Ruth Negga Stirs Oscar Buzz, Talks New Film 'Loving'

Negga appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" to talk about her role in the new Jeff Nichols film and about how she launched her acting career.
17:04 | 11/11/16

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Transcript for Ruth Negga Stirs Oscar Buzz, Talks New Film 'Loving'
I won't put the kitchen back. We're back here richest stopped forms. Ever went just change. I bought it. This whole fake. Loan build your house. Paying. She made me. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there is an extraordinary. The how right now called loving. And my guest today Ruth Nagin as one of the stars with jewel in Houston and I can tell you what it's about that I have roof here. What is basically the loving that you're doing it's based on the true story that is a kind of landmark. True story the very much it's based on this this couple called Mildred and Richard loving you. Sit there court case to stream and course and one. And in about a day shifts the eye to such a nation rose. And change the constitution of the United States America they married and another that was their crime. And noted as part of Huntington Park black and he was lights. And if there was an eagle to marry someone. Of a different race and color and many states not just for me. It's just it's kind. It's kind of extraordinary when you hear people's. It's 1958. If not 1850. It's 1958. And yet these are the laws that are on the book. Since certain states that the yes side the nationalist what was stringent actually. From from. Has so onwards. Am. It's it it is extort him and a lot of people actually take quite taken aback by the unity event that was in the eagle to marry someone with a crime. And I think that what we wanna do with our feminists as chairman of the riches story because I think that we want to honor and celebrate them as a couple and is in individuals. For struggling for nine years Sheen. Contribute to the American civil rights and. There was a documentary to balance to that I thought what have really told you something from a different angle and here. When when the so called Hollywood gets involved and says we're gonna did the virgin and value sealed this. There is none of that BS in this movie none of the which is only to you enjoy all anti Geoff Nichols the extraordinary filmmaker behind this. I think an agency to Jeff and scream and that. That's just not. Artists directors screenwriters. Chances. He's very much until that she's on T for me he's on teen paint by numbers he's much more interest stage king. The truth you know he. Accuracy of this story he wanted to. Articulate their story. In a very authentic way to his coat so he didn't want them to be wanted to be any sort of sweeping statements he wanted to be sort of streaking scores or you know. Just injected with. Like unnecessary. Emotion you know and he's. He's very much and a director who refuses to pay option prices alleging some I might as you can see from his isn't our. How welcomed her. I am so I think he was he's he's the best person to tell this story and then I know quite obese Jan darting conference announcing first Kenya. Nancy risky use that. The token there directives eleven stories your age area didn't hat intimidate you help you by washing the documentary. I was a gift was against it on many levels as an actor's because I got to witness. Nutrients and malvo repaired in time. And have his callous she was that there from the sea and how she spoke of roku times and her accent so that was my hand worked on for me and many senses yet. People that are just watching you now are saying she talks funny she's gone from here what is there. And it's kind of amazing. You're back program because it's Ethiopia. And Ireland. You know two countries DA England does the England so you have all that I think you're the first person I've net. Who's brought back combination to yes it's great. Simple and that happens what do you feel like the most do you have two sides of you know I don't think it's I don't think it's in June. Will saying I think it's a very much just harsh Islamic doesn't feel I don't feel different on the people might think I'm. Quite exhausted but it for me that's my normality. So no I just feel very much partial released from whereas I think I think. And I think that and there's a lot of people like me now in public it was husband but we're being sort of our stories are being told. And the the fact that we have many different identities is being. Acceptance and celebration rather than being me teaching scenes because they didn't think I think its land and Zito was an in. To my personal machine mind. Spears I think. That's silly we'll fortune. Easily for you to that you didn't grow up in this period that Mildred was more you know coming from this world because what I was struck. I'm watching the movie not the documentary is the way Jeff Nichols stages that police raking in too you venture and saying. Get how this this and have Virginia. So that you had to get married these two had to get married in DC now and then Virginia said. You can't stay here if you want to see your family now on no more. It it's is if they're there's prison camps with in the united most you can't do that. Mister Manning that was in that scene is these amendments of or what was happening to a lot of people than Knoll was. Effectively function people's pensions and people say Chris intimate spaces and dictation they should and shouldn't do and I find extraordinary rights to fine tune the system. And that's what Jeff teases action are found quite respectfully but. I think it's quite explicit. Is that known and I legislation on and he. Known as the right to say what is legitimate and isn't yours. In terms if he used for an open. And I think many people didn't know that this is happening didn't know that I think this meeting recently that the last decision was repealed. And I think it's it's you know what I think sometimes it's good to be shocked it's good to be sort of agitation dash of complacency I think a lot of people feel that after they come much of this. But 060000. Being removed by this couple who. We need Jihad and genuine love. And respectful. You know their cock their that they're connection documentary is very possible and you should. And I and I was that was Joseph denies tops. His statistic to re create facts on screen. Now when you enjoy acting so closely together in a movie like this and there's a lot of intensity in this whipped out. The deed great speech in the big thing gets his own now we all stop and I'll do five and a half minutes long and what's wrong it's not there at all here. You have any you have an amazing ability to do that sometimes you'll look down and then you look up and those eyes the camera loves them you know this. And AM in their expressive yet there to Sloan. I think the thing is is that I think it was a great it was a great challenged us that there was it the news that the diet was quite lean. Because it was authentic to this couple but elusive for an actor I think that it. You really do have to trust your instincts and trusted the work that you've done. Not just in preparation for this show but in the preparation for the many heroes in Washington. And not