SAG Awards Round-Up

Variety's Justin Chang dishes on the winners and losers of the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
6:36 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for SAG Awards Round-Up
The stars run full force of the screen actors guild awards and we have varieties Justin Chang here to give us the highlights from last night's show just about -- with us today. Big win for Ben Affleck right snagging a sag award for best motion picture after being snubbed by the academy. Indeed -- -- at the moment seems to be how getting snubbed by the academy may be the best thing for your Oscar chances. You know because -- It was not nominated for best director and -- now has. Won the sag ensemble award on the Golden Globe won the critics' choice. People seem to be thinking that the film could very well win best picture which is a remarkable thing considering that Affleck was. Overlooks the it's -- exactly -- -- proven himself yet again in Hollywood Jennifer Lawrence also climbing out of for sick bed to earn. An award last night for silver linings playbook. Yes indeed -- you know it's funny because the sag awards typically. Are seen as a pretty strong precursor. To the Oscars and the eventual outcomes of school when there. So. You know siblings -- -- clearly -- very well liked by the actors and by the academy. You know this is a great performance. Importance because it's she's this definitely kind of solidifies her chances. And modern family that perennial favorite it seems like in any awards show whether media weather -- -- the globe's. -- not -- get on top Bryant. Indeed India and people were also talking about how we know this is I think Alec -- -- Eight time some -- first the first 30 Rock so it's. You know needs there tends to be a Banco lot of consistency where the screen after Israel's concerns on the TV side. And the end is near obviously for Alec Baldwin Tina Fey Bryan Cranston over for 30 -- right indeed indeed -- -- And so pressure for production next year we'll see. -- Hathaway as well for Ole miss which -- her performance and see just Burton of the vocal performance alone I think was a solid and any of these categories. Absolutely it's kind of. To her performances this year in -- in the Dark Knight rises so and yet people are and this is. This is the moment that slaves people the moment it is you know. Making them cry buckets so. It's very -- you know she's she's a good position. What about Daniel Bela says that a absolute lock up for him last night -- -- Lincoln is obviously no allies. Barea you know professionals drink keeps me from you -- declaring -- -- -- -- I think people would be very surprised. If Daniel Day-Lewis did not win for his portrayal of -- -- the iconic president there and I think that's. This QB I believe don't -- -- but that there the only lead actor the only actor to 13 lead actor Oscars if this happens in. You have to -- town is generally Lewis deserves I think people would unsolicited he goes. Well that there it is it's an amazing it's an amazing piece of work obviously now a lot of the stars a little bit -- of a scheme -- afterglow. Off from Sundance is -- -- this past weekend what makes the Sundance Film -- such a big must attend for every big name and Hollywood. Well I think it's on the one hands your neighbors talk awards season and what you'll find is that a number of these films go on increasingly. -- -- the -- Sundance going increasingly to play a role in the Oscars and in pieces of -- -- was obviously the big story this year that was knots. There was not another film that. Broke doubts or received. A critical reception quite as rapturous as beasts did last year. But there were a lot of sales very you know a flurry of sales lot of activity. A lot of films are getting picked up and that will you know be. Seen in the in the months to come. My personal favorites was before midnight which is the long awaited you know nine years later sequel. Two before sunsets. Another collaboration between -- -- -- Ethan Hawke and Julie dopey and I think it's almost just don't knock out it's not a film that I aid you know. Thought I needed that problem first to -- we're just fine but. -- -- Rui I think it takes it to the next level -- movie which was acquired by Sony Pictures Classics is really going to please its audience and really quite delight them to. -- to pressure to deliver on that one obviously not easy but all I hear. Given the business of Sundance has evolved quite a bit over the years and it was originally started as an -- as a place for independent filmmakers to go -- sort of -- some of their latest crafts and new styles as well. Sex lies and videotape obviously being the premier and now we really came out of that. Of this. Of this festival but it's but it's changed a lot arduous talking about in the way that -- movies are getting -- Indeed there's there's become sort of recognizable Sundance brand I think it's a varied. You know elastic and kind of -- one you know there's a lot of coming of age stories there's a lot of you know. You know. There is there something that you think of principle is at Sundance movie now and its interest and Richard legislator who kind of helps you know. If you came in twenty years ago he brought slacker and before sunrise this festival you -- sex lies and videotape it's funny now deceased Soderbergh kind of you know. At this point where he's retiring from filmmaking so you really see just the history of Sundance and independent filmmaking in the way that Dave you know -- -- -- have been -- and I don't tell them and eventually diverged. And yeah -- interesting because -- into such a market now and it's and -- you -- -- six or seven years ago I believe in a little little miss sunshine. Set a record with like a ten point five million dollar acquisition deal and then. You know we're in the economy tanked and you weren't really seeing -- that level of investments. And I but the -- believe they either -- it seems to be coming back -- the way way back. Also first fox searchlight picked up four. I believe it in the same ballpark as little miss sunshine and so it's an encouraging. Thing I -- that's a very you know commercial movies so that's. -- there are certainly showcases and Sundance for you know much smaller. And -- things that are not a commercial but which are certainly -- you know artistic interest yes. For -- one man of course 600 billion at February 24 for the Academy Awards Vienna on ABC as well Justin Jack from variety thanks so much for your insight today have a good day. -- -- -- --

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{"id":18338043,"title":"SAG Awards Round-Up","duration":"6:36","description":"Variety's Justin Chang dishes on the winners and losers of the Screen Actors Guild Awards.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sag-awards-round-18338043","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}