Samira Wiley teases what's to come on 'The Handmaid's Tale'

The actress talks about how she deals with heavy roles and drops hints about the future of her character, Moira.
8:57 | 10/03/17

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Transcript for Samira Wiley teases what's to come on 'The Handmaid's Tale'
Hello I'm Mike Rothman and welcome to ABC news I am going to embarrass my guest a little bit right now because I'm going to be honest and say. It's not very often that an actress along from time to time that I feel lie is he loved enough or just for her work. But the lately she lights up a room. And with that. He's an airline. That is so sweet thank you so it I was not expecting that but I had a moment a. We'll get there isn't it in a bit because I I I covered orange and black and talked the cats and and your work and seen and EU are just. One your crushing on so many different levels of congratulations. Pinky and yes the church declared to so fascinating in and multifaceted and. And everything yankees. Tactic and yet this is a result talking it's our team questioned think they'll look at it look at. Making me nervous. And hit the salute him its tail it I mean is it is dominated Anthony's. CN fantastic. What was it like going from one acclaimed show an orange to going to the. Swan race. Yet I mean you know my time on orange. I had such. It really like gave me my life in my career. I was there for four years and I know everyone's so well on the girls are really like my sister's. And we never thought the show was gonna be is the is a wise. It's interesting when you're working on a show you're sort of in this bubble and everyone thinks it's great public cool nose outside the bubble. And then to have a happened twice. Is just amazing. It's something that I really thought was only gonna happen England's. I still really look at it like that that happens girl. And many more I mean thank you felt they know they're good playoff can't leave it. What. Was the ship with him is still tough because in the oranges serious but also there's like that humor and then look at me and smiling thing about this there right now amazing. Was the top with that the themes that are in it such a deep show. Middle. Can't that is of of humor in there. What it's if that that the the lessons and the Teamsters so has. Yet it's it's definitely. Something that we need we took on the lightly knowing that the residents that it could happen with every one. When it makes that we're doing it right and it is you know for an actor it's it is hard sometimes to go in and go deep into that world and in. Have the cameras shut up and then just go home you have to sort of like. Find a process of putting on the character in taking off to sort of to care yourself. How did you 2000 accidents that's a fun as when it's quite good. I mean your rules that your you're seeing especially in everyone's and that's. Did you unwind after a long day shooting something that is yes. I also heightened I think that you know the key is really suit find so much like so much joy so much laughter when the cameras off. Elizabeth moss who plays offered is just a great leader in that way I think she shows all of us how to have fun. And how to unwind. Because you have to there's no way that we could just be stuck in that you know them. All the time. And he is solely celebration in Seattle also backed alert I know numbness some answers that. But well sir and how is gaining back to work what's going on like I mean years human that you're season. In a big way. Live act I have. Too expensive for the first couple. That lives just you know whereas now escape to candidates were and explain like there. Wrestler her looks like you are now. You know this makeshift. Two. And also ribbons and white whiskers have read it wanted to script who. I'm so glad whether any. About the colonies. In the first season this place where women are sent when are classified it's un millennium this team. Where they supposedly going die. Because they're surrounded by toxic waste in where it not gonna just talk about that this season we're gonna go there. Received what that's like meet those means the air actor David. That it doesn't happen that's. It going to be darker soccer. How can it isn't. It. So don't let orange a little bit as well. It's ligaments and earlier I covered the premiere. Months ago now just trees in. And everyone was stuck there are so proud he's so happy to the actress place's oh that's you that's the thought that he has yet brought Waylon. And it was just. What's like this to keep in touch and conflicts of family there yes it's really is a beautiful thing is amazing truly is like and act like goalie for how long comeback and still be received with open arms. They armistice IP based on me fronts which makes me feel so loved and like that matter and no but if it really a antley it really is and you know. LB in my life now. He's a really good about the way the characters and mr. I mean I. It was rough to see but it's such an important again look at the stars and conversations. When when I think about who's. You know a person and a person of course. It seat track that story. But when I look at it it's Samir an actor I'd look at is nothing but it gift to news have been able to use. Bring life to a character like that in half her be so beloved it was. It's really active and actors story and then. Beginning and what is baseless. Now wanted to congratulations Ian. And in March saying that I saw you and your wife immediately stunning. As that vote on the hands thank you. Ask questions that everyone that's there and has worked with there others and others do you who knits were with her or indoors it is nice that separation. It's it's a little bit of both it's nice this article at our own projects and working on something that we can come in. Tell each other about our days rather then just like you know have the same XP. Also we worked really well again so I missed that hopefully you'll find apartment in the future would you like to work hope is something that line writes. Practice. Meanwhile I'm. Young. Yeah. And how we would usually inmates. We wedding planning at the IC was wedding planning. That I believe in. You know II I don't know if you think it was difficult tactic lie back and flip it off apparently. Some. Planning a wedding Israeli heart Beers likes me and I have not done yet isn't it. Really no doubt nugget and it's it's like it's cell lines and it's it's not that. Organize the person from and actually American Express has this new feature feature called a plane. That actually would've been really really helpful mean. Any. It sort of just puts the choice in the cardholders. And lets you take away all our things monthly. Two's output. You pay format it on the ever killing. That. Again before ego silly things going on here. What else is coming up we'll see you working with the earned media and their urges. I just finished a show for you to read it's called Heinz unsolved crimes. It's about as funny as the name come. And enhancing the start. Is just how areas c.s from. On Russia party downs. If you're and of that absurd and this. And just an east now. The for the benefits excellent two and after one season and lastly the storyline was on the field. And I think everyone in the day asked him what he thinks. It was eloquently lifting it. Isn't that the axis the united answers and made it very. Well with for joining it's day is that I met everywhere as the before your careers just. Taking off use a person urges. Oh yes shining light. Sentences. Is that. So I headed it came out with that look for Samir I'm McGraw and yes mister John.

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{"id":50257248,"title":"Samira Wiley teases what's to come on 'The Handmaid's Tale'","duration":"8:57","description":"The actress talks about how she deals with heavy roles and drops hints about the future of her character, Moira.","url":"/Entertainment/video/samira-wiley-teases-handmaids-tale-50257248","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}