thought that muscle memory and I think that for Joan and I we very much for an item on another very soon by ocean performances like few. I think because because thought was this film is about them as a couple Newton you know. And I think that was a very important for us to two transmits. And I'm really do think that jones' disposed of like the trend is moving design must've. Acting isn't something happens an account but I think in isolation but and we. I'm not sets the entire ensemble. Was really was forcing women and and and working. Off one another and that was it we usually treat partial but. What about you as a kid growing up way the what was that like what was it when you were child that you said I want to do this. Gosh I didn't realize I find it very hard to remember when I went to become an act because I've always had in my brain that was owners and do it. Levy's serve my first love. You know when your kid and you get to pick out your video is the store and a fried in nineteen in my cosmic at three and I get treatment justice Clarence and unique and more with the kind of thing you want two dogs number. I hope it's a lot of trash. Oh Autry graduation care careers. It was stuffed leg. Big business. Actors for change loan investment Pittman Lily Tomlin you know does kind of great women. And comedian's. And he the lodgings and lumbering and fantasy stuff but don't say it just love comedies. Like yeah. But also DO let them when buddy was in my fair and tunnels in the best yet and say it is. Classic yeah like the the and the great sort of Aaron of strong. Symptoms and that we're but you know as Griffey memos. I'm just eat your words from you think and I think it's it's a bit like him. The so much more to say and strong stronger the everything done business and have to be physically tough it can be. But I believe Mildred was strong. She was very reserved very shy thinks of Hispanic who steal constant need this until the steel thread says. I just think that you know there's many different it's. Versions of strong and the big blistering. Physical strength isn't always the strong and. You know a lot of people that we'll see loving. Maybe it'll be the first time that there encounter you may be they helped him has America seen you in agents of shield. Mike all of us to end up that we would watch something that is so different. And then in preacher. Hula who could forget that scene in that car. Ruth who knew that you would act. And planned but what really look like gable lot of hell did that stunt guy. She's fun she's fun and it's fun to play someone here is. Strongly in this just completely different way chin noted you know and she was also very munger and I think that strong. Doesn't mean that you're not happening in many ways it will have about a minute she just because that's spewing human beings need to. And the great thing happening she'd of his that she's. And noted it's that you feel are playing a full human beings and rather than one someone's ideas were strong. Female actors you know kindness kind of flat wells never sort of and a few very lived in 3-D. How do you feel when and a movie like this is just being released him and all that Oscar cap. Awards what did they mean that you won an award Monday and when you surely bath. Surely Bessie is Illinois and if which is an Irish. It's are short I camp as in real war now it is but it is it's not that British gas is official actually Irish wasn't that distinction. I actually. And yet there is a lot of sensitivity of that but surely has the yes it surely yeah that's actually seen it is actually the first I think it is it's like you're in the Mir this. She was extraordinary fund and I and you had like five minutes of air something that had me and if practiced learn that tonight I'm noticing there. Any means but I did too bad there's at the end of the Terry where her tenacity only aware of finger yet that something's gonna dance. And and then dwell shacks of course that is for them if this accidents and wishing me just quite specific. It is essentially. But why I was saying about a wards and I got off the subject with it because I'm obsessed with the F one team. Where it actually comes from and it's Irish people. I want. To just know one. Means to view is it in any way validating. TB to have a lot of people saying. Ruth should be nominated as best actress at the Academy Awards this year it beyond flattering is it intimidating. Is it only he should be means the Oscars. And that's complete intimidation and but it's levity at his. And means. People. Are seeing the famine there are reacting to and it's resonating with them and that means that we vote on her job in so it's turning. And it means that people more people know about this couple amid a genuinely mean I Jenin in the thought is very important for and we think that's. Welcome awards are really about that they can take a movie. That it doesn't follow the typical Hollywood formula. And make you pay attention to something you might at a papal Brinkema. Yes pointing in the right correct or directions you know in a direction that. The blow your mind and I can make use. I don't know making about a person making at least think think about things and I think that. Movies which may have from me. They. They encourage a shift. In consciousness. And it's not a serious news I think comedies can do you does Ian. And I think ours ours are seems to have announced. Response reaction people. So here is your first time on the show you know you can coming up it felt so great to meet you and talk to you. But it doesn't install parent at night I know and. You made it really clear when you play Charlie bass that you were only. That thinking to memorized it's there but is there even a little bit on the song that says aren't you. And you're fearless. Thrifts. Does nothing like terrifying thing for me. No I don't I'm noticing I need it I'd like an action now on people to be perfect. One. There own heart now I would want to butcher annie's song from. Or anyone for I've put it when I did I did one IG DNN I this is felony cheesy can it because it's actually. It's actually saying it's from. Not actually thinking snapper and that is off with from the camera it's. Currency as a you -- in the table the that they but the power won't power the power than you do do well. The money of the day. A it's a strange tribute to David vote is it guys that was it looks like he would vote was once something. Area. When he descended the stairs and opera. Crucible extra number thing. It's Jordan that was one man and another infant son. To being odd it was to access to institute. I just so I just love the spectacle. Means Wilson recounts. With can it get away we'll good you have the access and thank you for giving us the little of the chance to. Great to be known as such he did front the. You.

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{"duration":"17:04","description":"Negga appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" to talk about her role in the new Jeff Nichols film and about how she launched her acting career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43470569","title":"Ruth Negga Stirs Oscar Buzz, Talks New Film 'Loving'","url":"/Entertainment/video/ruth-negga-stirs-oscar-buzz-talks-film-loving-43470569"}