that movie groove so close. In terms of what we oops Ewing. Intellectually and emotionally you know. Let's appreciating it with your act as you want to infuse them on motivate them so heavily. And that's the same as every head the department that that person becomes a slew at expletives in that you know. All right I what I'd I don't want to keep you but I wanted to ask you about your life today what is it besides what you do. Writing Emmy directing acting producing getting things together and would you rather be here or would you rather be home in Australia on your ranch. What is it. What the move them principal important thing in my life as my kids and being in proximity to them you know. But you do have. Sort of a quandary that you have to are sold on exposed many many other fathers and the the same situation because well I work. Our commute. I commute popular around the world. I'm. You know that makes things caught a tricky some cause with the elect coming up front right now is. Big chunk of com where I'm just gonna be with them just be that cab driver will be what over the need to be you know. Do you take into the sets of some review films if they if they want to if you aren't they do travel with Neil Tom than 2000. And on my ex wife decided that they weren't going to be traveling animal was my life. You know it it's just trying just announcement of prayer very. Even visit huge in the post job. So that that means that the travel on the sizzle was on. On news did he teach you these boys did they stay completely did they were around and say are we not anti. Fact indeed that I am missing that they never seen gladiator well they have dotted this out of what should bombs. And it felt too heavy so that. And I think tolley elvis' mom points or get back oh in that's in man of steel. They've seen. Oh up. Charlie did she know some other friends from school who don't. Assume this consolidate with a salute from B which is about. This walled Holtz. You know I really want to dip slightly edited at the wheel Russell Wii and the show in song always. Going to a little bit and I've never heard this I've heard that one of the first things you did was just like Mon brand. Is not alone. This isn't my folks right now can you give me a little bit of that to come on I would got a piece and completely tedious and road. What's in your head what's in my head yet what's musically in hand. Man and it won't what little bit of fundamentalist vote commode was Colin Swenson. Huge news due to low. Bill. It's which is not easy to do sitting down the visit if anything to do it anyway but I think a queue coup attempt. Adamant.

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{"duration":"12:19","description":"\"The Water Diviner\" talks about why he decided to go behind the lens and how he pulled off the making of his first big screen feature. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"30566669","title":"Russell Crowe Talks His Directorial Debut","url":"/Entertainment/video/russell-crowe-talks-directorial-debut-30566669"}