SAG Awards Heat Up the Race to the Oscars

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Dan Silver sit down with FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey and Reel Talk Online's Candice Frederick for an awards season preview.
26:21 | 02/02/17

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Transcript for SAG Awards Heat Up the Race to the Oscars
And what that everybody I'm I'm that I outlined in New York. How about you here in there oh with a free land the plastic helmet Annie awards yeah. And I hope more is not an angle just a couple of weeks we've assembled it fabulous cast to talk to you about everything you need to now. Before the Oscars are on because it hasn't from the wars in the meantime and her aides. Eight our fearless leader anything. Until there is joining us special guests. And presidential candidates from real hot line in hockey news outlets that's picture. You have to limit will be through were coming off this act thanks. And the media is AA and its smaller trying to the editors were girls pretty good yeah. OK so looking at fever and don't follow had a good weekend because. Moonlight and management's he's. If you look at the others warned that went to a rival in that category so a couple of others to. And then if you look at the producers guild awards weekend. Again it went two Marlon and then if you look at the sag awards. Which could have been really discuss it from Letterman C actually ended up going to him figures so really it was like a defense wins championships kind of weekends for for love. It. I. Yeah. I'm. Whitney and are. Clash with. You. But and. I think it's going to be and primarily because of the indicators PG and everything. Else agree that the earth the one seen in a year or something crash happened. I think alternate art alternatives I. I I really do because it's. I just don't just based. It literally is like. King's Speech being. Social network. Luckily for. Those people. Here that should win an opium. Buy it by. By it varies something about. The movies it feels like you would be the tenth meaning. In hidden figures in the sense that this is a throwback view. We year old. Hollywood emotion. And we're making it was earnestness importance or not trying to. Round agreements and all of those things are great the sisters and inspiring story that is meant to teach you something. And I think that in the world that we're living on cynicism. So I actually that if there's going to be dark horse can be. It's either works because it's and the actors are 12100 people in the academy at 6600. So they're pretty big chunk you know. So we look at as an indicator of Colin and yet it they definitely you know. You will we movies coming. And that. Yeah so I don't. Really feel I think that would mean. Yeah it. This and if we're totally piecing this all hooked up next meet movie that your your best picture hasn't been very long time. Saying it. Hidden figures has the rich don't follow it does give it to its very happy. But. I really do you think the fact that this story was better in figures. I'll. Need. An on time. I don't think it's that smile I thought it. Moonlight and he beat. I. Will that was there's going to be a question is entering appears that there isn't a lot for me this year around like I will get I have won the war that it. That if this person wins. I'm really get a lecture in this one I really want. I. I just always. And yes and she. Yes ridge is crazy is that movie's amazing. But that will be the one RI Lanka and brokers. And I think that's. Competition and actually. I. Oh the. Any millionaires crazy isn't anywhere in any thing. I think of them think there was in the movies you actually Bergen and the days after Elliot fox Foster Jenkins and speak to the very sold here. How as yeah I look even premieres that movies like Stephen Frears let me let. Yeah. I think that frees me some of art and Janet Berry gets beat the Golden Globe slight drizzle early that would we are. Actually nominations voting was known illustrated very good night percent to percent oxygen gas and so uneasy a lot of promises not to acknowledge an easy marriage did not party's anti special post mines present readership very unit closed excellence and you've been following is when people were sent him about so she's got her going the glasses and technicals. And. I think it doesn't indicate that my aunt and obviously. Doesn't mean papers and let it she's she's and Cozumel and India cholesterol and you wouldn't Cleo and we are yeah. Personally. I think I don't get how rival for best picture. But she is needed for that she. Explicitly slow. We silently I. Love I didn't do I also look like that. Unknown terrorist campaign against Oklahoma friendly direction that ethically wrong is very visually detect it felt like. Our thanks because very happy with this book speaks very true story and I want my wife isn't reading all the pressures birds and and the chances and to ask him fascinating yes very very -- very very bright was incensed. I completely agree with you name any actions. Also if we when his arrival person that was it very interesting movie that that movie came out. Interest in movie no matter what but if you think about the time that movie came out that movie came out Friday after Election Day. And everybody went to see that movie but what that movie speaks to all of the themes that were in that movie. It was registering cathartic experience to be if you're watching that movie especially hopelessly New York. And then you look at her performance and you look at how new Austin was. I agree with you for her not to be there is little nuts. Yeah yeah likes buying farm even. Eight. An important. There yet he didn't pay. Not. Yeah it's not the only important. And no she doesn't pass a movie that was touted out of the film festivals this like they'll perform. Clay finally got a dual coming up between Aniston and and and Portman and that's just not materialized out. Well. It is I. And it. Al. East. And hope that. I think. I think that narrative. Has frustrate me even more than humans consider this and Allen and and that. And politically and well. Structure in the mean. Progress and it's. Particularly. Culture that apple Q fat. That. He. Does. Isn't as. That problem. This yeah. You're