Samba Dance Workout with Alvin Ailey

Celebrate New York City Dance Week with the national dance of Brazil.
20:14 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Samba Dance Workout with Alvin Ailey
Everybody Rachel Scott brick if the news here. Picking up against me and I'm gonna Kenya. And. I don't know what. The brief descriptions. Some and that's mountainous and Vizio. And when you think about was it thing about Obama but some I had the deep rule. The moves in African dancing aviation is Nancy and Portuguese man. And it's that great White House and analysts. Feeling that they classical in the act. People should the beautiful. Way of it was in an. In their way to companies announced so he spent fighting for me that they know the story of the that and saint Anne and I don't think it's only some of but it it's like after Brazilian dance. Then he's kids boots and samba you know this summer has moved in the audience and then all of them. So I was talking a little bit earlier and there there will write an elevator actually there's going to be than people getting off the elevator had not. Met. Some of people have been attending the where few weeks now. They. One wrote that she drive and how your how her home. On what you think as Bob. And you can't get people the chance to think that earthen debris people thinking more I have ever and there should people be worried about thinking it can't hurt I'm. I'm not a media I think he does that to be all and you know open heart. But the drums analyst and I'm Scott it people love it and ending Lee. To embrace the culture and movement and an alliances like hat on and Indian carnival time in beam was. And me. And that's what I think that I really excited for you mentioned at the drop. Tell us more about that you got to slumber in the class. Yeah Alison lifetimes because some back importantly that an excellent that would that. We live music and people advance and connect them movements with the Johns of the thing that John's as a special energy. And I they sometimes play music warm up but then they come up in the warm up. Today we have Johns Obama away. Right now I'm going to be back here Kenya before we go into the Illumina preview of the thumb under the hammer out. Some less welcome can't wait you lying. The only instrument luck economy. And I don't want to see me. It's three paying it. It may not. They not go back. Did not. Yeah. Did not live. UN and the net out the elite engine going to be offering over eighty. There to do what I'm going on right now we're heading in and just two minute panic kick start this clown. Questioned why samba why from the white back. Because some think this was now it's like in I'll only say like disease so welcome everybody. And we connect people to get and I think that's the roots of it and these school was like. You know we don't dance the real people and then at the Vatican did. And he just had to be open heart an open mind and an exact. Volume by the end of since the pilot he and I think I do that. And I. Sit down and got eating at you can't work some guys that we're getting ready to yeah I thought the well that is our guys you and get there is no oh no no. Eastern here after it went well I one last point. Even when I was telling you that she's been here for people who don't forget Atlanta in the end in eleven years and the elite pension opened back in 2000. Any. Time at. I think it I. Meantime they'll let you and walked over again come on what that guy. I have to tell you didn't beautiful beyond the camera around again for you guys. And the Internet and a hidden view I'm your party why can't they leave here. Warming and I got mine isn't work a working class. Take place rain here and ultimately yeah. How. Yeah. ED I didn't often. So starting tomorrow yeah. I'm he. So we are getting ready. I went in and I are. And we are excited to go ahead and little he had gotten here ending the low clouds and you're just bleeding ego and and yeah. Block. I already mentioned you a little bit earlier that you drive and how here yeah. Energy enthusiasm. It's fantastic that dancing and music. Your first let's begin there were you under this the beginning at oh you know keep it coming. Again after this. O'clock and it leverage coming for the first time taking part here yet he should they be heard now it's just fine just didn't. Marry him at such an expert teams here. That it is and it's just wonderful. Kenya on why aren't it was little sneak preview so we're definitely and admitted it started yet I classrooms just dropping at you all we are not little bit early here. I'm having. I love it. Well first I don't keep for a long time when it went to list park in energy it's. A trial that since. It isn't written for me you know all of this. Village who wanted the URN. Mob of people love college earth. Sounding you know and I think and other top here yeah eighty pocket and he offered what are yeah West African. It's not mine here if you Bob again I'm Iraq. That he is not an excellent teacher. Or was and positional was. Something New England continues because mom and it's I don't know what she's doing and I'll let you have got it it's just that. Like there is known like one scene. Milligan learned and a donkey you know underneath and come wonderful. Music and meet them and that within their engine plants that's what makes it. All right well I think we're ready to found a guy. Got a head and right now all end. I keep up here. Little wonder I don't have back rent them. It's not in space wing. It's fine it's and I get. We've been here for the court and I'm with the camera. Are right. You might want to rethink everything I can't not even going to make one. Like I'm behind him to sort out. If you're joining us that we are here at how. Thanks in. Taking part in New York the he has to be back kicks off tomorrow then don't you. Yes they're offering over eight and I'm. And you. I remind you here it's gorgeous. IRA people aren't stretching ready to go here. I. I. I am. High tea at the right now we are out how Hayley extension here and they're going to be offering. About ED classes aren't New York can't you come here and take every year first time they have not on the the song. Can imagine and it all beginners. Burton began the answers as well. Guys and girls and com I'm Katie both he and you guys or more ago hadn't had over how neatly. The website need more information on how to take Oxford and York. His primary vote.

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{"duration":"20:14","description":"Celebrate New York City Dance Week with the national dance of Brazil.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39892841","title":"Samba Dance Workout with Alvin Ailey","url":"/Entertainment/video/samba-dance-workout-alvin-ailey-39892841"}