only because. Clearly France's Alatas of course that are considerably different states and must keep that in mind. I enjoyed it is again like yet it's is apparently there are legal in Los. She has really been BC both nominees and she's not. Baptists it's difficult and see which gets us yet to see acts that. Word has it was her that was nominees who else because it was and we lightning items that it does not threaten us the other one. That's right I mean if we wanted to learn to love the fact that Jack Nicholson that your that he had any combination between midnight special and loving it just even think. Because there are those were two of the best movies of the year hands down and there are pushing for you know this is considerable care and yes and you know under the open again like Hewlett-Packard and differently than -- game didn't think special I think parents are better movie about parenting. And what it is to be here or the fears of being burned the midnight special. Guy went to some. In the interest in places your we're totally different rumors. Yeah me and I hadn't seen about lines like completely agree IR. Now. I campaign. Get me there is a very solid campaign from the spokesman. That's focus features and just really did there was a time of advertising he really it was like management sea levels and expect Amazon to spare no expense. And so it was a real. They didn't look what's behind it attorney Angela hands people. It's very difficult to kind of see why things do and don't get nominated only five slots that did the campaigning. Is there inside baseball thing especially comes nominations but. Now they were serious studious were behind it they were really gunning for a nomination and in recent negative did succeed but. When it comes. Other films that were promoted in that regard is really had until his mother announcement came to help partly. It's such a beautiful girl and these. Stories tall characters issues. Each you know like you it's. So beautiful. I. It. Should. Yeah. These environmental. And hot. I'm that they were. Can I get there yeah. What really. My. Do you hundreds of and moving ones in the who go to districts must. There was Muslim and moving there was because. That's it. There. Why shouldn't I know I think we're going to be. I think he look at a second category you have fun Casey Affleck and certainly. I don't know it's not an idea of England you know they were argument is an exciting or fun movie theaters this year than did war. New movies. Oh in the world. Casey Affleck well Alan because that list. Right and I think the important. Yeah I'm out he whom really. Town. Oh yeah I wanna talk about that really. Want. That. Think when I'm painting the they think. The BE opposite problem this news and front yard gain history violin like cheating reference. Yeah you can't just aren't as my. I mean my the dog and you don't armed. Yeah Alex. I agree with you it's not Diego's best performance I'm very glad that it winds it was recognized that you'd like that movie. Some who would you this here. It. It yeah. Yes he has the strokes. It extremely strong odds on before this is not over rights Denzel won awards. Which uses its one analysts predict that the percent of time. We as actors act goes on to win best actor. If you break it up on it so. He's very interesting categories here's who really we have left this year's award and for. That's all it is not a so if case but wins it after it's a sign. Yes he's probably going to continue to be the team. He loses and who are legendary performance that's actually who I would want to. No I want your car field because I. Yes it's I think its performance and silence yes you give. I I think in Israel confidence. And win splattered I think that. Gore goes to performances this year combine that I didn't. I know watching. Him he was as far as watchable and I don't. Good. Hi. I would assume. Dreading watching. I can't in his ear watching the movies experts. Aren't watching him watch. Oh my god. And then he's one of the few movies and solace here and again much to hold down. My front and I. Saturday morning I could think it but I. There's other ways. And this movie it's challenging it's beautiful. And he urged the whole thing. So it's best he's. Lawler. I'm. I hadn't gotten. Out. I think it's fair to me and I loved it Disney content. No I think it hurt her I think it's very analysis of news. It's not a psychologist who knows what you know included in the and is that exactly was nominated as much. It's a popular. Markets. Began. Actually money could be organized this here is very good some forms as business like he he's doing the work. I'm very happy where you can is that he was the most underage party the social network. And then. His performance is so good that and then were ever ever never his performance oxygen. Those more often go on Broadway which now. It's just. I'd never seen anything like that honest Asian ever since it was like oh this guy can really act. It is often was like bringing it hard he was just volleying back and work with them. This guy needs a role accurately shows that because I was. Lives leaders and the opportunity to not be Spider-Man anymore. Yeah and he can he because I think she very religious. It. I think you know an exciting is that the virus that causes it really happened to him winning and doing great that's. Yeah is there hero and program. Talk about supporting supporting. Something about how they're basically I think so yeah has always been pretty decides if we happily. Urge Ollie is very likely to become the best actor and Edwards. And bill Davis and her world that's now know it easy and supporting actor and film that's even had a consciousness while but it's pretty decisive vote what we're seeing with winds its humans at all generally pretty equivalents acts. Yeah yeah so I had this Austria you know her experience. But these hedges and yet it's. Here this morning category is close acquaintances just react. This is a pilot isn't as isn't Harrison who might call Kidman and Lyon county Spencer and it that's it Michelle Williams in Manchester. The silence would be the competition category based again look critic the out without it when it's it's really streets so it. Yeah. Let me let me ask him not that is movie of the year. I mean adding that it. Every year is an award that doesn't. Go like you're like almighty god last year's alone even if he didn't deserve it you and he deserves. I think that one of these categories these two victories specifically there's going to be one of those I didn't see that coming. You can see in Oscars like look at usually. Right yeah they give it to the young kid that's been coming. In certain things like that. Right yeah. Because virtual woods just given your do you've worked a lot and you're. Edu. Cage really Powell there yeah. It is the third problem is that we. Yeah. You know I loved engage even without ambiguity about it. Sources. It's I think you're gonna see a rise in there in in one of these an important in this regard I don't think it's win but other than room. My favorite nomination as my question yes. See you loved it. He was great and after that movie mountains it's totally actor's name. Along. Bob I can't. What is her end Lester did it like I would re watch silence is because I watch teller and water I would not. I would agree want. Warner Ryan Clark. Immediately yes I love little short stories I it was it is like a note plea bargain bin No Country for Old Men had no law. Moms are. All gone now is. Is that grace enters its old let's not into its. Doesn't let him. It was Larry Sanders as rumors have dead and I don't percent of the bank's control ninety. Oh they're feeling and yes next it's not like that yeah. His true record now and how it does. It very going to be evolving. All but I just think that the pilot never really does was made him. That movie so I. I think the front runners are who everybody thing now but I do think that if there's gonna be a surprise it's going to be here. I think any I didn't sound. That's not I would tell you. But I think every I think it's important or other than the in the leads that are now. I think it's. You're my. It would be great Italy. Didn't go. Boats. And but it looks at his pleasant messes them it's time begins and ask and he reiterates it as far as they're concerned her surprise nomination period Angel everybody else was out there any event. I. I completely and I don't until. There was a lot of people that they mean from all of the movies that were out there you can be given to other people in the game that the cancer will bull ultimately see and probably conclusion. And I was either an ugly on the record as if not winning audience. What really means in turn around for longer I mean giving. Him an all kinds. There wasn't so much. She. But he gave the one thing I always there damaged as the united. And I senators yeah. I don't really really good movie. She's really didn't have a good movie I'll operative word is. But we didn't Manchester-By-The-Sea. Is Casey Affleck in which it don't you ask. Moving forward ninety I want the best actress Duggan and honestly yeah. What I didn't he lead to yes definitely got to put the what you enemy. Act and I thought it seems like you know it is when doesn't that written. And again I think that it removed the whole year was still like. Humans who thinks Russian news. Super vehicle only got nominated in the best defense category for very very good reason technologically they're very very interest in company. Yes utopia seems to be kind of transom instrument for. Everybody in this building literally that I was like you know few weeks early there's an industry here are meanings and killing. Backing last. Oscar winners actually that movie has been number one on the hard courts and that there. Any foretold everything that's been going to conversations. It was the perfect what you can do without an Asian. Using him as a matter or using it for these goals but also giving you the best meet your criteria. For an. Important that you need him in other. H bit but no other category think they are certain and you didn't work critiqued by the horror movies inside and we should always be worse or. A I. Well what they're done right like Google isn't it's like going to get into even I can watch the Walking Dead it's like where's your report. Like it and we were. We are wrong when Romero it line and in the living dead it was a minute oral is going on in the country win. When this arrangement and win in the was made that was a metaphor like Shaun of the dead it was a metaphor their rent. I mean yeah Vienna arrival that. Good yeah I don't utopia is that and it's very challenging and well incredibly. Hey so any laurel and I thought it. I agree and I hate it when John. There's so you know television didn't think that very absolutely. I wouldn't mind is now on and on yeah. Parts that the incident but undoubtedly yeah yeah just left our picture. I looked it hacksaw. Yeah Pak army is. Now. Darkness Wally all of these should denominator for best picture academy and then end up. Okay for Iraq. And we need need need it. Oh. He. Nominated music and he. Any oh or visit and see why not. Now any movie. I loved split. I'm. But there you have it caper movie that with mr. pure music. And art. You know my agent Odom. It's not. What you think the word movie but just like. That whole game and you're going to. Sell you some. The Dick. The date and we mean by other guy that you squeeze. Him we know that we're. Here and yeah. Christmas Day. Don't let it go I would say if you get a chance to see silent sea silence very pretty movie that didn't get all of the awards but it's of their curriculum. And you are get bombed out after three hour movie and murdered. Then I would recommend going and as a mine's been attacked us in getting abilities during this opportunity trying to get a look below and it is see it's anyone's consent to that. On the document signed Nittany group that's. Please cast yeah actually came. I am not your and he. Does come at this point means. Yes it's. On our lives. If I. Philadelphia it now and next. Yeah. We did but hey you should stick around. Next week any act here even more movie not in this week and it is an easy way and that each did you directors yeah. And you salons used Nelson's and one directors and I'm pretty proud of his pictures. Back here next week thank you so much for joining us now it is correct and silver welteke. We'll see ethics act I.

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